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American eVoice Complaints & Reviews

American eVoice - Pennsylvania / Scam!


I posted this elsewhere but I'm trying to make sure this is heard!! Well, I just found out that for the last 6 months, I have been charged via my phone bill for a service I never requested. How? Well it turns out that ANY company that provides phone or voice services can be added to your account with OR without your permission. How is this possible? I asked Verizon and it turns out their hands are tied. A Pennsylvania Law allows this. Crazy? Yes. How did I find this out? I had Verizon. I closed my account on June 1st. Then when going through my bills (which were on auto-pay) I noticed...

American eVoice - Alabama / Frauding and Cheating


This company has been withdrawing $14.95 plus tax, a month for an entire year from my ATT account. I do not receive a bill from ATT because I have it drafted from my bank account. The way I found out was when I wanted to add features to my ATT service and the representative ask me if I was aware of the extra $14.95 plus tax that I was being billed for the American eVoice Service. Certainly I was upset and unaware of the service. I am disputing the bill and asking for a full refund credited back to my account. I called, emailed and faxed American Evoice and the only thing they said was they can...

American eVoice - Illinois, Roselle / American eVoice is a scam company!


American eVoice is a scam company. They cannot be contacted to verify why there are charges on my phone bill. The phone company has no idea who they are or where the charges come from.