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Close Combat Training Complaints & Reviews

Close Combat Training - Montana, Eureka / Ordering Close Combat Training

Aug 26, 2012

I received an email from gary reinert stating that I placed an order for close combat training this morning, august 26, 2012 @ 4:30 am, mt. Transaction id. 460049881, invoice no. 199540227. I did not place an order with close combat for any of its products, recently. Especially, not this morning or at any other time. I would appreciate it, very much if this can be resolved asap and whomever really placed this order be severely reprimanded!! Thank you... Rod rogers

Close Combat Training - Alabama / Captain Chris

Nov 20, 2011

Ah, another junkie with a super, top secret hand to hand combat system for sale. This has been going on since at least the early 90's. It's always the same. A former "elite" US (or some other country Israel, Iran, Russia) is offering, for a very limited time, his super secret "unbeatable" hand to hand combat system. The individual claims to have trained Navy Seals, Delta Force, etc... I am a martial arts instructor and I've seen this and others and they are all basically the same in theory. First off the individual will make the claim that "all traditional martial arts are no...

Close Combat Training - Minnesota / Former Navy Seal was impressed!

May 18, 2011

I really enjoy the training and have viewed some of them with a former Navy Seal who was quite impressed with the videos!

Close Combat Training - Alabama / Many Thanks Captain Chris & Crew

May 18, 2011

Hi Captain Chris, Thank You for making these DVD's.. About a year ago I was badly hurt when I was attacked but what was more hurt was my confidence which is not a good thing if you work in security like myself, I nearly quit my job because i lost alot of self belief, I'm only a basic night watch man but how can my employers trust me to guard a site if i dont believe in myself to be able to defend myself or that site, I tried alot of self help stuff but that didnt work... Then something great came along and that was You and your Crew so by watching your ABC trainning DVD's it had a real effect on me and it really does show.. Many Thanks Captain Chris & Crew.

Close Combat Training / Your products give me the edge!

May 18, 2011

Morning guys, I love your products and believe that you supply some of the best, most realistic and diehard training products around. Being an ex-commando myself and having studied martial arts for over 20 years, I love keeping fit and staying sharp and your products definitely give me the edge! Cheers guys and keep up the good work!!! Regards, Conor

Close Combat Training / It worked for me.

May 17, 2011

I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally get some real tools necessary to safeguard myself and my loved ones. I’ve already started sharing it with my older sister to give her confidence She and I think the world of Chris and we haven’t even met him, yet. Perhaps someday we will have the privilege to meet him, but for now please except our gratitude and humble thanks for opening our eyes to the real world and to, as Capt. Chris says Fear no man WOW! I’m a totally changed man! I only wish I found him (Chris) back in 2008 before loosing a loved one to violence. As our...

Close Combat Training - Ohio / rip off


When you go to buy these cheesy DVDs be VERY careful to scroll down to the bottom and find all the barely visible hyperlinks to the REAL TOS. Things like 'You agree to give up all rights to sue, all rights to join in a class action, all right to file with States Attys General, give up right to recover, all videos you post become OUR property and you get zip...yada yada yada. Really really useless DVDs - and you don't get just the ones you think you ordered - you also get mothly 'extras' for lots more $$$ taken right off your credit card. They warn you also (if you find the...

Close Combat Training / Unauthorized Charges


This guy, "Captain" Chris Pizzo, sells a series of DVDs which purportedly instruct the viewer in close quarter combat techniques that were used between WWII and the Vietnam war. He then signs you up for a 99 dollar a month auto renewal vitamin subscription, and starts charging your credit card. He informs you that you've been signed up, which I'm sure shocks everyone about as much as it shocked me. FYI, once the first charge came through, I reported it to my credit card, Capital One Bank. It was removed about a week later, charged back to Captain Chris Pizzo. Now I'm just waiting...