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When you access the first things you will read is: Experience Service Excellence 24/7 Over 3000 Accounts In Stock NO Recalls NO Bans Security Guaranteed! Delivery or Money Back! WRONG! Their customer service is horrible for a couple of reasons, but mainly, they will say whatever you want to hear to sell you something even if its not true. NO RECALLS... LOL, whatever! I bought a fairly cheap level 80 for the sake of having some fun. 3 months later and 5 Level 80 on my account with 30k gold total, the original owner calls blizzard, gives the account information and I lose everything. I... / AccountOL / Selling Keylgged, Hacked WOW Accounts


They sold me a hacked WoW account on 14th April 2010, It was suspended at 15th April 2010 (Today) and they won't offer any kind of compensation. I received the following email in my Account Email address. Do Not buy from them as they are selling hacked / keylogged accounts dirt cheap at $119.89. This is a TRAP! > From: [email protected] > To: [email protected] > CC: > Subject: World of Warcraft - Paid Character Transfer Issue and Account Recovery Instructions > Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 21:38:29 -0800 > > Greetings, > > This is a notification regarding...