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J Oct 28, 2018
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For the tl;dr (Too long; Didn't read) crowd, this will summarize what was the most disastrous home improvement project I've ever encountered.
After signing an expensive contract ($27, 000) with Appleby Systems, Inc. ("Appleby") for installation of a metal roof on my 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, the work was done by, essentially, 1 person. The installation took 6 weeks. During the project, material/equipment was delivered with no prior notice. At the end of the installation, the material that was delivered was 1 ½ feet too short to finish the job. It took three weeks to deliver the correct material. During the project, numerous calls by me to Appleby resulted in having to leave voicemail. Not one callback from Appleby was ever received. The finale to this entire saga: the roof leaks. A call to Appleby's "Service" department resulted in talking to a rep who assured me that after checking a repair technician's schedule, she would "get back" to me to schedule a "repair visit". After a full month, I'm still waiting for a call-back.

Act One

While on a shopping trip to the local Walmart I was intercepted by a roving Appleby rep who asked if I would be interested in entering an Appleby contest/drawing for a $15, 000 (?) home improvement project. She explained that Appleby does this every year and the winner could use the money towards/for any project they chose. I mentioned that I probably could use the winnings to replace my 40-year old roof. She suggested that I let her schedule a visit by an Appleby estimator to look at the roof and give me an estimate for replacement. I agreed and two days later, the Appleby estimator arrived at my house. We stood in front of the house the entire time he was there. I said that I'd be interested in a metal roof. It became evident at this point that he wasn't an "estimator", but that he was a salesman. He was very good.
I signed a contract ($27, 000) and told him that I had, at one time, gone up on the roof and measured it down to a fraction of an inch and had sketched out a basic plan with these measurements. He said that a technician would be stopping by within a few days to also measure the roof. When the technician arrived I also mentioned the self-made drawing to him. He said that he would make his own measurements. This seemed logical so I didn't comment further. His estimate took approximately 15 minutes. I asked for his phone number and was told to "just call Appleby" and they'd "patch" me through to his extension.
One week after the visit by the estimator my doorbell rings and, upon opening the front door, I'm confronted by a huge truck with a very large dumpster. It seems that Appleby had rented the dumpster for the remains of the old asphalt roof. I hadn't gotten any prior notice of this arrival at all. Two days later, same thing. Doorbell rings, open door, first delivery of metal components for the roof. No prior notice.
A week later I received a call from Appleby setting a start date of June 26, 2017. I was told the "crew" would be there before 8:30 a.m.. At 8:25 a.m. that day I was called and told that the crew was still finishing a roof elsewhere and wouldn't be arriving that day. They would be coming to my house the next day (June 27th) at 8:30 a.m.. The next day I saw no one at 8:30 a.m.. I had to call Appleby (at 10:30 a.m.) and, after waiting on hold for 15 minutes, I was told that the crew had been involved in a traffic accident with two crew members having to go to the hospital. I was then told that they were going to send their "backup crew" on Thursday, June 29th. On Thursday, the "crew" arrived. 1 person. During the entire 6 weeks project he was assisted only 4 days by no more than two helpers. One of whom had never installed a metal roof.


Act Two

The single person ("crew") set up his ladder, climbed to the roof and began removing the old asphalt shingles. I had set up a cafeteria table, large umbrella, lawn chairs and a couple of coolers (w/ ice, water & Mountain Dew) off to the side of the house for the crew for their breaks. At "break time" I joined the installer to check if he needed anything and he told me that the "estimator" hadn't told him that the front section of the roof had 1 inch foam board under the shingles. No foam board was ordered. Work continued on the roof. However, weekends were not included in the work schedule, the installer was diverted to other jobs twice and the entire 4th of July week was "vacation" time (no roof work).
On July 11th, three weeks into the project, the installer discovered that the metal for the final section of the roof was 1 ½ feet too short. He called Appleby. After speaking with them, the installer told me that it would be two weeks before they could send the correct metal parts. Actually, it took 3 weeks during which time the roof over the den of my house was covered by the original plywood and a thin polyester weather sheet. Three rainstorms ensued during this time.

Act Three

The end of the project featured a "one hour notice" that the dumpster company was coming to pick up the dumpster. Had I not personally used my own wheel barrow during the project to take the old roof debris around the front of the house to throw into the dumpster, this would have been another "sub-disaster". The installer, and luckily that day, his helper had to stop work and frantically gather up debris and take it to the dumpster.
Finally, on August 8th, 2017, the roof was completed. I gave my thanks to the installer, put away the table, umbrella and coolers and began picking up the leftover debris that the installer missed.
40 days (just short of 6 weeks) for a two bedroom house roof.


The Roof Leaks


During this entire process several "highlights" occurred. The dumpster company called me several times to ask if I was "finished" with the dumpster. I kept trying to explain to them that they should contact Appleby. I had to give the dumpster company Appleby's phone number to call.
Being that my house is rather secluded back in the woods, I provided several Appleby reps detailed, annotated photographs with text directions in hardcopy and via email showing how to get to my place. However, I was constantly being called on the phone asking for directions. It seems that no one got those directions from the reps.
I lost count of the times I called Appleby for one reason or another, had to leave voicemail and never received a single call back.
As mentioned in the above Summary, I'm still waiting for a call back from the Appleby's service department to have the leaks repaired. It's been a month as of October 28th, 2018.
The disorganization, mismanagement and total lack of customer support of Appleby Systems, Inc. is, in my opinion and experience, simply astonishing.
If you've read to this point, well done. Your patience is commendable.
To finish, I caution anyone considering doing any business with Appleby Systems, Inc.

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