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Iron Doors Now Complaints & Reviews

Iron Doors Now / Doors broke and this company didn't want to check and repair them

Nov 06, 2015

I have hired the company Iron Doors Now. They did a big work and within 3 months everything was ok. But recently our doors broke and it was cold in our house all the time. We called to this company and asked to visit us and check the doors. The technician arrived and told that everything worked properly, and he left. But something was wrong with them. This company doesn’t want to check and make any repairs.

Iron Doors Now / They haven't even offered us to get refund

Nov 05, 2015

When we started to work with the company Iron Doors Now, the seller promised 100% money back guarantee. We weren’t satisfied with the provided services and doors and we told about it the seller, who hasn’t even offered us money back. He told that he would contact us, when they would find the solution. We called them two days later and asked for money back, but the seller replied that they needed time and hung up on us. Beware!!!