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Bennet Kelley was the brains behind the ValueClick, E-Babylon, Hi-Speed Media fraud that stole people's identities after promising to encrypt data when people purchased believed they were being awarded free prizes.
ValueClick, Inc., will paid a record $2.9 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its advertising claims and e-mails were deceptive and violated federal law.

Imagine my surprise, when I met, Internet Bounty Hunters, Michael Roberts and Paul Portelli of Rexxfield claimed barrister, Bennet Kelley, would begin shutting down Complaints Board and Pissed Consumer and taking over the grip site resolution market. Including the launching of a new search engine 'for adults'

Bennet Kelley's past success in criminal endeavors knows no bounds or decency, Roberts has bragged with his barrister in tow shutting down Complaints Board will be easy given that he already snitched them out in the past.

Caught Red Handed

As an aside, Roberts show money in his bank account bank account and reports nearly no income and hides money in Bennet Kelly's trust account and in his wife's name. Roberts bragged that Bennet is available also as a journalist for hire and will write anything he is told if the money is right.


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    SavvyChessPlayer Nov 28, 2013

    Bennet Kelley is a liar, you should check out the Utube File "Bennet Kelley Penis in the file" There is a picture with his late father who was a Public Defender in Rhode Island. His late father was actually a good person, had character and would never stoop to a low level just to appear as if he has some sort of "significant victory" Bennet Kelley will NEVER be 1/2 the man his dad was, nor have any sort of career as a writer, celebrity attorney. He has pissed off way too many people with his games, and attacked freedom of speech and truth about people who are dangerous and involved with human trafficking. That is how low Bennet Kelley is. So low to the ground he is a bottom dweller.
    He cares less about right and wrong, only about who is paying him. He received $194, 000 in legal fees from this human trafficker who admitted to having contracts with "built in clauses" for "gifts $$$" for orphanage and governmental workers that can speed your cases/paperwork through in country. She also admitted that her in country person in the Republic of Georgia was arrested (Robin Claims for political reasons) but the real reason was warehousing of children. We all know the reputation of International Adoption / corruption and drastic decline in numbers. This same agency will work in countries where there is no Hague Convention established very niche small countries where bribes go far, and poverty is high. The worst was her adoption program in Morocco where would be parents could do a fake "kefalah" ceremony and claim they converted to Islam just to adopt a baby ($45, 000) Luckily, the country Prime Minister put an end to this. Robin use to work for an ethical Agency Carolina Adoption Services, but went out on her own (Hopscotch Adoptions) when you ask Robin why she was dismissed from Carolina Adoption Services and why her one time employee and BFF Jeanne Sobie is NOW working at Carolina Adoption Services. Robin becomes unglued and tries to destroy anyone speaking the truth with her sugar and spice fake PR campaign.

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    SavvyChessPlayer Nov 29, 2013

    Enjoy, Bennet Kelley Penis in the File. He is referred to by this because Bennet is notoriously known for creating strawman arguments and Spaghetti law. If he cannot litigate, because his causes of action do not apply. Bennet Kelley simply makes up crap with his "creative" writing skills. One of his methods, his label people with his cute names, and attacking them. BTW Bennet Kelley has SEVERAL different e mail addresses and personas online. He will accuse others of this but it is ok what he says or does. He even comically goes by ST. Izzy of the Internet, he will troll you and harass you then claim that you are doing this and that he sniff sniff feels threatened. Heres to you Bennet Gerard Kelley, there is no Silcon Beach, it is not happening. You are not now or ever will be a celebrity attorney or another Steve Jobs. Keep up your c*** Bennet you will be dragged down the sewer.

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    CameronV Apr 30, 2014

    Turns out Bennet Kelley's pimp Michael Rexxfield was fired earlier this month, the reason given was a "violation of company policy."
    It turns out that Roberts violation was secretly recording conversations between clients and brand/reputation management sales people, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

    Lawsuits file against Michael Roberts, who was part owner of online reputation management company Rexxfield stated, Roberts, would record client meetings, meetings between the potentialclients and Rexxfield brand aka reputation management manager, and informal discussions among employees that took place in the Rexxfield's break room -- all without the participants' knowledge.
    "He was taping everything, " one legal filing said. "Taping phone meetings wouldn't have been that bad, but he was taping potential clients on the phones or employees sitting around talking in the office."

    Sometimes Roberts would be present during the tapings. Other times, he would leave the room and leave laptop behind to record conversations the other clients and employees were having.

    It's alleged in lawsuits filed in California and Utah Roberts then edited the audio recordings and tried to extort or threaten both clients and coworkers.

    After being caught, Roberts told his business partners club he had been recording the conversations for four months.
    Rexxfield majority partners released a statement standing by their earlier reason for Roberts's dismissal.
    "As previously stated, Michael Roberts was terminated due to a violation of company policy. We were unaware of the violation, and when made aware, we took immediate action. We will have no further comment at this time."

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    InternetLaw May 15, 2014

    Roberts and Bennet Kelley deserve each other, ever notice how these ### people gravitate toward each other? Bennet Kelley will try any freebie stunt to jump start his lackluster career, he doesn't "get it" that he has created enemies with his behavior and actions. By any chance was Bennet Kelley one of Robert's partners, I am curious because the illegal taping is a stunt that Bennet would try to pull. But one of Bennet's favorite techniques is scanning official seals online like the state attorney' general's seal or the federal court seal. He has been verbally admonished for this but continues this unprofessional behavior because as an attorney he knows it takes a while for that to catch up with you and actually be prosecuted for it.
    He has once again tried to use the Bar association in a flimsy MCLE credit course on Internet law, but it's highly unprobably that more than a handful of attorneys would want to pay $300.00 apiece to hear numb nuts Bennet Kelley stutter, lisp and speak about nothing worthwhile.
    Bennet Kelley professes to know the "Internet" so ###ing what so does my 12 year old kid. Furthermore there is over 1, 000 Internet Attorneys in the USA some are able to actually write codes and REALLY do know the Internet. Bennet also professes to be against Cyber Harassment but is the one that Cyber harasses others with name calling and other crap that is further damaging his pocketbook. Kelley also professes to know copyright law but abuses other's copyrights and steals, plaegerizes on a daily basis. He is a master at copy, cut and paste. Nothing original from that clown. Kelley also had dreams of being another Jobs, Gates, to create start ups and turn Santa Monica to a "silcon beach"
    turns out "Silcon Beach" is only a fantasyland, inhabited by fairies and psychos like Roberts.

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    InternetLaw May 26, 2014

    You all should check out the American Cyber Report on Bennet Kelley's many online Cyber Harassments and online Crimes. Yet

    Bennet Kelley has somehow gotten himself appointed to the California Cyber Crimes Committee and is the biggest online Cyber

    criminal of all. Good think the Committee doesn't mean a dam thing except "bragging rights" to Bennet Kelley's lackluster self promoting

    career that doesn't exist.

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    SavvyChessPlayer Feb 16, 2016

    Bennet Kelley's websites are being removed for violation of copyrights, slander, false light, defamation, abuse of power, conduct unbecoming of an officer of the court, falsifying information. Now he simple slanders under fake profile. Yep a real professional with ethics, he is attacking people he doesn't know just to later extort them with a company that will take down the disparaging blog for $30, 000. Bennet Kelley, needs to get a life and move on he has a screw loose. He cannot get a judgment against anyone he sues and largely will do anything for money to support his free pastime which is to slander and promote himself as something that he isn't.

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