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8 Ball Pool / error in my coin amount

Daniel Prestwich on Dec 5, 2018

My coins just dissappeared from over 9 million coins. I have never seen that before. Or even heard of it. I hope it's just a temporary glitch as once again this took a lot of work and time. Look at my purchase record. Please reinstate my coins as I am wanting to play. I have been with 8...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / complaint reference no. [protected].

Linda Rysdyk on Dec 5, 2018

I still have not received a response to my email in regard to my experience at your Indianapolis LaQuinta. I would appreciate a prompt response as well as a credit to my bill. This LaQuinta was totally disgusting and the manager still has never returned my phone call. That is terrible...

PepsiCo / diet pepsi

Kimberley Poling on Dec 5, 2018

PepsiCo My family and I are huge fans of diet pepsi. We drink many cases per month. I went to Walmart in Kingwood WV last week and I got a diet pepsi out of the pepsi machine. The can was filled with black mold. I took it inside and showed the associate. They told me they do not handle that and...

Camping World / customer service/finance department/warranty

Bjfranklin on Dec 5, 2018

We purchased a brand new 2018 fifth wheel last year from Camping World in Biloxi, MS. On our last trip hubby noticed slide was not sliding properly and noticed it was going off track. So to keep from causing any more damage we took it to a repair shop that we've used before and had him...

Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug / pharmacy receipt

Ca on Dec 5, 2018

When I purchase fuel my bank records a Smith's Fuel purchase. When I purchase food or pharmacy my bank records a Smith's Food purchase. Pharmacy is tax deductible, so I track it. I have to go home and record my pharmacy purchase quickly so I do not forget which charge is pharmacy and which...

Saudi Post / loss of my parcels

beshir on Dec 5, 2018

i sent a parcels through EMS from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia on November 28, 2018 and until today i.e. December 5 2018 my online track status shows "exception" and also its cancellation. i didn't understand the reason behind. please help me to send my parcels to the destinations or please...

Beach House Assisted Living / payment not received

GParch on Dec 5, 2018

This company is in turmoil. We provided services to this assisted living facility, and they have not paid their bills. They do not dispute the services with us. The accounts payable department promised several times to send us payment for our services and has not followed through. The...

Reward Zone USA / 1000 wells fargo gift card

omgleigh on Dec 5, 2018

I completed 1 Silver Deal on my page. Here is the information at the end of the survey. Thank you! Thanks for completing the Shopper's Voice® survey. We have rewards for you down below based on what you've told us! You'll receive a welcome email in a few seconds followed by the reward...

Aflac / hospital imemnity

Bryan De Goma on Dec 5, 2018

I was a member since 2012 last September I file a claim for my son hospitalization he was 2 week come and go sick and body was hot and skin was dry brittle dehydrated and vomiting when the doctor check it she said it need to be confined and monitor for possible internal organ dehydration...

Family Dollar Stores / alpine road columbia south carolina new manager complaint

KELLEY1971 on Dec 5, 2018

My name is Kelley helms. I checked out of your alpine road store Tuesday, December 4, 2018 being treated very poorly by your new store manager. I overheard her call me a "white [censored]" her words ! i had done nothing except attempt to shop at the store which was cluttered so much that i...

Pos Laju / fraud case

VCS123 on Dec 4, 2018

I received a call on yesterday 12/04 with a lady saying calling from Poslaju, the communication was Poslaju has opened my parcel and found inside got a credite card and identity card (lady can mention exactly number), so asking me should transfer some of money for clearance purposes. Why and...

Optimum / cable

Michelle Missie Wilson on Dec 4, 2018

Cablevision y'all have absolutely pissed me off for the last time. I've been waiting on a replacement box in the mail come to find out the order was never put in, then an appointment was scheduled for today, I rush home call them & the recording said "we see you have an appointment for...

Biolife Plasma Services / deferred from donating

Nikhern on Dec 4, 2018

I had gone up to biolife, which is a 45 minute drive one way, and was turned away because it had been too long since I had eaten. It was already late and I was already one of the last donors of the night. So i rescheduled. Go up second time and after waiting around for over an hour, I wa...

Facebook / disabled account is wrongly justified.

Zulkifli Jamaan on Dec 4, 2018

FacebookDear Sir/Madam, My name is Keef. I am your avid FB user and compliant to every rule that FB has set. I am a teacher by profession and my id is Keef Zcobra. My email is I am a teacher here in Bangkok right now. I use FB to connect to my friends in the FB who are...

LA Fitness International / personal training sessions

Olivia F on Dec 4, 2018

I signed up for 6-months of personal training sessions. I paid $252.00 per monthly (totaling $1, 512.00) which worked out to be 1 session a week, plus 2 bonus sessions. I was placed with a trainer who was able to help with mobility issues, so going to another random, inexperienced trainer...

BLS My Heritage LTD / product not arrived

Julie walker-Hunter on Dec 4, 2018

I received no email but money has been taken out of my account for an acestory dna kit. I wanted to know where my product is, because I have no email confirmation from them or I have no reference or details. Cannot get hold of the company. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my...

Dollar Tree / amber, store manager

aspenlively on Dec 4, 2018

i went in to EXCHANGE a couple items i had gotten from a different dollar tree. i was told that she didnt want to do the exchange. she to tell me that i would have to drive to the store i got it from to exchange purley because she did not want to deal with it at her store. all i wanted wa...

WageWorks / lost wage works cards, and incompetent offshore personnel with no solutions

Ron Kosmahl on Dec 4, 2018

I have been an employee of Omega World Travel since June 11, 2018. Since becoming legible for the Flexible Spending Account, I have had two cards mailed to me. They either arrived very late/ the card ending in 3339, or the 2nd one, mailed to my employer address Omega World Travel - never...

Family Dollar Stores / employee acting very rude to me and making fun of my handicap

Znani2 on Dec 4, 2018

Hello my name is randy once again i was at the store on mclean in elgin il about 1 to 2 months back and once again i went to check out and the woman checking me out had a can of lysol and she was holding her nose and spraying then she came around and showed me to the door and continued to...

EFlow / attention for graham in resolver (manager)

leinsterfan on Dec 4, 2018

Hi. I am hoping this complaint will go directly to Graham in the resolver department as we keep missing each other by phone since Nov 2. My complaint was regarding a call i made on 2nd Nov to make a payment for my penalties and also wanted to query a journey that was made on 18th Oct and...