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Angi's List/Home Advisor review: Charging my company for non-legitimate leads and not giving me credits back for those leads

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I have been a contractor for Angi's List/Home Advisor for a little over 5 years now. It has always been a challenge getting credit back on leads which clearly were not legitimate. Because I have 3 accounts, 2 with Angi's List and 1 with Angi's Ads, I was assigned an account rep a year ago, who assisted me on getting credit's back that were denied by the credit department.

Last week I submitted 6 more erroneous leads and was told by my rep, for the first time ever, that my credit refund percentage was too high and that he could not provide any more credits until my percentage came back in line.

Interpretation on my end is, Angi's is more concerned about their pocket, than mine, and has no issue with charging me for leads in which my company clearly does not perform that type of work and can be confirmed by the lead information or by contacting the lead themselves. Lazy and greedy is what that is.

Desired outcome: I would like for my account rep to be able to provide me credits to my account for legitimate erroneous leads again. It's my money, let me spend it, not Angi's List!!!

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