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K Mar 11, 2018
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When I sat down to get my finger [censored]ed for the testing everything from beginning just seemed like she was new confused forgetting where she left off. She alcohol swab my finger then she picked it she had to keep squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing my finger to fill up the stick she done it at least nine times to fill the stick up with blood then she put it in the machine to turn when it was finished turning she didn't do the next step which was measure or check the coloring of it I'm not sure what. But before she was supposed to take the blood in the stick she was supposed to wipe my finger again with the alcohol swab before filling the stick she skipped that step then she told me my iron was 5.9 and all the years I've been alive my iron is always been high 5.9 I never my life have that low of a score I feel because of her incompetence and her not following proper procedures it cause me not to not qualify and miss out on $60 that I tried very hard to get there and earn and donate to people those who need I feel like I was cheated out of my money and I want there to be some repercussions for that or me being compensated thank you. I know there are patients that really really need my plasma but they're are donors that really really really need that money and I needed that money to pay my car insurance now yes I can go tomorrow but for $20 I missed out on $60 and I'm so upset about that and disappointed I know for sure my iron was okay had my iron been that low I would have symptoms and I had no symptoms I believe it was her lack of doing the right procedures and I hear that there were quite a few others on the same day complained about the same thing that I'm complaining about this is coming from the ones in the back that take your plasma. She was the older short overweight white woman who worked at the fourth stati.. I'm sure if you check my iron history on my previous donation times you'll see them iron was high as well and that I've never had a little score like that that should say something.


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    Jazzattack Jul 03, 2020

    The staff are great except for the receptionist. They should fire the manager that gave her a front office job. But after your first visit you don't have to deal with her.

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