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Dominos Pizza, England, Hertfordshire Complaints & Reviews - food poisoning

Dominos Pizza Contacts & Informations

Dominos Pizza

Posted:    Miss.Lucienne.Davies

food poisoning

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 15 votes
Contact information:
2 chittenden close,hoddesdon,hertfordshire,en11 0en
Hertfordshire, England
United Kingdom
Phone: 01992 462835
My name is Miss.Lucienne.Davies, my partner and i love pizza and we can only treat ourselves once a month(we have 5 children) we usually have Pizza Hut but we decided to have a change and give Dominos a try.I phoned and ordered, and the pizza's were delivered very quickly. the food tasted fine-we had no complaints. We had 1x texas bbq (containing chicken..)with sweetcorn instead of onions, 1x chicken feast and 1 x garlic bread. we were both woken with terrible stomach cramps-myself at 4.20 AM and my partner just after 5 AM. The time as i am writing this is 14.00 and we are both still suffering. We have had severe diarrea, stomach cramps and pains, we both have pounding heads and my partner was vomiting this morning. The only other thing we ate yesterday was a cheese sandwich for myself and ham sandwich for my partner-these would not give us both this awful illness. The other extremely annoying thing is that we have 5 young children, the oldest 2 walked to school with a neighbour but the other 3 children(whose school is further) had to miss going to school as neither of us were ABLE to leave the house to take them in.Because of this, the children will get a black mark for their attendance, which reflects very badly on us. I have spoken to an employee called Adam at the Hoddesdon branch which we used at 11.00 am, after trying to get through since 9.am. He gave the name and number of the area manager whom i have called and left messages for several times today. He has not yet called me back. We both feel this is absoloutly outrageous how they can poison people like this and get away with it. We still have some of each pizza left, so would like to know if it should be sent off for analyzing?? We do not want to be refunded with vouchers for the store as we will never eat with Dominos again-however we would like to be refunded in full and some kind of recognition/compensation for our illnesses-myself not being able to visit my family today, my partner for having to miss giving piano lessons, and our children fo having to miss school.
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 12th of Jul, 2009 by   Kimt4424 0 Votes
We have just recieved a delivery from Dominos pizza which was ordered online as a meateor tomato base, my husband hates barbecue base but he got that so contacted the store (BATHGATE) who then called him a liar and said he did order the barbecue base this was the manager that said this!!! he then agreed to make a fresh pizza and hung up on my partner in my experience this is very very bad customer service and we r very angry. We then phoned back and asked for them to come and get the pizza and we wanted our money back!!! he refused which is shocking he said the pizza was in the oven... and would not allow us to have our money back. We are very angry at this and will never get a pizza from domnios again and we want our money back from this pizza. Would appreciate it if i could have some feed back on this and the Manager of the store maybe shud get some extra training in customer service!! Thank you
 31st of Jul, 2009 by   fuzzy_dunlop +1 Votes
ive had similar experiences with Dominos in ther dundalk ireland branch. I ordered a Garlic bread, and a medium hawaiian pizza and have had stomach pains and been on toilet with diarrhoea for about 40 mins. This isnt the first time this happpened in fact 2 weeks ago i ordered the same pizza and the exact same problems i.e stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Another time my parents ate some of the garlic bread and well had stomach pains later in the night. Im done with Dominos once is bad enough but this is like 3rd or 4th time that been ill after there food. There food tastes great but getting up at 4am to go to the toilet because of there crap food is disgraceful. Now when i order food from Dominos my parents will not eat there food due to pains it gave them before.
 9th of Dec, 2009 by   jimmyt1988 0 Votes
For 7 months I have not had a stomach ache.. 7 months I have avoided dominos.

My friend was back from University on trip to see his family and we decided we couldn't be bothered to cook. So we ordered a dominos pizza.

Delicious as it was, The next morning I had diarrhoea. After getting off the toilet, sure enough, I was back on within 15 minutes.

What the hell is with this food! I'm hearing more and more complaints about dominos these days.
 19th of Jan, 2010 by   mama hoodie 0 Votes
Totally agree with the diaherrea and cramping. I am pregnant and was really tired last night so we ordered a pizza from Domino's. I woke up with horrible cramping in my stomach and had to run to the bathroom. When I came back upstairs it smelt horrible...my husband had horrible gas.

A couple weeks prior to this event, we though we had come down with a stomach virus. We were at a friend's house and ate Dominos that they ordered for dinner. A couple hours later my daughter got diaherrea. The next day my husband and I had horrible gas and stomach pains. He also had diaherrea and we thought it was just from a bug that was going around. Now I totally disagree and think it is mainly due to Dominos. From now on we are ordering from a local pizzeria or Pizza Hut and Dominos can forget our business.
 19th of Jan, 2010 by   Edwin Guerrero Urrutia +1 Votes
based on my personal experiences garlic IS what may have cause these problems since when I eat dominos I usually get these ugly cramps and noises in my stomach then I get a severe diarrea which leaves my body really damaged...and weak...I even have to use vaseline to relief the pain...
 28th of Feb, 2010 by   m87tosa55 0 Votes
i ordered a dominos pizza on friday evening, was lovely, until i woke up wih terrible stomach camps around 4am and had to rush to the toilet, its been 24 hours and i still am needing the tolilet and in agony in my stomach !I had a chicken, ham & onion pizza, when we collected it from the armed forces gate post where we live they said sorry it was late, they ran out of bags to keep it warm, no wonder why im ill they probably reheated it. the only other thing i had to eat that day was pasta. never ordering with them again! terrible! after reading the reviews aswell.
 29th of Mar, 2010 by   thebigmg 0 Votes
Oh my goodness, I thought it was just me. It happened once or twice before and I put myself through it again thinking it must have just been a virus. The trusty BBQ pizza... Felt rough after the 2nd day of eating it and now off work with painful stomach cramps, dizzyness and many toilet visits.

I have been searching for all sorts of things it could be then decided to search dominos and food poisoning. Bingo.

I won't be using dominos ever again.
 13th of Sep, 2010 by   Beth A Christiansen 0 Votes
About 10 years ago when my daughter was 8 she attended a "Read-a-thon" at UW-Whitewater with several classmates. They ate Domino's Pizza for dinner. By the next morning several of the students were vomiting and very sick. There was not any gastroenteritis of any sort that children from the schools in the area were experiencing at the time. My daughter continued to vomit for several days and her stomach was not the same for about a year!
I also talked to two adults who at different times and in different areas had confirmed food poisoning after eating Domino's Pizza. Our family has avoided it ever since.
 13th of Sep, 2010 by   Tee Bone +1 Votes
And so now 10 years later you're complaining about it? What, you just found this Complaint site and just had to find something to complain about and reached 10 years back in your memory for this tidbit? Thanks for letting us know this one.. I'll make sure never to order Domino's.
 9th of Oct, 2010 by   Angusam 0 Votes
I had dominos Pizza on Thursday night, we ordered a large margaherta and a vegetarian and a garlic bread. I awoke at 03:30 with terrible
pain just under my front breastbone and it was worse when I lied down.

I had to pace the hall for hours and couldn't sleep and felt sick and was throwing up. The next day I went to my Dr's who ordered an ECG but this was fine as it felt like indigestion and I felt so full, didn't eat anything all the next day and was in bed asleep all day after finally taking some anti acid tablets the stomach pain started to ease.

It turned out that this was food poisoning and I will never eat another dominos pizza for as long as I live.
 3rd of Nov, 2010 by   Hollyy 0 Votes
As we all have expierenced not all take away stores are 100% clean, which I think should always be that way but as we all know It is NOT! but what I suggest you should do is perhaps go to the store when you are feeling well agian and just talk them through it. I know you must feel very angry and annoyed but trying new things is a great way to expierence your likes and dislikes. I hope you feel better soon and dominos is a great pizza place as I probly seem biest as I work there but it is tasty. I think you should peraps maybe try more pizze shops around. good luck !
 11th of Jul, 2011 by   Jasminesweets21 0 Votes
I ate dominos lastnite I ordered hot wings and garlic bread I woke up this morning with a bad headache really nausea with stomach cramps I even vomit a few times no diarrea yet it's now 5pm and Im still not feeling to well
 28th of Feb, 2012 by   maisy87 0 Votes
I ate dominoes chicken goujons with a pizza on saturday night and im still bed bound vomitting for at least 24 hours diharrea fatigue headache abdominal pain and cramping. and its fair to say im furious. i dont get paid when im off from work. i want conpensation for the loss of earnings.. who to contact!?? Who will listen as this company clearly keep making people ill and get away with it!
 17th of Mar, 2013 by   bow. 0 Votes
i had same all last night after eating their pizza and all day and night today . my stomach might just be starting to settle a bit now hopefully. the delivery driver took 20 Min's for a 5 min journey (10 at the most, at that time of night) then she left our bottle of coke in the car and didn't even check the order at the door. Ive never felt so bad from food in my life. I will never order from dominoes again and i advise others not to. make Ur own at least you know its safe.
 31st of May, 2013 by   jonny84 0 Votes
Just got food poisoning from a dominoes pizza in Maidstone, Kent, i had a veg supreme, double decadence -- a few hours later, awful pain and cramps in stomach every 20 mins for the whole night, next day i got immodium plus to relieve the symptoms, never eating dominoes again, no matter what bullsht special offer they come up with in thier bullsht priced menu.
 29th of Jun, 2013 by   meg. 0 Votes
I had a domino's pizza (Corby branch in Northamptonshire) for dinner on Wednesday, had awful service and the pizza was very late. I rang up and put in a complaint and they gave me a slight discount. On Thursday I got a really bad headache, dizziness and was on the toilet all night on Wednesday. Its now Saturday and if anything, it has only gotten worse. Stomach cramps have been awful and nearly had to go to hospital last night. It is defiantly Domino's and they simply cannot carry on like this. They give us a service and that service is expected to be good as we are paying a lot of money for it, not make us all ill! I think that we need to do something about this and I am very willing to put a complaint in. I am very disappointed, they have lost a customer in me and I will be advising everyone else not to go there!
 22nd of Feb, 2014 by   Joanne Copelton 0 Votes
I had Pizza last night (Friday 21st Feb) from Dominos Clay cross. I woke up at 7 in the morning and had to run to the toilet. Vomiting and diaorria last all day. I have been left with terrible cramps and in loads of pain. I have never had anything like this before. My partner reckoned the garlic sauce was off but I don't know. I won't be eating Dominos again and will be contacting the environmental health. :(
 12th of May, 2014 by   TommyKun 0 Votes
I just had Dominos pizza for the first time the other day, woke up with horrible stomach cramps and diarrea, I did not link this to the pizza at all at first, so I had another 2 slices for dinner to next day, cause there was still some pizza left and the same thing happened... I searched the net and oddly enough now I know I am not alone! No more Dominos! I will write them a complain letter soon.

The damn thing tastes awfully great, tho!
 24th of May, 2014 by   Lemonadesorbet 0 Votes
Ordered pizza from Kingston upon Thames in Surrey. Given me the worst stomach pain ever. Won't order from dominoes again. Feel sick as well like I'm about to vomit. I don't think they deal with food properly.
 4th of Jul, 2014 by   shauncockman1991 0 Votes
I ordered dominos from hertford and was told it was going to be 45 min wait which I was fine about, 1hour and a half later still no sign of the pizza. I kept ringing and ringing with no response, Once I finally got through to them I was told it was going to be 10 mins and I was on the phone to them for 20 mins and still no sign of the pizza. Last thing is the fact they refused to give me a refund on my order because I had payed buy card. Their reason being it had gone past midnight.I think it was such poor service bad attiutude and customer service was...well there was none. Never using them again

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