Arrow Crude Exploration, Inc. and Mat SebancInterstate Investment Fraud Scheme

C Aug 02, 2018

Arrow Crude Exploration, Operating Out of the Building Bought By Matt Sebanc's Former DominiQ Resources' Victims and Utilizing Equipment Bought by Sebanc's Victims, Appears to be the New Oil and Gas Scam of Matt Sebanc, a Convicted Felon, and Currently Under Federal Investigation.

Federal Authorities Have Opened a Criminal Investigation into Matt Sebanc and DominiQ Resources, and They Have Requested and Received Hundreds of Documents from Us, Matt Sebanc's Victims, as Part of that Investigation.
It Is All a Matter of Public Record, Check It Out! Sebanc Has Never Drilled a Successful Well!

Do Not Do Business with Matt Sebanc until you have contacted our agent, Colt Ledger at [protected] or [protected].

Colt will put you in contact with many of Sebanc's past victims! Ask them what Sebanc told them and what his actual results were. Colt will also provide you with the documents used to expose Sebanc's alleged criminal activity, such as, Sebanc drilling 20 plus dry wells in Kentucky and never producing a single commercially viable well, at a total estimated cost of $1.5 to $2 million and, thereby, pocketing an estimated $5, 000, 000 of investor funds! It is all a matter of public record. Sebanc also did not drill wells he was paid to have drilled, according to officials in Kentucky. Records also indicate that Sebanc ordered wells drilled "short" of intended depths. He repeatedly utilized a questionable geological company that "assisted" in providing information that intentionally gave false information and hopes for successful wells to the investors.

On one of Sebanc's, 4 well projects, Big Horn, he drilled only 2 of the 4 wells and they were dry holes! It is estimated, according to an expert in Kentucky drilling costs, that Sebanc charged $1.1 million and, personally made, somewhere between $750, 000 to $1, 000, 000, in profits on this one project! This type of "gouging" was utilized throughout all of Sebanc's 15 or so projects.

Sebanc used DominiQ Resources' investors' funds to buy the building and the equipment, currently, being utilized by Arrow Crude Exploration! Sebanc used investor funds to pay for his early release from his 8-year felony probation.

Sebanc's victims have asked for the accounting records of how investor funds were utilized and he has refused all requests for this information.

The chief witness for the Feds, should this investigation result in a criminal indictment, explains Sebanc's experience in the oil business, "Sebanc went from being a male stripper to stripper wells!"

Sebanc is also named in another Interstate Criminal Complaint filed, recently, with several federal law enforcement agencies, documenting Sebanc's predatory nature and his targeting of the elderly.

To learn more regarding Hubert Matthew Sebanc simply type his name in a Google, Complaints Board or scam report search.

Disclaimer: Everything contained herein is the opinion of the author and the victims of Hubert Matthew Sebanc, DominiQ Resources, Arrow Crude Exploration, HMS Resources etc., etc., etc., based on, the direct relationship of the victims with Sebanc. Of course, everyone, herein, is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

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