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On April 19 I placed an order for 3 fabric bundles for $36. I received a discount coupon via email and placed a second order on April 23 for 5 more bundles for $48. After no notification from the company on my order status, I emailed trying to get some general information, tracking number, shipping dates, etc. Received an email saying because of covid 19 I should add two additional weeks for processing. I only ordered because the company was located in Cheyenne Wyoming. It's been over 7 weeks and now I can't get in touch with anyone. Was told I couldn't cancel order. I want all my money back, $84. Thank you

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Jul 09, 2020 4:51 pm EDT

I have the same complaint. I placed and paid for an order in April and have not received it yet. I've tried to contact the seller on numerous occasions, but have only received two form letters. Today, after another attempt to contact them, I received an email from Trackr saying my order had been delivered. It had definitely NOT been delivered. I, too, would like my money refunded. Thank you.