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Jack In The Box Complaints & Reviews

Jack In The Box - Texas, Killeen / Employment

Andrea LadyRedd Lloyd on Oct 10, 2016
I am an employee for Jack in the Box in Killeen, Tx... And we recently got a new store manager that does nothing but sit in the office on the phone or with her daughter... I am also a student in college and her scheduling is ridiculous! There are employees that get every weekend off due to...

Jack In The Box - Texas, Houston / Complaint

allan1965 on Oct 7, 2016
I'm from Houston, Tx .I'm complaining on this Jack In The Box that's located on 5715 Bellfort St . 77033 Houston Tx. There's roaches and rats at this location and I notice the employee's dont wear gloves. They are never stock with the food that they need. And...

Jack In The Box - Oklahoma, Norman / Food service

Daryl Gresham on Aug 16, 2016
I am a man, age 68 and have eaten Jack in the Box for many years. Most of the time I purchase coffee with breakfast. However, there are times when I have my own coffee in an insulated cup that I bring with me. This has never been a problem until today. The woman who served me (she...

Jack In The Box - California, Bakersfield / wrongful firing / Just a heads up

Joanna Hodges on Aug 3, 2016
This is blowing up all over facebook in my town as I type What does Jack plan on doing about getting this young man his job back? We are organizing a boycott as you are reading this. Facebook post: Originally posted by: Daniel Ortiz 8 hrs ยท Bakersfield, CA Well here we go again this Jack in...

Jack In The Box - Washington, Ferndale / Incomplete & worse

gaeg on Jun 27, 2016
1819 Main St, Ferndale, Wa. 9pm 6/26/16 No teriyaki bowls, because no rice & no egg rolls. I ordered a spicy chick-combo, chick fajita pita-combo & 4 tacos. That's exactly what I got, nothing more. No ketchup/taco sauce, napkins, straws or receipt. Unnoticed until home. Also the chick...

Jack In The Box - Texas, Seabrook / The famous 2 inexpensive NOW hurling feeling tacos

Nicki GC King on Jun 7, 2016
during my bike ride I decided 2 stop at jack n the box indoor dining area, which I never du, yet since it began to rainpour, I ordered them, as I was doing paperwork, writing etc as I was holding the taco still in the white packet I noticed a movement & TO MY STARTLING SURPRISE a "...

Jack In The Box - Tennessee, Hermitage / Unfair and non professional

Sadface101 on Jun 2, 2016
I started at jack in the box store #6902 Nov 07 2015 the manager there was rude and thought she could talk to anyone how she wanted it . it was being ran improper and they like to gossip about what other employees were doing on their off time . after a while I was told by her and the...

Jack In The Box - Texas, Dallas / My environment and the managers

tawonac on May 13, 2016
I work for jack in the box in Dallas, tx...Since i hv bn working at this location i feel like im being harassed daily..My manager hired me because he was someone i sort of knew of, who lived in my neighborhood and he was cool enough to give me a part time gig..I explained to him that I'm a...

Jack In The Box - California, Norwalk / overcharged for an incomplete order

Reviewer69264 on Feb 27, 2016
Did not receive items I had ordered and was charged for those items. Also waited 15 min. For order when there was only 1 car infont of me that was already at the window when I pulled up.

Jack In The Box - California, Bakersfield / Not respecting employees

Reviewer98291 on Jan 10, 2016
i work in jack in the box on highway 65, theirs a new manager joined in like 3 weeks ago and being rude and making me clock out before my regular hour. I am just a normal lady and been working there for almost last 1 year. my old manager never complained me for anything. always done my...

Jack In The Box - Arizona, Waddell / Unfair working conditions

Rebecca Lynn Hanford on Dec 26, 2015
I used to work at the Jack in the Box located at 13738 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374. When I worked there we were denied breaks, was told that breaks make employees lazy. Then a shift leader named Michelle started and we started being denied bathroom privileges. Between certain hours (when...

Jack In The Box / Foreign object in my burger

Reviewer61467 on Dec 20, 2015
December 20, 2015 I ordered the cheddar onion btr j combo with onion rings and a small coke at 3:42:58 pm. This was from the Jack in the Box on Airway Blvd, El. Paso, TX. I was eating my burger on my way to Freedom Crossing Ft Bliss, Tx, to the bank inside the PX. I had not finished my...

Jack In The Box - Washington, Wenatchee / Price changes

Wes48 on Dec 10, 2015
I have went to Jack in the box Wenatchee, as a few times in the last few months once in a while I order the #6 comb a jumbo Jack cheeseburger 5.29 and it rings up 2.89 +tax total 6.38 today I asked why they said because I had cheese on it I said it's a cheeseburger combo 2 more time...

Jack In The Box - Oregon, Portland / Behaviour

Reviewer74341 on Nov 29, 2015
11/29/15 Me and my daughter, we were clearly telling them what we wanted and while we were ordering the lady taking our order kept laughing and having side conversations. She gave us the wrong food and gave my mom a rotten croissant. Horrible service if you ask me.

Jack In The Box - California, Oakley / Not getting my lunch meals and my safety

Reviewer12008 on Nov 28, 2015
I have worked for jack in the box for 3 years and there are plenty of times i dont get totake my lunch. I work katenights and one of our main doors do not look nor does the drive thru window. Thats against the law and i am scared for myself and my employees but because of mycomplsints mu...

Jack In The Box - Washington, Richland / Drive thru

Reviewer37032 on Oct 30, 2015
10/29/15 What I really hate is when I go through your guys drive through. For some reason your employees never give sauce for the food we order. You would think they would ask if we need any sauce or anything. I always have to tell them to make sure there is sauce in the bag. If they...

Jack In The Box - Texas, Waco / Drive through service

Reviewer29868 on Oct 10, 2015
My friend and I have only one hour for lunch each day, this is why it is very important that you listen to this. We arrived there to the Drive through so we can take our food, back to our office since this is more comfortable for us to be. We did not get serviced because, according to your...

Jack In The Box - California, Palm Desert / Rude Service

Jack Stroud on Oct 1, 2015
I answered a survey on September 30, 2015. At the end of the survey, I was offered an alternative to the "2 free tacos" I chose the "Buy one Jumbo Jack, get one free" Both night time managers refused to honor the offer. They called the day manager and I was advised he also would not honor...

Jack In The Box - California, Farmersville / Unfair Terminations of Job

Sukijinder Singh on Sep 22, 2015
I worked at Jack in the Box, Farmersville, CA for four years. I have been harassed by co-workers and the day manager. After being harassed, I finally spoke up, upon which I was fired as a "bully". The manager refused to hear my side of the story at all and as I left the employees of Jack...

Jack In The Box / Unfair

Unknowtoyou1 on Sep 22, 2015
I worked at jib 76 the manager there is careless about employees has lots of favoritism among employees only her friend employees get enough hours to work while the others get cut drastically until you end up quitting (to prevent her from firing you) she makes you feel unworthy by telling...

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