badoinkrefund of debited amount


my amount is debited from my acccount though i don't know why?

please guide me in this regard...
if it is debited for any subscription or appliance then i have not subscribed for such..
plz. check and pay back my money...
Name- Manojkumarkatara
country- rewari, haryana(india)
bnk a/c- Axis bnk


  • Bm
    b m ravindranath Mar 13, 2013

    my credit card has been charged for about Rs.2100 without my knowledge againist SHCKGX.COM on 5th march this year

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  • Co
    Compled_off Jun 04, 2014

    Yeah same. And they don't ###ing pay it back. I'm taking it higher

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  • St
    Steaminmad Jun 23, 2014

    It happened to me too and they will not refund any of it. Apple should ban them! I guess that's how they make money - by ripping people off

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  • Eb
    Eboa Jul 02, 2014

    This happened to me and I cancelled my account and then it happened again. Now they will not return any of my emails. How do I get intouxh with someone there? This company is being illegally run, they are stealing and laundering money. The world needs to know.

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