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P Jul 22, 2019

I had lipo done almost 1 year ago (upper/lower abs and flanks).
I noticed pretty early that my flanks still had too much fat, and there was more fat on one side, as opposed to the other. There was also fat/fluid in my groin area, and my abs were not as flAt as they should've been.
I contacted the office about my concerns, and came in for a visit.
Dr. Palumbo removed fluid from my groin area, and viewed the areas he'd performed the surgery. I went home and waited for further results since I understand that swelling, etc. takes time.
I later texted Loudes(his secretary) to ensure that fat was removed from flanks because I didn't see a difference. I also advised of more puffiness in groin area, and abs/ flanks still had too much fat.
I visited Dr. Palumbo, and he decided to do the surgery again, but informed that I would need to wait at least 6 months. So, I made an appointment for corrected lipo for the 1st Friday in March, 2018. I made the Appointment in December 2018.
1 week prior to surgery date, I get a call form Lourdes stating that I needed to reschedule the surgery, and now I would have to pay an additional $800. Initially, he told me that there would be no additional charges. He said "you paid a lot of money, and I want you to be happy", therefore the work was to be done again free.
I told Loudes that I would not pay any extra.
Also, I had taken time off of work, made arrangements for someone to provide transportation to and from, and I'd also rented a hotel, since I was traveling from Richmond, Va.
I sent an email to Dr. Palumbo informing him of my dissatisfaction/ concern with being notified only 1 week before surgery that I needed to postpone the surgery, and now also pay approx $800.
I should not have to pay for a procedure that should've been done correctly the 1st time.
Dr. Palumbo emailed me back, and informed that I could come back to have the surgery done without any additional fees. I asked him when I could reschedule, and he's ignored me ever since.
Since I no longer trust this Dr., Iasked him to send me a portion of my $ back so I could have the surgery redone elsewhere "correctly". He has not responded because I submitted a complaint regarding his faulty work, and unprofessional staff.
I need to get my plastic surgery redone ASAP, therefore I am seeking a refund.
Please contact me/Dr. Palumbo at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Lisa Peatross

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