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Family Dollar Complaints & Reviews

Family Dollar - Wisconsin, Oshkosh / customer service

Reviewer32848 on 2016-02-10
I visited my Family Dollar Store in Oshkosh Wisc. Only to be discouraged standing in line there was 7 people behind me, and one clerk to check out, When I asked her if she had help, she stated that the manager was unloading the truck, the store I work at has a rule, of 3 or more people in...

Family Dollar - Illinois, University Park / Drunk, vulgar employee

Reviewer22894 on 2016-01-20
On January 20, 2016, while shopping in this store along with several other shoppers (children among them), I heard and saw and this drunken employee (Eddie) loudly state he was going to ask his girlfriend to perform oral sex on him for Valentine's day (I cleaned this up). This isn't the...

Family Dollar - New York, Utica / expired pizza/rude manager

slwuticany on 2016-01-02
On January 2, 2016 I bought a tombstone supreme pizza from family dollar in utica ny on genesee St. When I got home I went to go make it for my family an the pepperoni was brown looking.. So I looked at the expiration date an it was dated august 31 2015. That's when I called the family...

Family Dollar / Dirty store and mean to the employees

Reviewer37717 on 2015-12-02
My friend works at the family dollar in La Jara Co. that store is extremly dirty the food on the shelves are expired. There is even a package of marsmallows on the shelf that is hard. They don't give her lunch breaks and days off. This is not how to run a business. As the law require...

Family Dollar - Illinois, Lansing / Employee

Reviewer17753 on 2015-12-01
So Rude (Tina) only one cash register open since I walked in and shopped for 45minutes. This employee accused me of phony coupons for 50 cents then she refused to give me sale price on pajama's for little girls @ 5.00 that was on the rack. I am not going to override this she stated...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Food.Manger.District manger,rsvp. Don matteson.And farah

Prince1234. on 2015-10-27
well family dollars has done it to me again by sending someone to talk to me unexceptly .they sent this women name farah to talk to me with another women that works under her.she did nothing the whole time but ask me questions over and over in 44-5 different ways.the lady i see for therapy...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Benefits

Aeoria1987. on 2015-10-25
Now they have locked my payment card so i can, t gey what little money i made last week. They also gave me an extra day next week but all that was is to see if i am still filing my complaints. The next complaint is going to be against farah on the way she had that meeting sat up, ignoring...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / mangers

Prince1234. on 2015-10-23
i don, t know why these mangers keep treating me like i don, t know anything.mr.matherson was suppose to call and talk to me but they sent this women name Farah and another lady that works with her to come and talk to me but the person i talked to at the labor board, and the eeoc said...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Mold in current places

Reviewer32819 on 2015-10-21
i have tried talking to you all over and over but nothings being done about my claims.i have a lawyer in EOC, LABOR BOARD, EPILEPSEY FOUNDATION OF AMERICA, LEGAL AIDE, AND NAACP.we can settle this in court or out of court because you all have the most to lose.still this way fire hazard...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Whole family dollar store

Reviewer12348 on 2015-10-19
sense i strated making my complaints from the top to the bottom either won, t talk to me, answer my phone calls, won, t even tell me when i work have to here it from a snitch.how can anybody live off no hours of work, to come back to work after major surgery.it can, t be done.if they can...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / My job and hours

Reviewer15581 on 2015-10-15
I went and tould my manger that i have to have major surgery friday and ask if i can do it another day she had to call the district manger over133 district.The 2 are trying there best to discourage me by giving me less than 5 hours all week.Jackie dosen, t even have a thing to do with the...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Whole store

Reviewer41384 on 2015-10-14
i used to be employed regularly than my hours got cut to 1 day a week.but sense that happen people are coming in to buy stuff then walking right back out because the stock has not been put out sense it got there.all the you boats are full and pallets to.they getting another truck in friday...

Family Dollar - North Carolina, Kannapolis / Cold foods

Reviewer93821 on 2015-10-13
When the truck comes in with all the cold foods it is said that you have at least 15 minutes to get it all put upbut i went to this store this morning 185 is its number the cold foods sat for more than a hour before the manger put them up all of those items was suppose to be discarded or...

Family Dollar - Pennsylvania, Yeadon / Asst. manager used customer credit card and purchased items

Reviewer33553 on 2015-10-12
I went to family dollar yesterday October 11th 2015. I purchased a Swiss ice tea and got 50.00 cash back at 4:34 pm. I dropped my card in the store, the asst manager waited until 4 hours had gone pass to use my card to purchase some things. I went back looking for my card he was acting...

Family Dollar - Illinois, Alsip / Unprofessionalism

Reviewer56982 on 2015-10-11
As I entered Family Dollar yesterday 10/11/15 I heard loud laughter, profanity and personal information. I continued to shop (I thought it was other customers). However, I discovered the noise I heard was coming from the all black staff of Family Dollar. As I proceeded I was waited on by a...

Family Dollar / Clerk attitude and lack of assistance

jamesrodney on 2015-10-03
During my visit to Family Dollar today, I ask the clerks to help me locate the plastic spray bottles. After much consideration, the clerk at the register said they were by the yellow pole. There are several yellow poles in the large store. Most stores this size have isle numbers. The other...

Family Dollar / Smoked sausage pkg of 14 in the cooler

Anne Parent on 2015-10-03
The register rings up the Bar S smoked sausage at the cost of $5.50 per unit price but the shelf clearly reads $5.00. I told the clerk that they have not changed the cost on the shelf and I didn't want to pay $5.50. She didn't ask her manager for a cost override either. They knew...

Family Dollar Corporation / General Poor Condition of the store

I am lodging a complaint against the store located at 2372 CLEVELAND AVE COLUMBUS, OH 43211-1610 I am a 20 years resident of North Linden as well as a neighborhood commissioner in North Linden. I really believe it would be better to close this location rather than leave it open in the...

Family Dollar Store #05489 - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Store Heat

Gen Carson on 2015-07-19
Shopping in this store is virtually impossible due to the extreme heat in the store. The store workers are exhausted from the heat and the customers don't stay long in the store because it is just so uncomfortable to try and shop. What is wrong? Is this company so cheap that they...

Family Dollar - New Mexico, Capitan / management change

notgonnasa on 2015-07-09
I can't believe you replaced our sweet and friendly hard working store manager at store #8240 with this monsterously rude woman. She is loud and obnoxious, the one time I was in the store, as I won't be going back, I had to wait for her to finish smoking out the front door to get...

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