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Starbucks / Failure to give me what I order and pay for

Cuntcake on Jan 12, 2017
I have been going to your new store in Ferguson since it has opened and is closer than the other 2 I frequent. For the past 2 months they have been messing up my order. I order 4 shots in my hot drinks but constantly are not putting them in there. On 2 separate occasions I simply got...

Starbucks / Order forgotten

Ben Shepard on Jan 6, 2017
On 1/6/17 at 7:30 am, I placed an order for a double bacon & gouda artisan breakfast sandwich and pesto sandwich. However, I realized after I had stepped away from the counter that the employee helping me never got my name for the breakfast sandwich that needed to be made. I waited for 10...

Starbucks / Holiday light red coffee mug

Janis Paige Moylan on Jan 1, 2017
My daughter purchased the above cup a few days ago for her father who is admitted at Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago. It was also purchased at the Feinberg Pavillion on the first floor. After purchasing this mug, she noticed several days later that the top does not tighten and...

Starbucks / Refused to be served while waiting in line before closure

Moises Munoz on Dec 29, 2016
On December 24, 2016 I visited the Starbucks location in Ontario Ca. Off of Vineyard and Walnut. It was at 5:55 PM and I just made it in line for the drive -thru. The holiday hours for Christmas eve is that it closes at 6PM. After waiting in the line at the drive-thru and finally arriving...

Starbucks / Starbucks via instant columbia 24 pack

Barbara Barrell on Dec 29, 2016
I am a huge consumer of Starbucks coffee products. I have on occasion found the Via product taste 'off' but did not complain. I have had two back to back taste issues (packets) with this recent box (see below). The complaint each time is the same- that the coffee tastes like burnt molasse...

Starbucks / Oatmeal

Dorilly on Dec 23, 2016
I ordered oatmeal at the airport, I specifically requested all the toppings. Didn't have time to look at what was in the bag before I got on the plane, when I got on the plane the toppings were not in there. Very disappointing. I also work in the service industry and I would never treat a...

Starbucks / Starbucks for life game

grandmom50 on Dec 20, 2016
I have been a long-time customer of the Starbucks I go in there pretty much daily and I'm getting very very discouraged on the Starbucks for life game. When I earn plays I will get a message saying that sorry I'm enthusiastic and have already played my place for the day. That has been...

Starbucks / Free rewards

Busia on Dec 15, 2016
I ordered a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich and small coffee this morning at the Commodore Perry Travel Plaza in Ohio at 5:55am. I had two rewards on my Starbucks app and told Michele (288046) that I wanted the sandwich free but will pay for the coffee. She had me scan my phone. She said...

Starbucks / Service

ortmm on Dec 14, 2016
Hi Today I visited the Starbucks in Ossining, highland ave. I noticed a 40% off on ugly sweater boxes of cookies posted on the menu boards and in a basket. I went to purchase the cookies and was told that the sale did not start until tomorrow. No where in the store did it state a date of...

Starbucks / Barista laughed in my face while taking my order.

Sohail Naseem on Dec 11, 2016
Barista (Caitlin) from Target Starbucks in Lewisville off Hwy 121 and Josey Lane, laughed when I ordered " a tall Pike Place in a Venti cup" and stated that she thought that it was funny the way I said "Venti". When I asked her why she laughed she told me she did not realize I had an...

Starbucks / Rude employee

Leslie Skorich on Dec 11, 2016
My son was at the Starbucks store in Terre Haute, IN. 3017 S. US Hwy 41. One of the employees working there started making fun of him, I believe her name is Jordan. This happened December 9 of this year. My son has Autism and is a Diabetic. He was very upset and embarrassed. She was making fun...

Starbucks / African american worker spilled hot coffee on customer

NYctiff on Dec 6, 2016
This complaint is about a Starbucks employee who dropped HOT COFFE (LATTE) on Customer (myself) dress and jacket and didn't do anything to remediate the problem. In addition this issue is related to African American workers at Starbucks Discrimination against white/ caucasian individuals. The...

Starbucks / Service at 1700 broadway avenue, new york, ny 10019 on 12/6 at 8:54am

J3444 on Dec 6, 2016
Each morning I order the same thing. An Everything bagel w/cream cheese and a tall Carmel macchiato with whip cream. The guy who makes the bagel each morning is awesome and is always pleasant to everyone who walks in. He even knows my name and asks me if I’m ordering a bagel so he can have...

Starbucks / Management issues

lynettegraves on Dec 5, 2016
Location: starbucks company, 492 del monte shopping center, monterey, ca zip: 93940 Problem: I stood in a long line for15 minutes in the middle morning sunday, december 4, 2016. Once I got to the counter and ordered an eggnog latte, the response was "oh, we are out of eggnog. " to me...

Starbucks / Store located on 65th and 18th ave.

Maria Mammoliti on Dec 4, 2016
I have noticed in the past year or so that my coffee which we pay so much for tastes as if its been watered down, coffee is sometimes stale and the flavored lattes does not have any flavor. I no longer load my card and try to go to a starbucks further from my house on Kings Highway and E...

Starbucks / Customer service

Clifford DePass on Dec 3, 2016
My wife and I had a unsatisfactory experience at Starbucks Store #2876, 1515 SR-138, Conyers, GA (770) 602-0292 today Dec 03, 2016 10:40 am Trans# 731957. The firs problem was, we were not given a receipt. Second our order was wrong and we were over charged. We ordered 3 Bacon Wrap Dates, two...

Starbucks / Coffee shop

Nnekajeff on Dec 1, 2016
Gnd day sir/ma pls I really need to file a complain about the above person his name is joseph angwa he works in starbucks drive thru jumerria dubai I have tried my best to complain to our supervisors and managers but they are doing nothing about it most especially the supervisors are...

Starbucks Coffee / Customer service

slang82 on Nov 29, 2016
On 11/29/2016 at 11:02am, I approached the register at Starbucks Coffee (store ID BWISTA07) and was greeted by a female employee who was not wearing a name tag. As I was placing my order, she proceeded to put headphones in her ears that were connected to a phone in her pocket and take a...

Starbucks / Coffee

Angela Mongelli-Berger on Nov 28, 2016
I ordered a coffee. There was only one other person waiting, however all 5 employees behind the counter were doing nothing. By the time I received my coffee and walked 10 feet to my car it was ice cold. Starbucks is not cheap. If I am paying $5 for a coffee I expect it to at least be made...

Starbucks / Unprofessional behavior

Elroy07 on Nov 27, 2016
I am a loyal Starbucks customer who always looks for a Starbucks location in any town or city I go to for my coffee fix. My favorite order is the Blonde pour over. I was in Farmington, NM on November 26, 2016 with my wife, our usual routine is to purchase our coffees for our three hour trip...

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