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highline motor group - Massachusetts, Lowell / Used Car

May 11, 2011

I recently purchased a 1998 BMW Z3 from this dealership. The car had not been detailed when I drove it off the lot and they inspected the car when it should not have passed inspection. My mechanic later told me it looked as though it had been in a accident at some time even though the carfax report showed a 'no accident' history. My mechanic also told me the oil had not even been changed recently even though the service department at Highline assured me the oil had been changed right before I drove the car off the lot. Additionally after washing the car I realized that the trunk...

highline motor group - Massachusetts, Lowell / car


on october 2008 i purchased a car an audi a4 2002 the car was very nice but had to get it serviced a dozen times right after the dealer warranty expired because u only get 3o days of warranty wich sucks well looks are decieving when it comes too cars but now im stuck for five yrs paying for a car that has multiple problems oil sensor light, the spindal on the tire was worned out the discs, brakes had to get new ones and it sounds like crao every mornig when the car is cold witch a machanic told me was another problem so fustrating oh and i didnt even have the car for a month and had to pay the...