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Bekins is in business with HomedirectUSA and White moving and storage and they are in a court battle with Gatelys/Bedroom King, and they have my stuff (I paid Gatelys in full) and Home Direct USA will not release the stuff I paid for! It is mine. They will not talk to me, they will not let me pay for the shipping, they said it is between me and Gatelys, although Gatelys has gone under and I can not talk to them, yet my order was paid in full, so Bekins, Home Direct USA and White Moving and Storage are stealing my stuff. Right now my merchandise is in Storage in Denver and they wont tell me anything. I would like to ask them why I am being held responsible for Gately's poor business practices? So a note to you BEKINS< That stuff you have at White storage, It belongs to ME!

bailes, John
Mohave Valley, US
Oct 22, 2014 6:20 pm EDT
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It's good to hear I'm not the only one that is having trouble with movers. Bekins moved me from Florida to Arizona in July and I have a lot of stuff missing. No phone call back to me by Florida and they act like nothing is wrong. I can understand some things might get broken but this stuff never got here which leads me to believe that it was taken by the people who moved me. That is down right stealing and should be paid for by Bekins or Wheaton's. I would never tell anyone to get them.

Aug 21, 2008 5:15 pm EDT

im sorry to hear about your experience. as a qualified drivers for bekins i truly appologize for the service you recieved. Had it been the company i work for you would have had no problems. Please don't let one bad experience hurt those that actually care about your possesions. I treat others as i would wabt to be treated. Again i'm sorry for the bad move. Not all movers are alike. Some of us actually care. Thank you for your time.

jane doe
May 17, 2008 2:39 pm EDT

I placed an order with Wallmart for a couch and they used Home Direct to deliver the couch. The company was very unprofessional to deal with and deliberatly ignored my requests for delivery times. When they delivered the couch they left the box outside the front of my house and were going to drive off. They delivery man finally brought it inside my house and made a point to continue to tell me that they do not bring items inside a house. They then left the couch inside the box and fully wrapped and not assembled (no legs and left the two pieces disconnected). I paid good money to have the furniture delivered and am now considering filing a complaint against Walmart as well. If my husband had not been home I dont think I would have dealt with these delivery men because they definitely seemed shady.