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After reading nearly all the postings regarding FreeBeeGas (parent company Tidewater Global Marketing-Owner:Ms Crystal Clark), I cannot help but wonder how many thousands and thousands of people across the entire country, this organization, and the lovely Ms Clark have scammed...and how much MONEY she has made as a result of her "oh-so-clever business practices. Between "selling" the useless gas vouchers to all kinds of different types of retail merchants (mine was Lasco Ford in Fenton, Micigan), and collecting our $5.00 "registration fee" must be in the MILLIONS! I did file a complaint... - Pennsylvania, Freeland / never received gas voucher $100


Got roped in to signing up for dish network for 1 1/2 year. Promotion included $100 in gas voucher. I have contacted freebee many times. I was told excuse after excuse when I would receive the voucher. I have contacted them recently and both email and phone are out of service. What a scam...will be contacting dish network about this. - Washington / $300 gas voucher

We received a $300 certificate for free gas from a timeshare we attended. We followed the instructions sent to us by e-mail to send in 100.00 in original gas receipts every month and would receive a $25.00 gas credit in return. We did this for 5 months and have received nothing. Wrote a letter and got no response. Tried to send e-mail and wouldn't go through. The gas station has to be the same eg. Chevron or one of your choice and can be anywhere you purchase gas. It states it will take 3 weeks to get your gas credit if mailed before the 20th of the month. The company is 14100 Walsingham Rd Ste. 36 Largo, Fl 33774 . Phone # 1800 514-0366 / Fraud and scam


My wife and I attended a sales presentation hosted by Global Vacation Network in Dublin Ohio. We were promised a free four day, three night Mexico getaway and $300.00 in free gas. We found out after a month or so that the Mexico getaway sponsored by Mexico Paradise Getaway (MPG) was not quite as promoted. After sending them a $100.00 deposit and waiting for forty five days or so, I received an email requesting a money order or certified check for an additional $300.00. This money had to be received by them by certified mail within 30 days or they would cancel the trip. Thanks to some input... - Florida, Largo Florida 33774 / free gas promotion

in August 2008 i visited a pontiac gm dealership in Greenbrook, NJ, and i 'won' a $450. free gas certificate, for The issuing company :greenbrook gms . Certificat passcode AD6865111500. I paid $5.oo processind fees through PayPal. I sent the $100. receipts from GULF gas stations, on Sept 13TH, followed all the rules, and i received an E-mail from that everything was in good order . I was supposed to receive the $25. gift card within 28 business days. I DIDN"T RECEIVE ANYTHING !!! I sent my voucher and receipts for October, got an email from... - Florida, Largo / Fraud/Scam

I sent off my receipt information on October 14th (I already had $100 in receipts from the same gas station). I followed all the rules- send in the original receipts, the same brand of gas- I even went a step further and went to one gas station (it is right in my neighborhood and very convenient). I received an email on 10/22 from the company indicating that they received my information and everything was in "good order". According to their email, I should have received the $25 gas card from them within 28 business days. I sent in my voucher and receipts for November. Have not received any... - Maryland / have not received my gas card


My son and I received a key in the mail from a car dealership in Clarksville, MD. Our prize was a $300.00 gas card. We were to send in $100.00 of gas receipts at a time. We registered in Sept sent in all receipts as suggested we do...This is November 3 and we stillhave not received our gas vouchers. I have tried to get back on the website with no luck...The page cannot be found. I am not suggesting that the dealership knows anything about this (they did use this advertsiement to get buyers to come in and look around). I feel it is a scam and after reading all the posts about the others who... - Florida, Largo / Non-compliance with rebate


I purchased a Rainbow vacuum (over $2400.00) in August, 2008 (from dealer in Las Vegas, NV). Part of the promotion was that I would received $400.00 in gas vouchers, to be redeemed at $25.00 per month for a period of 16 months. So far I have I mailed in $100 per month in gas receipts (per the terms of for the months of August and September, but have never received a voucher. My gas code is AD42641500. Currently I am out $50 in gas vouchers. I am ready to turn in my receipts for October but am highly suspicious that I will not receive any voucher based on this company's performance for the last 90 days.