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Broker Union LLC review: Time share scam 1

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I was contacted by someone from Broker Union LLC about Vidanta Vacation group going public on Dec 5th. It seemed like a scam from the beginning. The man was very aggressive on the phone saying that I had shares from Vidanta that needed to be handled before the company went public. He gave me the phone number that he said was Vidanta and told me to get to the finance department [protected]. He also gave me a book entry number to give the finance department so that I would be guaranteed to get what Vidanta legally owed me. I told him that I would speak with Vidanta, in person, as I was going there two days later. He started to get very upset and tell me that I would call them right then and call him back within an hour. I told him IF I wanted to, I would call at my convenience but would look into it on site.

12/22 I received a follow up call from a David Lawrence at Broker Union LLC, demanding that I follow up with vidanta as they had been calling me, sending mail and emails and I had not responded. He was even more aggressive than the first man. I told him I had just visited the resort and they didn’t mention a thing. He got very upset when I asked him to email me at the address I had on file with the information to look into. He told me he was trying to get me the money that was due to me from Vidanta. David was very insistent that I had to call immediately and I told him that I had things to do and if it was my money, it would be at my convenience. It really set him off that I would not call right away. He had me write down his information phone number [protected], the booking entry number, and the “Vidanta number” [protected].

I did a Google search to find out if Vidanta going public was legitimate and came across a number of identical scams with the same story. Needless to say, I blocked the number and am logging this complaint.

Desired outcome: Shut these scam artists down

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AG Wisconsin
, US
Aug 18, 2023 1:52 pm EDT
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I had a similar exchange today with someone at Broker Union named Jacob Wells. He was rude and pushy. His number (unprotected) was [protected]. Someone needs to stop this madness.