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Aspen Dental / Dental service

Kay Kibbel on Jan 18, 2016
I called Aspen Dental for my bi-annual cleaning appointment. The day of the appointment I went in and was supposed to receive antibiotics because I have 2 knee replacements. The dentist told me the ruling changed in 2015 but still gave them to me. 2nd: I had a panoramic x-ray in addition...

Affordable Dentures / Poor quality detures

Reviewer39906 on Jan 16, 2016
Bought most expensive denture available Over1000 dollars. Have lost teeth 4 times today is January 17 th 2016 3 times in past i have been humelated in bussiness meeting but have found the teeth today i have swallowed the tooth do i need to look in my stool for it PLEASE HELP AND ADVIsE...

Aspen Dental / New Patient Examination

Reviewer54971 on Jan 16, 2016
I'd luckily been warned by a friend about going to Aspen, and after my new patient exam the warning turned out absolutely correct. The good - the staff were friendly, competent and quick at their jobs. If it weren't for the bad side I'd be happy to be a regular patient there. The bad -...

Affordable Dentures / Service

bobbyron on Jan 11, 2016
I went to Affordable Dentures in Tucson, Arizona and before anyone looked at me they wanted $85.00 for an x-ray. I waited over an hour in an exam room for the "free" consultation. A man came in who I think was a technician instead of a certified dentist. He never even opened my mouth or...

www.MintDentistry.com / I feel awful pain and it irritates me a lot

Reviewer41122 on Jan 10, 2016
I used the dentistry services of www.mintdentistry.com. Everything was ok, but after the medicine’s influence has passed, I felt awful pain. I called to the office and the lady-receptionist said to come next day. I came and the doctor said that I needed to place two crowns and he again gave...

www.MintDentistry.com / They promised the third visit for free, but I have paid for it

Reviewer83263 on Jan 10, 2016
I called to www.MintDentistry.com and made the appointment for teeth whitening. The receptionist said that after two visits they would provide the teeth whitening for free. One visit was for free, so I really thought that it was great idea. I agreed and after the second visit, the...

Dental Works / Root canal damage & quote not honored

Reviewer65697 on Jan 8, 2016
Went to Dental Works in Knoxville, TN for root canal. Dentist stated that she would do procedure with crown for $23 out of pocket. After the procedure, I was told no payment was due. Then I received a bill from Care Credit for $903, which was disputed. The balance is increasing and Dental...

BlizzardWhite / Terrible customer service!

KellyWilson1004 on Jan 6, 2016
When I initially ordered the free trial I was not aware that I could choose between the pens or the tray. So, I order, I'm excited and the next day I receive 2 packages. First package had 1 pen, second package had 2 pens. I read the directions for the pens and tried one pen for 2...

Monarch Dental / Dental Services - the form requires pre-authorization for unrelated services and is unfair

GP65 on Jan 6, 2016
1. I went for my annual dental check up today (1/6/2016, 8:00 pm) and was asked to sign a standard form. This form asks us to agree to a clause which says asks us to authorize the dentist to perform procedures such as root canal if they felt it was necessary. If I was undergoing any...

Aspen Dental / Appointment

Reviewer63579 on Jan 2, 2016
My insurance advised me to get a dental checkup of which for a $15.00 copay, I was to receive cleaning, x-rays, and a check-up. So I made an appointment with Aspen Dental, who I was told(by Aspen Dental)that they accepted my insurance. When I made the appointment and when I checked in at...

Aspen Dental / Double billing

Reviewer24582 on Jan 2, 2016
I had an agonizing 2 yr. ordeal $8000 bill contract said this included both temp/perm dentures extractions cleanings. I keep receiving a bill for the last four months for my permanent dentures that was already paid for and every month I call tell them this is in error. they tell me I...

Western Dental Headquarters / I didn’t get the cthe dental services heck, but the company confirmed that I have overpaid for

Reviewer77799 on Jan 2, 2016
I had couple of appointments in Western Dental Headquarters. I have overpaid for the dental services and when I noticed the error, I immediately returned to this lace. I showed them all the papers and provided all the checks. I have overpaid $500 and of course I wanted to get such sum...

Doctolib / Dentist Sophie Boyer

Reviewer83590 on Dec 26, 2015
Je suis allé pour un rescellement qui est tombé au bout de deux semaines : environ 200 euros sans remboursement, et quand j'ai appelé le cabinet pour aller refaire le travail, on m'a expliqué qu'il n'y avait pas de garantie et que je devais payer à nouveau! Le même...

Ferber Dental Group / The doctor pressed too hard on my gum and didn’t want to apply the numbing gel

Reviewer73495 on Dec 25, 2015
When I came to Ferber Dental Group, I had only one tooth problem. After the doctor checked my tooth, he made something and it was so painful. I said that I needed numbing gel and the doctor pressed to hard that I almost faint. Guys, it was such a terrible pain. I am sure that the staff is incompetent and the doctor didn’t know exactly what he was doing.

Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini / Dental work

Reviewer36500 on Dec 23, 2015
In 2012 my wife and I went to Costa Rica to view sights and have some dental work done, back then my wife needed to do two crowns and I needed just few fillings. Today is 2015, just three years after that my wife needs all crowns replaced and I am having HUGE decay under their filling...

Affordable Dentures / Bad Service

Reviewer51740 on Dec 23, 2015
My name is Susan. I went to affordable dentures and had about 14 to 16 teeth extracted the dentures were put right on. I had this done on a Friday and they had no after hours number. I ended up in the Emergency Room Sat and Sun because I was in so much pain. I went back to them on Monday...

Monarch Dental in McKinney on Central Expressway / dental services

Reviewer96768 on Dec 21, 2015
Please DON'T EVER go to Monarch Dental in McKinney. After years of dealing with the same billing issues from them I thought I had it resolved but the fun just keeps continuing. They did a lot of work on my husband that cost us $1000s. They told us how much we would have to pay which wa...

Aramex / Not a professional management to clear portable dental x-ray machine

Reviewer50498 on Dec 20, 2015
Dear Sir I shipped a portable dental xray from Hong Kong. I received a message from Aramex that the shipment arrived at November 23 &shipment No.30301113102 my cellular no:01223116502 They speak to me as if they are professional, asked for papers to finish and I sent all immediately. Asked...

Dental Health Experts / Teeth Extractions

Jared Willyard on Dec 16, 2015
My appointment at Dental Health Experts took place on Tuesday, December 14, 2015. This place advertises for $89 tooth extractions and $59 x-ray with cleaning. I went in there to get 3 teeth pulled. At first they quoted me a bill for $8685. I told them that I didn’t need all the extra treatment...

MetLife Dental / Claims not processed for more than 12 months

Sumita Mullick on Dec 15, 2015
I submitted a claims in Dec 2014 for a foreign dentist, even today my claim is not processed. everytime I call the call center i end up spending 30 minutes to explain thay my claim is due and I have already prpvided all the information. I am told it is getting processed and then I call...
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