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Allure of the Seas review: Lost my camera

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Royal Caribbean Cruise
Allure of the Sea commencing on February 27th 2011 from Fort Lauderdale
Cabin 7139

Re: Cannon Camera belonging to
Gabriela Nastase
425 St Sulpice
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2V7
TEL: [protected] ext 112
FAX: [protected]
For the first time of my life I decided to go on a vacation on the world’s largest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas. I was looking for a relaxing enjoyable vacation, and very good memories.

On December 2010 (as a gift for Christmas) my husband gave me a Cannon Camera which I was dreaming about for a very long time. After studying intensively the instruction book, we decided to take it with us to immortalize all the wonderful moments of our first vacation on a cruise ship.

During the day we used to take pictures of every activity we had and at the end of the day we verified all the pictures taken in order to make room for more. Everybody on the ship seemed to be very nice and friendly and the crewmembers that we asked to help us with the pictures were very helpful.

On March 5th 2011 the last night of our cruise we attended the Chef’s Table, where we also took some pictures of the presentation of the dishes and of my husband. That was the last time when I used the camera. The next day we left the ship at around 11.00 a.m., in Fort Lauderdale.

On the very same day at 1.00 p.m. having checked in to our hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, we discovered that the camera was missing. We both tried to remember when we used it for the last time or where it was left before departing the ship.

We reported the missing camera right away but unfortunately being Sunday afternoon the office was closed. Next day we called again and the operator advised us to wait for a few more days until a list would be made with all the items lost on the ship.

On March 10th 2011 my husband received a phone call advising him that the personnel of the cruise had not found.

You cannot imagine my disappointment and grief.

All my nice memories were there…my entire vacation, my happiness, and joy were all the pictures taken.

Now I cannot show any of them to people that I love, to my family or to my colleagues.

Furthermore, the loss occurred in the last 24 hours before departure and my feeling is that I left it in the Chef’s Table restaurant, after the end of our dinner or in my cabin number 7139.

I still cannot believe that it was lost and not found ….

Needless to say that this bad experience has colored my entire vacation and mood.

I still hope that the person who found my camera will be deeply touched by the nice pictures and my smile and will return the camera in the very next future.

I also would appreciate it if the ship’s security could make an effort to see if the a Canon camera and its black soft case can be located, specially since the loss occurred within the last 24 hours of the ship landing in Fort Lauderdale

In pain and very disappoint.

Gabriela Nastase

Update by Nastase
Jul 26, 2011 2:35 pm EDT

I am happy that you wrote me. Indeed I never found my camera and after many, many research, phone calls and complains I just realized that someone from the crew took it.

In other words the crows are following you without you notice it.

They know what you have and when they clean your room they can see and locate your “good values”.

Someone who works on a cruise told me to “forget about your camera” and the lost and found office.
The Lost and Found Office was empty from the very first day when they open it.

I was very disappointed after I realized that they “took” my camera with all my photos.

Don’t waste your time you will never find it.

The system works and under the excuse that the crew works very hard, they decided to enrich themselves by stealing cameras, computers, jewelers, etc. from the tourists, because they are not punished or even checked. Their bosses know and they allow this kind of behavior.

I personally advise my friends not to go on cruises, and to find other places with honest people, where they can spend their money.

Update by Nastase
Jul 26, 2011 2:34 pm EDT

This si a copy of an email that I received a few days ago..

As you can see there is a common behaviour.

From: Adelina Syla-Musa
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 2:08:56 PM
Subject: your lost camera


I was doing some research on lost cameras and I was wondering if you ever found yours? I just went on a crusie on the Royal Caribbean to the Bahams for my 30th Birthday. The day we got back which happened to be 4th of July everything was closed...I discovered my camera missing too. The last place I remember having it was in the cabbin where I was looking at the pictures the night before we left. I know for sure I left it on the ship, no one contacted me. I was devestated too, so many great memories, I didnt ever care about the camera at this time. I called like everyday left messages for the manager, finally he called me back a week and a half later to tell me the camera was not found, now I think there has to be something better in place, they should have given me the number to lost and found on the ship so I can report it right away, instead they allowed for the crew memebers to take my camera with my great memories. I dont know what else to do, do you have any advice.

Update by Nastase
Mar 14, 2011 7:22 pm EDT

I have to tell you that it was around 11.00 p.m. when we left the restaurant and we were the last customers (they closed after us) and I presume that the cleaning personnel found it (it was exactly under my chair).

Anyway not to report immediately a found Canon Camera (they have a Lost and Found office) and to enjoy taking pictures with a camera that is not belonging to you, say a lot about that person. Furthermore I assumed that everybody on the ship is an honest person but it seems to me that I was wrong.

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Apr 12, 2013 8:11 am EDT

I came across these comments by accident and notice immediately the pattern. I too had my camera taken on allure of the seas, and know of 2 others who have "lost" their electronic devices aboard the same ship. I have travelled numerous times and have never forgot my camera anywhere, yet that is how I was made to feel when I reported my "lost". It is such a disheartening feeling when you realize your luggage has been opened and there is nothing we will be able to do to retrieve our belongings. hopefully others will learn from our mishaps and keep their valuables close...very close.

Aug 05, 2011 2:45 am EDT

I am very sorry that you lost your cameras! Did you have insurance for your trip? As a personal cruise consultant I advise people to purchase travel insurance that protects them from similar problems. Yes, you are right, you can’t return your pictures but you can recover your money! Also, report your loss to your travel agent immediately. I ask my clients to call me if something missing, so I can contact my RCL rep, who is a very nice person, and ask her to help to recover. In some cases it helps. One client received her swim suite back. If you need my help next time contact me and visit my web site

I have a similar story, only it was an Ipod, and I knew exactly where I left it. We docked on July 17, 2011, and as all guests are we were basically packed up the night before, so we just rushed around that morning and headed out of our room. When we got to the airport (2-3 hours after leaving the ship) I remembered that I had left my Ipod in the docking station in our room. My husband called right away to report it. The lost and found section (or whatever they call it) is closed on Sundays so he talked to the customer service department. The first time he called they said that they were having a hard time getting ahold of someone on the ship and to call back in 1/2 an hour. The next time he called they said that we would need to call back the next day. When we called the next day they weren't very helpful. First of all they wouldn't even talk to my husband, so they made me repeat the same story over again. Then they said they would get back within 48 hours. When they called back they said that there was no report of my Ipod. They are supposed to call us tomorrow when the ship docks again, but I have no hope of good news. While on the cruise my favoirte part of it was our stateroom attendant. He was sweet, and even remembered our names, but now all I can think of him is that he took my Ipod and didn't report that he'd found it. It completely sucks. If you cruise with RC and your stateroom attendant is Emanual, make sure you don't forget anything because he'll happily keep it for himself (along with the rather large tip we left for him).

Mar 21, 2011 1:46 pm EDT
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I think this could be a systemic problem aboard the Allure of the Seas? We disembarked our cruise March 20, 2011 only to discover my wifes laptop was missing. We had put our luggage out the night before as requested by RCCL and picked it up in the ships terminal the following morning. We noticed that the lock had been tampered with. It wasn't until we reached the airport that we opened it to find an empty space where it had been packed. We have cruised about 10 times before this with no issues. My advice to anyone travelling aboard that ship...keep your valuables close and get a good lock! No response from RCCL as of yet...likely nothing will ever come of it either. Sucks to be us.
Toronto, Ontario. Canada