Berjaya Vacation ClubPoor Service, Reducing Hotels, Not Worth the Money at all

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I am a club member since year 2002. Since then, the service has been getting poorer and poorer, the available hotels and affiliated hotels have been getting less by each year, and the surcharge has been getting higher each year. It is almost impossible to book a hotel especially during school holidays, public holidays, weekends and holiday eves. Now, they even post more restrictions on booking such as during public holidays/holiday eve/school holidays/weekends, you cannot hold more than 3 nights of reservation, and customer has to make reservation at least 14 days ahead for affiliated hotels/7 days ahead for home hotels. Now, they are selling the membership for ~RM38k for 33 years. My biggest advice is DON"T PURCHASE the membership at all. You can get a much better hotel rate through internet booking, get much better service from other travel agent, and get much better hotel with the same money paid. I have filed a complaint to NCCC (national consumer complaints center) about this matter, and letter was issued to Berjaya was sent at 21 Mar 2011. But until now, I receive ZERO RESPONSE from them. You can see how "don't care" they are to customers. And you can find much more dissatisfied customers and complaints from this website SO STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM BERJAYA VACATION CLUB.


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    patriena_82 Aug 05, 2018

    Hi where can I find recent forum/complaint about BVC? My nights usually just expires as I can't book when I want to & there are now so little resorts to book from. Maintenance fee has gone up to RM 430 but quality of resorts are shocking. Just want to see what other members are saying. Thx

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    Navin Gopenatan Jul 14, 2020
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    Very bad vacation club. Poor services and hopeless accommodations.

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