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A Aug 17, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madame,

My name is Andreas Kyprizoglou and I'm the owner of the account no. [protected] (Durhams) in ADIB Bank. I opened this account in 2016 at the Dubai Mall branch.

On 26/7/2018, a bank transfer was made by VK Law Consultancy FZE from Noor Bank in Dubai to my aforementioned bank account for the amount of 45.823, 98 DUrhams. A copy of the transfer is attached for your convenience. The transfer was never executed since then due to a misspelling on my name and thus, it was not credited to my bank account. Nevertheless, the amount of money referred to above remained literally "in the air" since then despite all the efforts made made on behalf of VK Law Consultancy officials with Noor bank officers and myself with ADIB Bank officers to return the money back to their sender.

Therefore, I would be much obliged to you if you could inquire the matter urgently and inform me on the matter.

For convenience purposes, please find attached a copy of the bank transfer copy in issue, as well as a copy of my passport.


Andreas Kyprizoglou

money transference
money transference

  • Updated by Andreas Kyprizoglou · Aug 18, 2018

    Further to what i have already stated in my previous complaint to the bank, i would like to clarify further the following, in order for the ADIB BANK officials who will handle my complaint to be have a full picture of the situation in order to better resolve it:

    a) The bank transfer was executed by NOOR Bank but it was necer credited to my personal Durhams account mentioned above.

    b) The reason for which the money was not credited to my account, lied on the fact that ADIB BANK officials when opened my account, despite the fact that, i gave them my passport details, they have mispelled my name in the system and they spelled my name as ANREAS KYPRIZOGLOU instead of ANDREAS KYPRIZOGLOU. This mistake was only corrected on 30/7/2018, when i personally went to the DUBAI MALL BRANCH OF ADIB Bank, inquired the matter under consideration, discovered the mistake alongside with ADIB BANK officials and corrected it.
    Nevertheless, the money were still not credited to my bank account nore they were returned back to their sender. Therefore, Iwould be much obliged to you if you could investigate the matter urgently and take all the necessary steps so as to return the money back to VK LAW CONSULTANCY FZE bank account in NOOR BANK. The details of the latter entity's bank account appear on the money transfer copy that attached to my complaint.


    Andreas Kyprizoglou

  • Updated by Andreas Kyprizoglou · Aug 29, 2018

    Dear Sir/madame,

    Please be kind enough to communicate with me either on my land line phone number (+357-25252373) or my mobile phone number (+357-96572561) or to email me on [email protected] or [email protected], so as to sort out the problem described above, because, despite my numerous efforts with the ADIB officials, whom i communicated with the last 15 days, on the customer care line (+971-4-2046266), I was not offered any solution to the problem described above and due to this fact, right now, around 15, 000 Euros are literally "up in the air"!

    Therefore, I'm looking forward for your urgent reply on the matter.


    Andreas Kyprizoglou

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