FTC Educational services Complaints & Reviews

FTC Educational services — Scam

This company is run in Nontabhuri Pukkret in a doddgy area. Do NOT work for FTC as they lie to you and scam you and once you are signed with them the founder and owner Arthur Neil Wood will make your life a living hell. He doesn't pay on time after a few months and your salary will be cut for various reasons. His EX LAWYER of a wife known as Jib will support him in all his wrong doings because she sucks money out of all the teachers where she can. The students are not important to them they just want your money and will leave you for dead once you try and take them on. You do not want to...

1 comments Education  · Feb 04, 2013

FTC Educational services — Bad employee

This agency is run by a South African man named Arthur Wood. The company are great with first impressions- putting their staff up in plush apartments for the first month, making all sorts of promises and future prospects look likely. However, after a month or so of being employed, the employees of this company soon realise the real FTC and the real Arthur Wood. FTC educational services, is a huge company based all over Asia in Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan- operated illegally I may add via its main office in a back alley of Pakkret, Nonthaburi. Employing people without visas, encouraging...

30 comments Employers  · Apr 25, 2012