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Family Dollar Stores Complaints & Reviews

Family Dollar Stores / false written advertising price/ not honoring price

Luis A Martinez on Jan 21, 2017
I went to Family Dollar on 2901 Fort Boulevard, El Paso TX store #02527 about an hour ago...completely out of my home area. I usually go to Dollar Generals and sometimes even Dollar Trees because of the horrible customer service we receive with Family Dollars. But it was convinient to stop...

Family Dollar Stores / Rude employee store #04784

Jnolopez on Jan 18, 2017
The young lady by the the name of ladrika I believe I'm really not sure due to her rudeness I wasn't thinking clearly to get her correct name, but she work yesterday evening at around 15:43:16 on 01/17/2017 the first register near the entry . African American young mid 20's female with two...

Family Dollar Stores / Bad customer service

Rozebow on Jan 10, 2017
I shop at the family dollar store near my house for the last 5 years spending $50-$100 dollars per month.Also my mini maltipoo support dog shops with me in the front of the cart on a blanket he is a legal support dog with ID.He also goes everywhere with me and my grandaughter Im...

Family Dollar Stores / Employee parking vs customer advantage and convenience

Ronald Lee Trujillo II on Jan 9, 2017
I am a resident of springer Nm and regularly shop at the new store in town. I continuously see the two most elderly, disabled, physically, weather and customer convenient spaces, (more convenient than the handicap spaces) taken by employees. Being that customers come first in an ethical...

Family Dollar / Unprofessional and rude employees

heather38 on Jan 1, 2017
many health issues and I was freezing. I continued to get the products I needed. I got to the counter to pay and the same cashier rudely continued I went to our neighborhood family dollar today January 1, 2017 between 5:30-6 to get a case of water and toilet paper for my grandmother. I am...

Family Dollar / Employees and manager

tooty58 on Dec 22, 2016
December 20 th, Angie an employee at Birch Run family dollar treated me like I wasnt a valued customer and she could care less if I called corperate to report the incident, thoses amoung others were her words mocking me and forcefully exspressing her feelings towards me . It was about 9:45...

Family Dollar / 7" emerson tablet

Shirley Spencer on Dec 22, 2016
I purchased a 7" Emerson Tablet from store 4775 in Houston Texas for a x-mas present for my son. I decided before I wrapped it that I would set it up and register it, I am so glad I attempted to do so, because this product is not worth selling in any store. It run so slow until I was not...

The Dollar Store / Customer service

MerryChristmas on Dec 20, 2016
Checking out today wouldn't accept check. Said declined. Went to bank funds are there. Went back in to pay with. Cash. The checker said don't get sassy with me. I said. Um I didn't here's th e money Then she rolls her eyes. Gave me a 👍 and told us to leave. Wow never been kicked outta a...

Family Dollar / 7" emerson tablet

: Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:04:33 -0500 Subject: Dissatisfied and Upset Customer I purchased a 7" Emerson Tablet from store 4775 in Houston Texas for a x-mas present for my son. I decided before I wrapped it that I would set it up and register it, I am so glad I attempted to do so...

Family Dollar / Unethical behavior

sabbott0717 on Dec 20, 2016
My sister and I patronized the family dollar store on summit ave.In greensboro, nc on december 17th, 2016. When I approached the counter with my younger sister, the store manager, fatima, started to harass my sister. She started accusing her of stealing a honey bun when she did not steal...

Family Dollar Store # 10976 / Assaulted by manager for being a cop's mother

Melissa Lain on Dec 5, 2016
On Thanksgiving Morning 2016, around 10AM, at the Family Dollar Store in Rising Star, TX. I was assaulted by the Manager for being a cop's mother. Went to counter to pay for items when the store manger asked me if my son was now a cop here in town. I replied "yes, when he suddenly grabbed the...

Family Dollar / Unethical behaviour

joel perosi on Oct 23, 2016
while standing in line at check out there was a women in front of me, she went next to go to register 3, regester 2 was closed, register 1 was occupied, the gentlemen at register 3 was coming on to the female customer who was carrying a 33lb bag of dog food and insisted he carry it out for...

Family Dollar / Pasta salad/ had bugs in noodles

ADG16 on Jun 1, 2016
i bought 3 boxes of pasta salad..ranch and bacon flavored...7.5oz...all 3 were sku 1230389...v-62356...0 3225103230 1...i bought the first box may 25, 2016... i cooked that box of pasta, the peas were hard but i did not notice any bugs...i assumed i over cooked the pasta...i bought 2 more...

Family Dollar / samsung phone

verizon samsung gusto on May 28, 2016
I purchased a phone from family dollar at 499 n. marion may 9th. I also purchased a 300 minute phone card. Ive only used 270 minutes and it tells me I dont have any time left. The girl working fri. morning 5/27 at 9am told me I had to have the box to get a refund. If we kept every box from...

Family Dollar / Not being a good neighbor

Lgarcia on Mar 30, 2016
This Family Dollar is at 5802 Culebra Rd. San Antonio, TX 78228. Part of their mission statement is that they strive to be a good neighbor in the neighborhood in which they reside. Residents directly behind this store are requesting that Family Dollar be a good neighbor and put a fence up...

Family Dollar / From the top to the bottom

Machette on Mar 15, 2016
I went to work today instead of working on the cash register, or stocking.She had me to do the one thing that known of the other would do.Manual labor i had to clean out from under all the store shelves .I found food for people and cats and dogs that had expired in 2013.I had one bag that...

Family Dollar / Money owed to me, 3 hours, medical neglect

Machette on Mar 13, 2016
I just went back to work in March 4 HOURS one day i did 6 test that day .Sonya had something to say about that she act like i was suppose to finish more than 25 test in one day.i take my time to make sure i don, t make no mistakes.The following week i finished more than 18 test that day in...

Family Dollar / Manager, security and thief

Machette on Mar 12, 2016
i went to pick up my hours for the up incoming week and it was like i was being told your fired again .She all ready had this planned to cut my hours so low till i just give up.My hours was cut to 3 hours to give the other part time and full time workers more overtime.My god sister was in...

Family Dollar / Getting fired without giving me no reason at all and causing me to lose 2 months worth of pay because of a lie

Machette on Mar 11, 2016
i work at store 185 in Kannapolis N.C. 28083.I have been there since June I was hired as a stocker under Brenda the manger at the time.she got fired for not giving drug test .Now the new manger Sondra King she has not done that or even mention it to any the employes .She got caught in her...

Family Dollar / customer service

Reviewer32848 on Feb 10, 2016
I visited my Family Dollar Store in Oshkosh Wisc. Only to be discouraged standing in line there was 7 people behind me, and one clerk to check out, When I asked her if she had help, she stated that the manager was unloading the truck, the store I work at has a rule, of 3 or more people in...

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