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creekwood homes Complaints & Reviews

creekwood homes - Florida, Oviedo / abusive nasty vile malicious crazy neighbors and white trash women live here

Dec 02, 2012

this is a disgusting neighborhood full of racist insane and sick people who bully harass and abuse residents living here.. I lived here years ago and literally got harassed by neighbors and neighbors also harassed another family in this awful place. the white people that live here are atrocious-- especially the white trash sick women who are soccer moms and [censored]es-- they abuse residents in this neighborhood and even harass them. the people in this place are just disgusting mean and sick people. there are parties going on 24/7 in this neighborhood with college students, crazy driving...

creekwood homes - Florida, Oviedo / crazy neighbors, freaks psychos vandalize peoples trash, obsessed with neighbors garbage criminals live there

Feb 05, 2012

creekwood homes is some kind of a freakish crazy neighborhood-- the people that live there are horrible weird SICK people. Or many people that live there aer- can't say everyone but its a very bad place. Its located on mcculloch rd in oviedo florida. Its a small neighborhood but there aer some disturbed people that live there. Years ago I was harassed by crazy neighbors over MINOR trash issues-- such as I threw a trash bag in my front door- the people there are very sick and bullies and bully people for no reason and even began harassnig me over this---this wasnt one person this wa...

creekwood homes - Florida, Oviedo / vandals, crazy neighbors, thieves

Feb 03, 2012

there are crazy messed up people that live in this neighborhood. For years someone or some people have been messign with my trash in variuos ways. I put out my trash near my curb wednesday or thursday night and then when I got home from work it was all gone... someone had taken it. friday i come home from work only to find all that trash scattered all over my yard. When I left work this morning nothing was scattered anywhere. There are neighbors or people in this place who are vandals, who go around rummaging through people's trash and stealing my trash and dispersing it all oevr my yard...

creekwood homes - Florida, Oviedo / horrible crazy weird neighbors, trespass mess with people's trash cause health hazards

Dec 21, 2011

beware of this neighborhood---there are some horrible and deranged people that live here. They literally harass neighbors, mess with their trash and feel they can trespass on people's property and mess with their trash. I had issues with this awful place years ago where literally many people in the neighborhood harassed me almost because of 'trash' issues because i threw a trash bag outside my door---which is absurd and sick. Recently, Ive been putting trash bags outside near my mailbox because of inability to lift trash cans- a few. Sometimes animals' come and rip open the...