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Starbucks / Coffee shop

Nnekajeff on Dec 1, 2016
Gnd day sir/ma pls I really need to file a complain about the above person his name is joseph angwa he works in starbucks drive thru jumerria dubai I have tried my best to complain to our supervisors and managers but they are doing nothing about it most especially the supervisors are...

Starbucks Coffee / Customer service

slang82 on Nov 29, 2016
On 11/29/2016 at 11:02am, I approached the register at Starbucks Coffee (store ID BWISTA07) and was greeted by a female employee who was not wearing a name tag. As I was placing my order, she proceeded to put headphones in her ears that were connected to a phone in her pocket and take a...

Starbucks / Coffee

Angela Mongelli-Berger on Nov 28, 2016
I ordered a coffee. There was only one other person waiting, however all 5 employees behind the counter were doing nothing. By the time I received my coffee and walked 10 feet to my car it was ice cold. Starbucks is not cheap. If I am paying $5 for a coffee I expect it to at least be made...

Starbucks / Unprofessional behavior

Elroy07 on Nov 27, 2016
I am a loyal Starbucks customer who always looks for a Starbucks location in any town or city I go to for my coffee fix. My favorite order is the Blonde pour over. I was in Farmington, NM on November 26, 2016 with my wife, our usual routine is to purchase our coffees for our three hour trip...

Starbucks / Rude service

Grace010875 on Nov 23, 2016
I understand being busy but to call a customer a liar is totally in called for. No one was wearing name tags so I can't give you a name but the Starbucks by Gate D24 is the worst place I have ever been. I will never come back. I waited 15 minutes for a brewed coffee, then the lady handing...

Starbucks / Service and attitude

Dee219764 on Nov 18, 2016
I stopped in the Von's Starbucks at 1000 El Norte Pkwy, Escondido CA 92026 on Thursday morning (11/17) @ 5:10 a.m. When I arrived she informed me that she did not open until 5:30 a.m. This took me by surprise as the website for that Starbuck's reads it opens at 5:00 a.m. She proceeded to...

Starbucks / Sexual harassment

9955667788 on Nov 17, 2016
Josh the hiring manager supervisor at delaware welcome center, my name is danielle and he is sexually harassing me at work. he's making very rude.. and sexual comment about my back side or when i bend over.. i've heard other girls talk about it as well. i'm scared and feel unsafe at work... but i don't want to loose my job,

Starbucks / Employees / management

CustNo1 on Nov 17, 2016
Loyal Starbucks fan / consistent app user. I've been coming to the Greenville, TX I-30 Starbucks location since the 2nd day they opened; years ago. Management changed a few weeks ago apparently. This place has become a hangout for every goofy employee they have ever had. It feels like a...

Starbucks / Coffee+

Ivette Quinones on Nov 17, 2016
While in between plane change I visited Dallas A concord airport Starbucks establishment and encounter the RUDEST people ever. No customer service manners at all. Business was not busy and since red holidays cups are in fashion I wanted my coffee in one. Was told that none were available...

Starbucks / Drink

Natasha Durand on Nov 16, 2016
I was at LAX and just brought frap praln grande and vanilla cold brew ice coffee vents at 11:22. I wanted WAY past everyone behind me for my drinks. Finally I asked about my drinks and they forgot about my drinks. When I finally received my drinks Inhad on little bit of whip, I over looked...

Starbucks / Amanda was rude

Lexi9412 on Nov 10, 2016
Amanda was the only one on coffees and made multiple coffees for different customers through drive thru before she made me my latte. So I got impatient and asked if my coffee was being made, her response was "well I don't know what you go, so" and just overall had a snotty attitude. Didn't...

Starbucks / Customer service

Ali76 on Nov 8, 2016
I was at a Starbucks location in Porterville, Ca November 8, 2016 inside the Target. There was two folks (who were together in front of me). No one was in line behind me. After taking the two folks order in front of me the barista told me that she would be right with me. She made the 3...

Starbucks / The cashier

Mercedes on Nov 8, 2016
I asked about the calories of sandwich because the tag is not facing the customer then she answered 450 then i asked how about the other sandwich then she said do you want to buy it or not because i need to assist other customer but the customer is only two including myself. Then i said...

Starbucks / The vulgar songs/lyrics being played in their stores ...

Vulgar Starbucks on Nov 7, 2016
I'm certainly not a prude or a 'church lady' or such, but, in a business that serves the public (including children!), Starbucks should do a better job of making certain that vulgarities are not blasted over the in-store speakers. One song in particular that I've heard multiple times in...

Starbucks / Poor service

watters4 on Nov 3, 2016
We went to T4 Baggage Starbucks Coffee, Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ. Store ID: PHXSTA16 The 6 crew members were totally unorganized, each person was doing every job so drinks were being made randomly by whomever walked by. The crew was literally walking into each other a...

Starbucks / Hot drink cups

qyl on Oct 26, 2016
I am a loyal Starbuck's customer. I spend a lot of money on coffee. I am absolutely sick and tired though of getting a coffee and then have it drip all over...either down the cup on my hands or down my outfit when I take a sip. This is really uncalled for with a brand promise such a...

Starbucks / Disappointed

Loraine on Oct 17, 2016
I loved Starbucks and was their loyal customer for a long time. Recently I went to Starbucks to get some coffee. I made and order and purchased a take out coffee. When I was just about to leave one of Starbucks employees accidentally run into me and as a result coffee was everywhere - on the...

Starbucks / Customer service

Danielledani on Oct 13, 2016
Starbucks in Newark Airport Terminal C STOREID: EWRSTA06 Customer service was bad - I asked for a grande pike coffee with a little bit of steamed milk (instead of leaving room for milk at the bar). They refused to do it; they said they would have to charge me for a misto. I was not interested in a...

Starbucks / Service

Starbucks poor service on Oct 10, 2016
Hello, I am an employee at the LAX Airport and I frequently patronize the Starbucks at terminal 6 (LAXSTA29). However today will be my last time going there because they're sevice is extremely lousy with a capital "L". Everytime I go there, they are always out of products and the counter...

Starbucks / Service

Nelda Ogle on Oct 7, 2016
Stopped by your location Harris Hospital Fort Worth Tx. 10/7/16. At 3 pm. Going to place an order for Black Ice tea for 4 people. The girl at counter would not acknowledge us standing there. When we placed our order she stated we don't carry that anymore with an attitude. I stated well...

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