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8:14 pm EST
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Where to begin...? I took out a policy with Allstate Motor Club because they are my insurance provider and have so far been great. But don't be fooled by the introductory price, Allstate Motor Club provides a HORRENDOUS service.

1). They took six months to send me my membership details, despite me contacting them several times. So when I did require breakdown assistance, it took almost an hour on the phone to sort out who I was and what my coverage was. Not what you need when you're stuck at the side of the road.

2). I was involved in a serious car accident and needed to tow my car to a garage. I called Allstate and was informed that my policy had been cancelled. The extremely rude and aggressive call-person refused to tell me why or offer any help, even though I was stranded and shocked after the accident. She just kept repeating that I 'owed them money' but what not say for what. I ended up calling a tow myself just to get home.

3). I called Allstate MC the day after my accident to try and figure out why my policy had been cancelled. Although the member of staff I spoke to was polite, she was absolutely useless and could not give me a clear answer as to the cancellation. I asked for the name and contact details of her manager so I could address my complaint. She refused to give me this information - hardly a sign of a professional outfit, in my opinion.

4). Considering my experience with Allstate MC I decided not to renew my policy. Despite sending them a detailed complaints letter, I have been called THREE times by call center staff pressuring me to renew. The call center staff are rude, pushy and extremely disrespectful. Despite being asked to put my number on a Do Not Call list, I am still being called.

5). The only response I have had to my letter of complaint was an offer of 25% off my renewal price. What an insult.

Do not go with these guys, they are the last people you want to deal with when you've broken down or had an accident. Which is strange, because my experience with Allstate Car and Renters Insurance has been great.

Penelope Saf
, US
Feb 12, 2016 12:41 pm EST

I called allstatemotorclub at [protected] on 2/12/2016 at 12:13PM because my van stalled at a stoplight and it would not start again. I am in Tampa Florida. I am providing the detail so this can all be verified if all state motor club is looking at this information to TRAIN the people who are answering the inbound assist calls. I am with this service because I used to have Allstate insurance. I am a member since August 2006. I had my van towed to a mechanic many years ago from my home because the alarm started and I could not get it stopped. I was at home so I did not really care about the wait. I do not even remember how long I waited. I think that over the years I used the service "maybe" 5 times. I am not 100% sure. But not a lot for 10 years. I was never very happy with the wait to get help. BUT I was not going to complain about waiting in this site. However, today I called for a tow, because I stalled and could not start my car, and the person I got on the phone said that I used up all my claims for road assistance for the year. I was a bit surprised, and I asked how many times I called for service. I remembered that I had 2 tows this year. She said that I had a tow on 11/3/2015 and again another one on 11/4/2015. I said that this is incorrect. I called for help on 11/3/2015 BUT I never got help. The wait was ridiculous, and I finally gave up waiting, and called the towing service back, and told them that I had to move it to the next day because it was in the middle of the night - almost midnight - and they were not going to be there for a long while. The service told me that I should call them the next day. I had the van pushed into a parking spot (the van was half on the road, so it had to be pushed - it would have been dangerous), and I called them the next day. The next day I was told that it was not too long a wait, HOWEVER, I waited a lot longer than what I was told. Annoying, but I let that go also. The real problem was today when the person told me that when I DID NOT GET HELP ON 11/3/2015 IT ALSO COUNTED, for roadside assistance - EVEN THOUGH THEY NEVER SHOWED UP! HOW DISGUSTING. I explained what happened, and all I can hope for is that this call was reported, because this person said to me AFTER I TOLD HER NO ONE SHOWED UP - and that it is not a roadside assistance if NO ONE assists you - she ACTUALLY said that it does not matter - it is a CLAIM, and they could not assist me. I am over my limit. ALL I WANTED WAS A SUPERVISOR - but when I hear this type of stupidity that EVEN though I NEVER got help that day it counted as help, I could not talk anymore. I was soo angry that I could not be on the phone, I was not going to deal with this kind on nonsense! I have to know if anyone else ever heard of IF NO ONE shows it counts as a claim.

Orlando, US
Aug 18, 2013 5:38 pm EDT
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We purchased the service in September 2012. In August 2013 I called to request roadside service. An hour and half later no service, no call back twice and hung up on 2 times. Introductory price is good, but way to much for the service. I had to have someone pick me up. If you are doing this to save time and hassle, stay away.

Donn Boone
, US
Apr 11, 2018 11:48 pm EDT
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