AFC Amanda Henrydoberman pincher

R Aug 03, 2018

I purchased 3 dogs that were to be sound, trained in basic obedience, in good physical health and utd vet records. And all food with other dogs and cats. I drove 13 hours, she gave me a time of pick up for 12 midnight or 4 AM due tocwork schedules. We arrived at midnight. I looked over the papers, AKC looked right, she flipped thru each vet paper, which was only rabies records. NO vacs. Or other info. The dogs were running crazy when they were brought one by one from their barn. The man was able to catch each one and carry them to my van. What I ended up with is a male that cowers down at every noise, obviously abused. And massive loss of hair around his eyes. Possible from being housed in a barm with no ventalation or natural light. One female still has her winter coat in July? And will kill ant can she can get in her mouth, she is missing all back teeth, my vet does not believe it is genetic. The other female is super sweet, also missing her back teeth, and has double teats. She also has scars from being bitten. These dogs reeked! They had feces caked into their coats and between the toes. So now im stuck with 3 dogs I cannot use in my breeding program. (I am a trainer) I cannot allow them to run free on my fenced farm. I will at least keep the male, he deserves to be in a home where he is not abused. The females will go to loving, screened homes. All three are scheduled to be spayed in 3 weeks.

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