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L Jul 11, 2019 Review updated:

I am trying to file for my rebate offer for Advantage Multi 6 pack. I bought 2 6 packs; 1 for each of my dogs. I should be able to get $20.00 rebate for each one. I can't even get a form to fill out and send in. I am not happy with this new process.
I have read some of the reviews and it seems this site is more of a scam than a place to get our rebates. As much as this medicine cost, we should be able to have an easier way of doing it. I wish it was like before when we could mail in form from the vets office.


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    Debbie Tully Sep 05, 2019

    The old way of giving a free vial when you buy a 6 pack was much easier and way more fair. I am seriously considering changing brands.

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  • Pd
    pdrtoehm//@yahoo,com Apr 14, 2020
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    Verified customer

    I was refused my rebate although I submitted the receipt from the vet along with the form required.
    the seresto collar was circled along with the rebate code I am very dissatisfied with this new method .

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  • Wi
    WillyTXD Apr 18, 2020

    I think its absurd! I tried for a half hour, and finally reached a driver support page asking me for payment! Stupid and useless!

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    Jesse Reding May 11, 2020
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    Texting for a rebate "mobile redemption" link has been a fail for several days, many attempts per day. By making this so difficult, I'm sure they're saving tons of money on folks who just give up. Clearly, they don't know me.

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  • Ju
    Judy44 May 12, 2020

    I purchased two Advantage || .
    I have two dogs and the advantage has been a life saver

    With calls to [protected] and using AHrebates.com I have gotten no where. Is this a game. exspecially when your operator cannot even Help.

    the item is great but your service sucks.
    Judy [protected]

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  • Ju
    Judy44 May 12, 2020

    already did twice

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  • Th
    The3bees Aug 04, 2020

    I am fed up with all the add-ons/ downloads required to get a measly 10 bucks! This is ridiculous!
    The consumer is being taken with these come-ons by Bayer. If I was a stockholder (which I may be...), I would plan to protest this kind of marketing! Shameful!

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