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Jun 19, 2015

Our first tried to change the DNS records of our domain to different hosting company (GoDaddy) and neither the DNS nor A Record would propagate. After three days we tried to transfer the domain out of and cannot get an authorization code from them. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They have toll-free numbers that are never available and their email addresses don't respond. STAY AWAY. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES. / Servers Down

Dec 23, 2013 is a horrible hosting service. Their main website is consistently down, hence any chance at getting to your admin page is impossible, as the pages do not exist. "Server Error". If you need to make any chages, you are 100% out of luck. Have any domains that forward ? Same thing, when their site is down, as it is so often, then any of your domains will not forward. Disrespectful customer service, that is when they even answer the phone. Thye also lie all of the time, stating the main site is up, when it is not. Usually it is down for at least 24 hours. User interface, can you say 1994 ?, Very limited in comparisons to virtually any other host out there. We do not reccoment at all. Period.