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Idol Lash Complaints & Reviews

Idol Lash / scam

Feb 04, 2019

Idol lash is a scam!!! Please do not order from here. I ordered 2 to get 3 more free for $126.80. They sent me a completely different product called lash energizer with none of the natural ingredients advertized. I called customer service about returning the the lash energizer & getting the idol lash I had ordered. He informed me that this was the same product and the website was just under revision. I disagreed completely, citing the different ingredients & asked for a refund. He said I could return it by ups & get a tracking #. When they received the product, I would get a refund. He said I...

Idol Lash - California, Pacoima / free trial of eyelash enhancer

May 24, 2017

I requested a "free sample" of IDOL LASH and was under the impression my card would only be charged $3.95 for s&h. The sample came (mind you I used a pre-paid card to pay the s&h). About a couple weeks later I had added $200 to my pre-paid card. Twenty minutes after the card was loaded IDOL BEAUTY (not IDOL LASH) charged my card for $90.00. I requested an investigation, cancelled my card, received a new card then about a week later I get THE EXACT SAME SIZE TUBE MY "FREE SAMPLE" WAS BUT THEY REFERRED TO IT AS A "SUBSCRIPTION SIZE" ... A subscription that I (along with...

Idol Lash / Avoid dealing with these scammers!

Oct 24, 2016

Signed up for a free trial and later they charged my card without my permission! When I contacted Idol Lash customer service they said that everything was written in their terms and conditions. I checked their website and there was nothing said there! I demanded my money back but Idol Lash rep kept telling me it was my fault that I did not read their rules. I'm so sick of this scam company! Just to be sure, I even contacted my bank and cancelled my card. Avoid dealing with these scammers!

Idol Lash / Return of idol lash

Oct 06, 2016

I have been calling these people since January and i still do not have my refund. First, you can't understand them then they just laugh when you tell them how long you have been waiting for a refund, or they just read the same line from a script. And the supervisor is always in a meeting. They also always tell me they are escalating this to somebody. Now they are telling me that they sent a check on August 18th and I need to give it three weeks to see if it arrives!!! Today is OCTOBER 6TH! I am so tired of this and I want my refund!! Who oversees this company because the whole thing is nothing but a scam!!!

Idol Lash / Idol lash

Sep 29, 2016

Free trial offer for $4.95 automatically enter into a subscription and charged to your credit card WITHOUT your permission. Then when you call to get it refunded you are charged "restocking fees". This is a total scam and ripoff. We NEVER order subscriptions ever. So for a company to claim we did and gave the gall to charge our card without our permission it is completely fraudulent.

Idol Lash - California, Pacoima / Eyelash enhancement

Apr 12, 2016

I bought this Idol Lash and it does not work. Used it one time and never again. I was a trial purchase for $4.95. I never ordered it again. So now they have turned it over to some collection agency named Collect Pros and asking $85.94. Beware of Idol does not work and once you cancel they dunn you by going to a collection agency.

Idol Lash / Unauthorized charge to my card

Mar 08, 2016

ON January 18, 2016 I made an online purchase for a free trial through Idol lash, and was asked to pay the shipping of $4.95 The trial was for 16 days However I did not even receive my product for 18 days, at which point I called and cancelled because I did not even have a chance to try it out to decide if I even liked it or not, in the meantime my credit card I used was having charges made on it that I had no idea about so I canceled my credit card and reported fraud. Then on March 7, 2016 I received a notice from Collect Pros that I owed $85.94... For what? I would like this taken care of...

Idol Lash / Avoid!

Feb 24, 2016

This is the worst scam site that I have ever experienced! When I made an order I was automatically signed up for another product for about $55. They also charged me for sipping twice! I had no clue about that until my bank contacted me. When I attempted to get through to their customer service, it was nearly impossible. These people never give refunds, all they need is your money and they will never give it back. I contacted my credit card company and opened a dispute. They were a big help! I finally received a message from Idol Lash and they refunded me.

Idol Lash / This site is a horrible scam!

Jan 05, 2016

Do not buy free samples or anything else from Idol Lash. I decided to buy a free sample just to try the product. Actually samples are not free. The one I ordered costed $4, but that wasn't the problem. The next day I noticed my card was charged again and they took $8 from me. About three weeks later I saw a $80 debit against my account! Next I received a message about the shipping. When I purchased the samples there were no terms & conditions to check. I sent them many emails, but they never explained why are they taking money from my card. Please don't order from Idol Lash, this site is a horrible scam!

Idol Lash - Florida, Belleair Beach / No returns

Jun 23, 2015

I ordered Idol Lash on 06/07/2015. It was supposed to be a "free trial". After receiving 2 boxes of product, I used one box several times, but stopped because it irritated my eyes. When I called 818-303-9260 today (06/23/15), I spoke with a male who said they do not have a return policy. One of their sites plainly states a "90 day money back guarantee". They were charging me $149.95 for the 2 very small containers (.17 fl oz) of Idol Lash. He said all they could do would be to give me a 20% discount on the $149.95, and cancel my autoship, which I did. This is such a rip off! Can you say...