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Eurocar Complaints & Reviews

Eurocar - New South Wales, Sydney / overcharging

Oct 2, 2012

Eurocar charged me A$295 for a scratch on the car that i did not make. there was no one to clear the car when I dropped it off and they charged my credit card. when i claimed that i did not make the scratch they pass you around in circles in the hope you give up. So hard for this company to be fair. you rely on them believing you which they generally fail to do. Apparently you also get taxed heavily for the small scratch as it's an airport hire they gross up the cost of hire. what a rip off. suggest you hire with budget. they are far more relaxed.

Eurocar / Scam


Scammed by eurocar - Recently hired a car in Portugal which had seen better day's - On returning it the I was charged £150 for a nick to the tyre when there was a obvious previous repair less than 1cm away . The Portugal office rudly advised that we should complain in the UK surprise surprise after complaining we have had no response or even a update - We have tried calling them but their lines are constantly busy . The only opion we have is to complain to my card company but I'm not sure they will want to get involved in with this issue.

Eurocar / Billed twice


My wife and I rented a car from Eurocar on the island of Crete, Greece. From the very first contact with Eurocar we saved all correspondance (e-mails), owners name is Myron.We rented the car at the Chania airport. On Oct 25, 08 we arrived to pick up the a car we did not order...Myron's comment "you didn't ask for any special car", e-mails to him with confirmations tell a differet story. We were charged for 7 days and only rented the car for 6 days. Car was returned to Chania airport on 10/31/08. Then to my surprise Myron - Eurocar Bill my credit card again in December 08. I...

Eurocar - England, Greater Manchester / 7 day overcharge Europcar .uk


We hired a car from Europcar at Manchester Airport for a 27 day period. Collected it on 6th May and returned it on time on the 1st June, as in the hire agreement. As it was just before 8.0 am we thought that we would have to drop the key in the 'early return box'. However The Europcar representative was unlocking the office door, so we followed him in . He was unable to inspect the car as requested, as no staff was available. He could not process the paperwork as the computers were not yet active. He promised to email us an invoice that morning. We provided him with our email address on a...