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Allied Capital Finance Corp review: Scam and cheating

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Beware of the company named ALLIED CAPITAL FINANCE CORP. They're just a company who scams people who are in desperate need of money. Mine happened on January 16, 2009 i was in a hard financial situation that i needed money. So i went and looked at the internet for lenders who would loan me since i only have limited credit.

Then i came across Allied Capital Finance Corp. I filled out an application and two days after I got a call from a guy named Robert Jensen (which i am guessing isn't really his real name ) he told me other banks wont approve me since i only have limited credit but he did get me approve with a private lender named Frank Lambert who lives in Denver Colorado for the amount of $7000.00. He said since i only have limited credit the lender wants me to provide a collateral. He gave me this options: Vehicle/Mortgage Collateral, Security Deposit or a Co-Signer. Since nobody wants to co-sign for me and i didn't want to put my car for the collateral i went with the option of Secure Deposit. He told me i need to send him $829.68 for my secure deposit thru Money Order. Like I said before i was in desperate need of money that i didn't think about how suspicious it is that a lender wants me to send my secure money thru money order. So i sent my money and gave Robert a call since he told me once im done sending the money thru money order give him a call.

Gave Robert a call and gave him my reference number so that the lender can go pick my secure deposit up. He told me that i should be getting my money wired to my account within 24 hours. So i waited and my money never came. I gave Robert a call and asked him what's going on with my loan, he told me that the lenders insurance wants me to put another $450.00 for my secure deposit. I told him ok ill send another $450.00 to him. He said after they receive the reference number to the money order for 450.00 it should only take about 6 hours to wire the money in to my account. So I waited for six hours but never got my money.

So I tried calling them for about a week but no is answering their phones, I left voicemails and no one returned my calls. Then thats when I got all suspicious about the whole thing so i did a little research on the company, came to find out on my research that they scammed another person. So i gave them a call and finally someone picked up she said she was the supervisor or manager. She said that they've been trying to call me but couldn't get a hold of me for some reasons. Anyway I asked the manager whats going on with my loan and she told me that i still need to send more money in, thats when i told her i don't want to do the loan anymore. I told them i want my money back. She was fine with me not doing the loan anymore and told me ill be getting a check in the mail by friday which will be on February 6, 2009, but never received any check from them. I am sure i wont be able to get my money back and probably will be struggling on how i am suppose to pay my tuition and bills at the same time.




The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 19, 2016 11:18 am EDT

i applied for a loan fot a call from jimmy fisher sure not his real name he said i was appeoved for 1000.00 he said i had to post on an itune card 5- dollars to get it and it would be direct deposited to my account i am 70 in an wheel chair in phoenix i went to cvs it was 115 degrees i gor back went thru some stuff tyhen he said i needed another 2-- stupidly after feeling in my gut i did it now he says in the morning it would be in my account well guess what not there it tokk all day but i finally got a hold of him and now i was to go to western union aith 140 to get thus stupid loan well i had no more money i said just give me back my money well now its 285 to get the money i just want my money back they can keep thin non existing loan im gonna do what i can to get it back if some one can help i would much appreciate

Feb 18, 2016 12:58 pm EST
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I did not do proper research on this allied Capital financial place so I was one of their recent victims very sad they have to be doing this to innocent people. I'm in Dept for $2590. Which was sent thru etansfer 3 different transactions. I'm very upset that this is called " Roger Ferris" happy with my kids money a month behind my bills because I fell for this stupid scam.. I hope you people get caught soon.

Feb 18, 2009 4:26 pm EST

The same thing happened to me. I dealt with “Kimberly Cole” who approved me for a loan of $7, 000. I chose the collateral option as well, $892.00 which I sent via MoneyGram to “Paul Levin”, and then they told me due to further review of my credit, I was deemed high risk. It was then made mandatory for me to take out an additional Insurance Policy for $1, 200 w/ a min. deposit of $400 to be sent via MoneyGram to “Jordan King”. I live in Trenton where they're based and wanted to bring the money personally, but they conveniently wouldn't allow it. They said they needed a paper trail. I sent the money and waited and waited. I played phone tag w/ them for awhile and finally reached someone who told me my loan was canceled due to “the length of time it took for them to receive the $400. Which was a untrue. They said they would refund me on 2/11/09. The money never came.

I knew something wasn't right and contacted Mercer County Office for Consumer Affairs. A friend of mine works there and he informed they are under investigation by the state. They change their name every couple of months, and send the money to someone in Canada. The State is pressing the issue on my behalf, bringing in their sources to deal with them. Also, my boyfriend and I went to their address, 95 W State St., and could not find that address. If you where If you have been a victim of this scam you should contact the Mercer County Office of Consumer Affairs, seeing as that is where they claim their business is run out of. They should help you, or at the very least tell you who you should contact. I don't know if I'll get refunded but it's worth trying. Beware of this and many others like it.