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EBT Complaints & Reviews

EBT - Alabama, Huntsville / EBT saying they didn't get my application on time

May 01, 2016

I received a letter telling me it was time to reapply for my food stamps around the last day of March 2016.It stated I should have the application back in by the 15th.I filled out the paper work and mailed it back in on the 6th of March.I received a letter from them around the 25th of March saying they had received the paper work and were working on completing it and I should have my benefits added to my card by the same date as I usually get them which is on the 7th of each month.I called to check the status of my application and it said they didnt receive the papers until the 20th of March.I...

EBT / Denied for Food Stamps

Jul 14, 2011

My boyfriend was getting $200.00 of food stamps since last year. But since January they lowered to $38.00 and now its completely denied. Now we have a child together and EBT denied his food stamps. Since he is on SS/SSI, I'm paying for everything, including the expenses for the child. He pays half rent, his phone bill and barely has anything left to support me with any other bills. I, as a single mom is struggling here from paycheck to paycheck, can't save no money for my kids future because of this corrupted government. They prefer aiding funds to other countries and here, we tax payers suffer BIG TIME. I hope someone looks into it and helps the needy people here in the US.