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S Jan 14, 2020

On 28.02.2019 we have agreed with Sergey Ruliak (General manager) of company BANAEAST SP. Z O.O. SP.K shipment of first 2 containers of FRESH GREEN BANANAS CAT1 from Ecuador to Ukraine. In total within 2 month this company has loaded us 14 containers. Requested 100% prepayment. We have done all prepayments in time. By the way last containers we did not order, but they shipped it to us, without noticing us.

When containers started to arrive, found that banana arrives ROTTEN and RIPEN, not GREEN FRESH. This is goods which can not be sold, only utilization. For all containers seller has been invited for personal check. Surveyour reports has been made.

On farms at origin the have broken all quality standarts and rules. Bananas has to be packed in container same day. They were packing it 7 days. So on moment when container has been loading, bananas already were in very bad condition. And it was not allowed to ship this goods.
Containers which we did not order from seller, but which seller shipped to us, has been charged to us by Maersk in value almost 50000$ (because shipper has bankrupted his company at Ecuador).
Total cost ROTTEN arrived bananas is 57918.3 USD.

So our total loss with this company is 107918.3 USD

Seller by words has confirmed all claims and informed us that he is going to compensate all our loses. But he refused to sign any official paper. Every month he promised to start sending compensations. Finally he promised we will get compensation in January 2020. But until now 0 USD money transfers of compensation has been done.
Now shipper not replies messages when he is going to compensate losses which he occurred.
Be carefull if you are going to work with this company. If you will give them goods without prepayment or if you are buer, you can get ROTTEN cargo and risk that they will never take responsibility of what they sold to you.

If you hear BANAEAST SP. Z O.O. SP.K, BANANAEAST, LUKI-FRUIT, LUKIFRUIT, SERGEY RULIAK, LUKASZ PAWEL LOJEWSKI, Sylwia Bekierz, this are related companies and business.

Banaeast SP. Z O.O. S.P.K.
Banaeast SP. Z O.O. S.P.K.

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