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BT Complaints & Reviews

BT / BT: unscrupulous behaviour and not honouring the terms of their own CCRA Guarantee

Oct 11, 2012

I have the distinct impression of being abused by BT, a company I have been with for many years. It seems that they are not the company of old who can be trusted. The CCRA guarantee states that you cancel a Continuous Card Recurring Activity at any time and that if an error us made you are guaranteed a full refund. Neither of these statements appear to be true. This is borne out by the fact that I cancelled my CCRA and the money was still taken out of my account by this method, amounting to something similar to a mugging. I have also informed BT if their mistake and they refuse to refund the...

BT - England, South Yorkshire / charged £199 for box

Mar 8, 2012

i kept bt vision for a year and then cancelled it, it was absolute rubbish, now they have charged me £199 for the bt vision box, which when i rang up to cancel i asked them if they wanted the box back they said no . they are now taking £100 direct debit a month, when i spoke to them about the charge they wernt interested they just wanted their money, after a long conversation on the phone telling them i wasnt paying it the lady said to send the box back and after they receive it they will TRY and take the £199 off my bill . BT are a joke

BT - England, Devon / BT Vision Box

Oct 4, 2011

Having fallen ill 6 weeks ago, I decided to cut down on expenditure due to sick pay only. BT Vision was one of these to cut out till work was resumed. 5 weeks after cutting of my Vision, my FREEview stopped working on my Vision box 03/10/11. After several calls to BT, it appears my Vision box only lets me watch FREEview if I Pay to subscribe. They told me to plug the arial into my TV and that will work!! (my TV is 6 yrs old). I now have no TV to watch and still off sick. So I now have to buy a digi box. THANKS BT FOR SAVING ME MONEY AND BEING A LOYAL 20 YR CUSTOMER. So if your thinking of cancelling or going with BT, make sure you have a seperate digi box as theirs won't work.

BT / Terrible company


I was mis-sold bt web clicks on the premise it would guarantee me 80 genuine contacts per month. To date i have received none. When i complained to customer support i was told i had received the web clicks. Clicks are not genuine leads. I was told by the rep that they must be "genuine leads". I have spoken to the rep and he agrees with me 100%. BT say i am held to a contract for 12 months. So far i have paid 2 months by direct debit and i want to claim this back.

BT / Scam charges


Been with BT for nearly 2 years and moved house called up BT and moved my line accross that was all fine then i rang the company as i wanted to see about getting my broadbasnd and line charges down as i was paying over £37 per month just for the broadband and wanted to get bt vision, called them up and thay said i couldnt have vision as my area is not strong enough for it so i said fair enough but as sky will offer full package absaloutly everything for £50 and that was full sky, broadband and phone. they then said i couldnt leave as i have a new contract with them which started...

BT / Unauthorized charges


On the tenth of February of this year, I attempted to set up a direct debit with BT. I was quoted £74.47 and indeed recieved written conformation of this. To my horror, when the direct debit was requested, it was £113.50. I have no record of owing this to BT. The funds were not available to pay this as I did not expect it, so I recalled the direct debit immediately. The bank explained that I would not be charged. I then phoned BT to explain the situation and attempt to remedy it. I was connected to a lady that I can only assume was not in Great Briatain, who didn't understand...

BT / Scam charge


Just after christmas me and my partner moved in to a brand new flat which was throu the council and it was a ex show flat so it has never been lived in before.After we had moved in we wanted to set up the landline as my partner is away with the army and we have a young baby which i look after so need some sort of communication.It took me 4 weeks to arrange with bt to sort my line out every time i rang them they told me my line was activated and to plug a phone in which i did but got nothing so i kept on ringing and got no where by this time i had spent £20 of mobile credit as they kept...

BT - England, Lancashire / Over charging


This is an ongoing complaint about BTthat has not been dealt with. I changed my mobile package to 600 free minutes and 400 free texts to start in September 2008. This was arranged over the phone. I was sold e phones. I e mailed and phoned to report this on several occasions but was not dealt with properly and still my new package was not applied and I was charged for minutes that I had used because I was assured that I was on the 600 free minute package, in addition I was charged GPRS although I was told this was free. I e mailed to the complaints on the following occasions; 13/11/2208 - ref...