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www.premiervalleyoralsurgery.com / They told me to go away and refused to check the doctor

guest123450 on 2015-09-03
The worst staff and completely unhelpful people are working in the company www.premiervalleyoralsurgery.com. I came there with my son, who is 10 years old. They removed the tooth and my son got the anaesthesia. I asked the dentist to check him after anaesthesia would pass. But they told me...

Smile Specialists / Dentist

Reviewer94573 on 2015-09-01
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! If you do not want to be treated like dirt DO NOT go to Smile Specialists with Dr. Ralph Ergas. The receptionists are incredibly rude(I called to change an appointment and she accused me of not caring about my child's teeth). They're disorganized (we drove almost an...

Affordable Dentures / Bottom plate

Reviewer73093 on 2015-09-01
2 years ago I went to this office to have upper and lower plates made, its only been 2 years and as of last night when I ate an egg and bacon (NOT CRUNCHY bacon) on toast my bottom plate snapped in half. I never have dropped them or soaked them but more then 20 minutes 2 times a week...

NYU School of Dentistry / Surgery was done by unprofessional

Reviewer37682 on 2015-08-29
I spoke with the dentist from NYU School of Dentistry. He told me that I needed implants and assured me that he would make everything properly and without pain. But the surgery was done by unprofessional student and this dentist was too busy. Now I have serious and awful pain. The dentist...

allaboutsmilesinc.com / The dentist postponed the procedure

Reviewer47328 on 2015-08-29
My tooth was tortured me within 3 months. I already spoke with the dentist from the company www.allaboutsmilesinc.com. He told me that he would pull it out, but he hasn’t told me when. I have waited 3 months and heard different excuses. After that I decided to find another dentist, who...

A1 Dental Care / Dentist forgot about anaesthesia

eddyf on 2015-08-28
I will never use the services of the company A1 Dental Care. I visited the dentist, but he was strange and didn’t know that he needed to use the anaesthesia. He checked my teeth and told that he would place one filling and was ready to drill the tooth, but I asked about anaesthesia. He...

Just White Dental Clinic / They made the appointment for the day, when the doctor was on holidays

eddyf on 2015-08-28
I made the appointment in Just White Dental Clinic. I got the confirmation, but 3 days before the appointment, the receptionist called me and told that the doctor was on holiday and wouldn’t come back within 5 days. Seriously, it was completely dishonest and unprofessional. They offered...

Denture Clinic / Poor Service, poor quality dentures, no follow-up care

Reviewer41674 on 2015-08-27
I went to see Stephanie Black for dentures since my previous denturist had passed away and his replacement wasnt very nice. I didnt like her attitude. So anyway I thought I would give Stephanie a try because maybe a womans touch was what I needed to make my smile perfect again. Was I ever...

Smile Care / rude/incompetent/insensitive/ghetto company

Reviewer68473 on 2015-08-18
First bad experience was with the Orthodontist she was rude. My dentist referred me to her because I needed to know my options for the gaps in my teeth. She would not tell me any of them and just said well you need braces... I told her my dentist said I have options like bridges or both...

Smile Care / 5 months waiting for full set of dentures!!!

Eileen Saldivar on 2015-08-12
my dad had a severe tooth infection and needed to be extracted. He is retired and lives in a fixed income. He went there desperate for help they extracted the tooth, and he also inquired about a full set of dentures which he did need, but with just bring cash pay he really wasn't...

Children's Dental / Dr. Rebecca and front desk staff

ashley zayat on 2015-08-08
My child was refered to this office when he just turned 4. Previously he had saw another dentist, needed a filing and was terrified, couldn't sit still for the dentist. I took him to see "dr. Rebecca", and from the beginning I should have ran. I took him there and they did an exam...

Western Dental / incomplet, uncompassionate care

NicoleLine on 2015-08-07
At first, I was pleased to get a four o'clock appointment on a Friday to get a lost filling repaired. I even took time off work to come in 30 minuets early after receiving a call requesting I do so. However, after the courteous staff x-rayed me, I was escorted to the front of the...

Greencastle Dental / Billing/Charges

C Lemay on 2015-08-05
Required a new dentist since our current dentist is nearing retirement. Made a no-charge consultation appointment to discuss some needed/delayed dental work. Dr. Lee was very reassuring and became quite comfortable with him. Based on this, made an appointment for another family member who...

Aspen Dental, Cheektowaga, NY / Rough handling physical abuse

sadlyragdollblues on 2015-08-03
On Friday the 31st of July, I went to Aspen Dental, on Walden Avenue, in Cheektowaga, NY. I asked for Dr. Singh and Dr. Tin rudely replied that I'm here today. He asked me to open my mouth wide, and I could not as the left side of my cheek was badly blown out, I had five abscessed...

Monarch Dental Assoc / Endless circles and no explanation

danov on 2015-08-03
People, be careful and check all invoices from the company Monarch Dental Assoc. My son visited the orthodontist twice and the first visit was only consultation, which cost about $300. The second was consultation and he provided some services, and he told that the visit was about $600. So...

Inner Harbor Dental Associates / Billing

Joshua Sekki on 2015-07-23
Was told a few weeks before my appointment what the costs would be as a estimate. Then when I had a precedure done I was quoteed a price, and I told the receptionist I would like to pay most of it and the rest on payday. She did not listen and overdrafted my bank account. They always want...

Kool Smiles / Poor service

Wanda Blount on 2015-07-19
Employees at front desk are rejects, disrespectful, don't know how to keep files. Every time I go there I have to fill out the same paper work and always have to give them my Custody papers that they should be keeping on file. The appointment I made was for my Grandson for pain he wa...

Toothworks / Pricing

Sportacus on 2015-07-18
They have these beautiful assistants that rub their bodies on you. It's like getting a lap dance at the dentist. Then dr. Maher Jaber DDS, THG, Tells you that you need this and that and it costs $3, 000. The hot girls tell you how great you will look after it's all done. You...

www.laportaperiodontics.com / The dentist hasn’t asked me about the allergies

Dimebag on 2015-07-17
I made the appointment in the clinic www.laportaperiodontics.com. I arrived and the dentist started to check. He told me that he needed to pull out a tooth. He hasn’t asked me if I had any allergies and wanted to give me something against pain, but I started to show that thi...

Horizon Dental / Bad Dentist

JIsrael on 2015-07-16
This is the absolute WORST dentist I have been to. They removed my tooth and left the gum infected. I am in a lot of pain. When I told them about it, they refused to retyrn my phone calls. Totally unprofessioal!
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