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AvalonBay Communities Inc. review: Terrible service

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Many, many issues and the incompetent apartment staff refused to give me any break on the rent for the services I did NOT receive. To add insult to injury, when I left they added my security deposit to my final rent amount and sent a debt collector after me for the deposit they never returned' Horrible billing issues.

Our apartment had a laundry facility in the center courtyard. For almost a year the laundry room was out of service due to a huge sewage spill. Sewage sat in this building for months until residents started to loudly complain about the smell and mold issues.

Another sewage pipe burst and dumped sewage on my car and spilled out for several hours before they were able to stop the flow. All of the raw sewage went down a drain that led directly to the LA river. Not sure why the EPA or California Board of Health has not shut this place down or fined them.

While I was living in the apartments, there were two class action suits against this apartment complex. One for misrepresenting the apartments as luxury, when they are clearly not luxury apartments and another lawsuit for issues with living conditions.

My car was broken into several times and I saw that other people had similar issues. Police are not an uncommon sight at this apartment complex and I have even seen the police sit outside the apartment complex.

I documented all of my issues and I worked with another tenant who is attending law school to fight against this apartment complex.

In conclusion, this apartment complex is owned by a blood sucking evil National corporation called AvalonBay Communities Inc. They could care less about any issues you have and simply want to suck as much money as possible from tenants. I will never do business with this company again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 18, 2020 3:48 pm EDT

I live in Ava Hollywood. The management team, mainly the "sales manager named Ashley" are horrible. I have had no stop issues here, the first month I was here, during work from home order, the entire building wasn't wired for internet. I was obviously upset, but instead of being apologetic, Ashley LIED to my face and insisted it was only my unit. I have (and sent it to her) it in writing from corporate level at spectrum, it was an oversight for the entire building! She's still insists it was only my unit, and acted brand new when I told her that even Avalon bay corporation has accepted responsibility.

Now I have an insane man living in the apartment above me. For weeks (when I wasn't in the state) he had been complaining of noise, one day it just so happened, he called the security officer, they came down and heard I had music playing from my door. He SLAMMED on my door (even after the music was off) and rapid fire rang my bell for 15mins. I was too terrified to answer. He went upstairs and told this resident I was what he's hearing. I have now verified it wasn't me. Allowing them access to my apartment when he complains of noise, and I was out of state.

Since then, this man has been in my hallways listening at my door, taped a CRAZY note to my door, pounds on my ceiling at all hours. All bc the security officer told a person that I was the source of his anger! The management here don't respond to my emails or calls. Ashley, continues to lie to my face and act like this is some neutral issue.

AVOID living here, it's a shame bc the unit is pretty but the management is not only bad, lazy and inappropriate...this is actually RECKLESS

Feb 11, 2016 8:38 pm EST

I lived in Avalon Falls Church for barely three months. When I first saw the apartment it was still in the process of being built. So I assumed all the issues would be remedied before moving in. WRONG. There was paint drops all over the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, and especially on the balcony wood that wasnt even primed. It also still had the stamps from the Home Depot or whereever they decided to buy wood planks from. I have pictures on my phone that proved this.
The issue that gave me no choice but to move out was when a 6 ft. By 2 ft. Piece of siding literally flew off my building and landed inches away from my car which I witnessed while walking to their gym complex. I made TODD GEIWITZ. YES HIS NAME IS TODD GEIWITZ. Aware as well as a desk clerk named Olivia that this happened and having a 3.5 year old I simply didnt feel safe living there. What else could have flown off?
Anyways after paying all their rediculous lease breakage fees on January 11th, I get a letter saying theres a concession reversal thats owed dated February 4th? When I called customer service they said they saw a 0 dollar balance. Todd told me it slipped his mind to mention this to me?!?! Management is laughable. Customer service claimed they never saw the concession reversal on their end.
No one is accountable for their mistakes at this property. ive written to my local Congressman as well as my attorney Keith Hallam about this. Todd needs to be re trained and after sitting in his office for AN HOUR asking him multiple details about fees owed HE NEVER MENTIONS THIS TO ME?!
Dont ever rent from Avalon. Unless you want a piece of roof hitting you in the head.

Jun 02, 2014 5:47 pm EDT