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Alex Silva Ruas BJJScammer

What a thie[censored] He will scam you into signing a contract and lile his ### off telling you it was not a contract. His stupid ### girlfriend also helped him just to get your credit card information so he could charge you when he "promised" saying he would not. He looks you in the face and lies his fat ugly ### off. I know of 10 families he has cheated. I even saw him hit a young student when the student back talked him. Who does this foreign pig think he is?????


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    AlexSilvaRuassucks Sep 07, 2012

    Anyone not bellieving this, needs to speak to various parents WITHOUT Ruas or his ugly girlfriend listening. They prey upon people who do not understand contracts. BOTTOM FEEDERS!

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    1063542 Apr 05, 2013

    I have copies of contracts which prove that the above is true. Ruas and his uglygirlfiend do in fact take advantage of people who do not understand contracts. Hell. Ruas and her are stupid but they do know enough of how to trickpeople into signing. I hear that the Attorney General for the State of Florida is investigating them right now. I know someone who has been helping them since I contacted them. Can't wait to see Ruas know nothing fake black belt get out f this one!

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