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Bhambure Tax Consultant - Solapur

Bhambure Tax Consultant - Solapur review: Fraud and cheating!

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Hi , I recently visited Bhambure Tax Consultant located near my home, they recently started tax consulting services, I just had few queries about tax, So I decided to visit it, I went and asked queries, I wasn't satisfied with answer which I received, I am salaried person and wanted to know exact Income tax I need to pay this year, he was not able to give me exact figure , i also asked him about i am thinking to invest in mutual funds, so he said he knows few of his friend who deal with Mutual funds and called them, at last He asked me heft fee Rs 500 as consultation charges , My work was not completed, still I argued with him, and ended up paying charges for not to loose head and maintain self respect.

He didn't kept board or any visual indication in his office where he mentioned his Consultation fee.

So I request people be aware of such fraud tax consultant.