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IBD-Marketing Complaints & Reviews

IBD-Marketing - Florida, Pompano Beach / time share rip=off


After days of being harrassed and subjected to all sorts of promises, i gave in and sent $800 to IBD to sell my time-share property. that was the end of days of communications from them. i have never been able to contact tham again, nor have i ever been refunded any money. tammy Watson also from Pompano beach assured me of a sale. how can people take advantage of others that way? shame on you IBD, Tammy Watson and Richard Beatrice

IBD-Marketing - Florida, Pompano Beach / Out right fraud


I have heard nothing back from the company, after they charged my credit card. I tried to call them and their phone number is no longer in service. I am now doing what I can to run down the scammers and try to prosecute them as best as I can. The CEO Richard Beatrice, is not one to trust at ALL!

IBD-Marketing - Florida, Pompano Beach / Paid / No results


Paid $441.00 upfront 12/22/2006 for a timeshare sale advertising and contact for sale. My contract expiration date is 12/2008. IBD stated "we will send you EACH AND EVERY offer that falls within your negotiable and firm price DIRECTLY to you". This was never done. Numerous phone calls to IBD were answered but netted no help. The last time I tried the web address, none was reached. They stated also "Visit our state of the art show room via the World Wide Web. 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

IBD-Marketing - Idaho / Where are they now.


We were scammed for more than $900. For several months, our property did indeed appear on their web site, with the promise that the posting would remain until the property sold. Today, I tried to locate my listing at and discovered that the entire web site has been suspended. I am sure that someone is using our money to buy Pina Coladas on the beach in Jamaica. Has anyone been successful in arranging a class action suit against these thieves?

IBD-Marketing - Washington, Spokane / No results after taking money!


I initially contacted IBD- Marketing in an attempt to sell a camp ground membership I no longer use, with the annual maintenance dues becoming increasingly excessive. I was initially contacted by a gentleman? Matthew (Sales Manager) who explained their program to sell my membership. He was engaging & proclaimed himself to be a God fearing man with a genuine interest in helping me sell my membership in Advanced Resorts of American. His claims sounded to good to be true. He hounded me for several months, via home & cell phone calls, promising my camp ground membership would be sold within 30...

IBD-Marketing - Delaware, Pompano Beach / Scam and fraud!


I have tried numerous times to contact this company by phone. No answer-mailbox full. My contract goes back to 2006. Nothing has been done to sell my timeshare. I have requested a full refund. I have mailed complaint letters and letters requesting credit to my credit card. Letters are being returned as attempted-not known. This is a scam company. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them please advise. I am filing a complaint with the Florida Attorney General.

IBD-Marketing - Florida, Pompano Beach / Scam and cheating!


My wife and I have been trying to sell timeshare property that was purchased almost three years ago. We contacted IBD-marketing to try and sell so called property. Needless to say, every time you call them, all you get is the same thing. That we have a showing in a few weeks and we will contact you on the out come. Well never the less still no sale. An like most people we did not have the full amount that they wanted. So they make it sound like you get a deal at $ 399.00. Then seems to do nothing more for you. Now how do we get our money back? For now they don't even answer the phone when we call. Beware!

IBD-Marketing / No refund - company is a rip off!


Was approached by IBD-Marketing and after several grillings from myself and my spouse and the assurance that we were guaranteed a FULL refund if our timeshare sold via another outlet, we agreed to them SENDING us a contract to review. They immediately charged our credit card $249, without receiving a signed contract back from us. We then sold our unit through another on-line agency (For FREE!!!) and I have spent the last two weeks phoning and faxing these people trying to get refund status or any information at all. We are constantly getting a 'Mailbox Full' message and I have paid...