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IC Solutions Complaints & Reviews

IC Solutions / Bad service


My boyfriend is a inmate in Nevada in Lovelock. IC Solutions is the prisons phone people. To talk for 30min with IC Solutions its 4.85 a call so I signed on with and a 30min call was 98 cents plus my boyfriend purchases a prepaid phone card and that cost 85 cents for the first min and then 11 cents per min for the next 29 min but if we call the 123local number its only 1.45 for the full 30 min. That worked well for a few months. Now when my boyfriend calls, when I try to except the call and press 5 it hangs up . $30.00 later I still cannot get a call. Ive e-mailed both phone...

IC Solutions - Michigan / Harassing phone calls


I owe a bank account some money that was owed when I closed my account. I don't dispute the amount of the bill. I have been laid off since June 15, 2009. Therefore, I have been unable to get the bill paid yet. I am supposed to be going back to work on Sept. 8, 2009. When "Chris" from IC Solutions first called back in July, I told him I was laid off, and could not pay the bill until I get back to work due to having no income. He said to call him back when I get back to work. I said I will. Ever since that day, "Chris" has called me at a minimum of 3 times per day, 7 days a week. I have...