AJ Lamba Mississauga Ontario Canadaterrible real estate agent

M Nov 16, 2018

Horrible service and unqualified agents. I placed an offer on a house, and the listing clearly said the closing date for the offers to be registered by. When the time came to go present the offer, the AJ Lamba agent would not let us go present the offer, he would rather have the offer fax to him.

These people clearly oversell the perspective sellers the price for their homes and when that does not work out they will try anything to make themselves look in the eyes of their clients i.e. sellers.

After chasing this guy around the bush for several hours, the agent comes back to me and says that his clients did not like the offer, even though the offer was over asking price; and then he tells me that he has to get in touch with his broker i.e. AJ Lamba himself...bullcrap.

Half an hour later I get a call back saying ohh how about I send the AJ Lamba agent 2 offers. 1 below asking and 1 over asking. That way he can convince his clients how he managed to negotiate and got a higher offer from me. Which is clearly a lie, as my original offer was over asking price.

I am 100% sure that the agent never even showed his clients the offer. Thanks Mr. Lamba.

These people are not to be trusted, horrible service.

Working for one of the biggest companies in Canada, I have advised all my colleagues, friends and family to stay away from this brokerage company. Bunch of crooks, who will do everything to make themselves look good, and not the clients.

Stay away from their company and work with someone more credible.

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    Contact me, I know more. Shalini.

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