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Affordable Dentures / I would like a refund

DeMayne on Apr 21, 2016
After having to go there over a year, February 2015 to April 2016, B4 I received the final product, they were slanting high to low and they told me because my teeth were crooked. And if I wanted it fixed I would have to pay again. The temporary denture I had right before this broke twice...

Affordable Dentures / New Dentures

James Melanie Pressley on Apr 19, 2016
Hello I was so excited when I finally came up with the money to get my top denture replaced & get a bottom one for the first time. My daughter is getting married in September & I just want to be able to smile in the photos. I just thought it would be as easy as the first time I got my...

American Dental Centers / Dental

Got Cheated M on Apr 16, 2016
Worked with them for a few months; YES HORRIBLE! Only thing AD care is money nothing else. They don't pay doctors correctly as they should but yet triple booking is their game. Extremely money hunger company and not trustworthy place to be in...

Coast Dental / Absolute worst experience

Kearsten Shook on Apr 15, 2016
This dentist has given me way too many problems, I don't even know where to begin. I chipped my front tooth and I went in for my first appointment. Not a friendly face in the building. And the dentist and dental assistant were rude and very rough. They did a very bad job at making and...

Oral Surgery Associates, PA / Dental services

Elaine C K on Apr 14, 2016
My primary dental office is Dental One. I need a tooth pulled that is broke in 3 places. Their surgeon cannot see me until the end of July. My insurance company told me to go to Oral Surgery Associates, Brian Keegan, as they accept my DHMO. My dentist sent a referral over to his office. I...

Eastern Dental / Dental Procedures

Terri DeLorenzo on Apr 9, 2016
I was scheduled to have 2 small fillings filled and the dentist prior to drilling the wrong tooth put on a tan hajib with 1 slit straight across for eyes and then told me NOT to look at her! First, she stuck a cylindrical cotton gause with red fluid on it under my upper lip. Next, she...

Aspen Dental / dental services

Denise8912 on Apr 1, 2016
Hi My name is Denise Novakovic, I unfortunately went to Aspen Dental on 3.10.15 to get a root canal done on a tooth The root canal was done so unprofessionally that it caused infection to go up into my jaw bone and eat away at my jaw bone. I had to go to metrohospital dental department in...

Aspen Dental / Dentist

stacy6681 on Apr 1, 2016
If I can give this place a negative star I would. This place will charge you for anything & everything even if you do have insurance. I was given a "estimate" the first time I went. When I arrive a different day for the actual procedure they try to charge me for more than what I told them...

Affordable Dentures / Dentures

Betty J Parker on Mar 31, 2016
My husband, and myself and our daughter all went to the one in Nacgodoches Texas, My new dentures fell out of my mouth the first day and they had to put in a liner and to big, but these people do not want to hear this. I have worn them about one hour a 1000.00 down the drain. This is why...

Family Care Dental / How i turned out returning the teeth that she made for me after being overcharged

Susan Charlene pollitz on Mar 30, 2016
I have already put in one complaint about this dentist now I am say that I got a phone call from the office today to tell me that my credit card had took back the money I had paid them$581.50 . And since it was stopped that I owed them 454.00 I ask why and they said this was for the...

Western Dental / Dental Service

jeff123344 on Mar 17, 2016
“2005” Los Algadonas Mexico. I crossed the border to have some dental work done. I couldn’t afford the insane prices of American dentistry. As I crossed through the gates I found the small hands of children all around me. “Chiclets” one called out. The boy at his side shoved a small tin can...

Oral Surgery Group / Unfair charges

Dancaster on Mar 16, 2016
Before i went to dentist i gave my insurance information and also spoke 2 times to the office person for co payment. i clearly spoke to them that i am not ready for consulting if have to pay a single penny from my pocket. The office people told me that your insurance is good you don't have...

Aspen Dental / Billed for work that was not performed.

Marie DeGayner on Mar 15, 2016
November of 2014 I visited Aspen Dental in Port Orange, Fl with the intent of having a "root canal" which was suggested by the dentist on a previous visit. At that time the dentist told me the tooth was "too bad" and a root canal could not be performed. I was told the alternative was to...

Pearl-E-Whites / They cancelled the trial, but didn't refund me

Jason on Mar 10, 2016
I have subscribed for 14 days trial of Pearl-e Whites and after that I only read the reviews. All reviews were bad and it was mentioned that you must cancel the trial before the 14th day. I decided to cancel it and was put on the hold for 15 minutes. Their agents offered me discounts and...

Bay Arbor Dental / They changed the prices really fast and it was outrageous

Reviewer24639 on Mar 9, 2016
Don’t use Bay Arbor Dental. I made the appointment for deep cleaning. The doctor said that after the cleaning I would need to pull out the wisdom teeth and do another cleaning. I asked about the price and they said that it would be around $1, 500. After the deep cleaning was done, I went to...

Aspen Dental / Misdiagnosis and shoddy product

Teresa Groves on Mar 8, 2016
I visited Aspen Dental in February 2015. My intention was to be fitted for a partial upper denture. X-rays and exam were done at the first appointment. I was told I needed a complete cleaning and two teeth pulled before the denture could be done. I agreed to their treatment plan and...

Western Dental / Unanswered questions regarding my daughters ortho treatment

Victoria Gumila on Mar 7, 2016
My daughter Michaella Gumila went to Western Dental for braces. The duration of the treatment was 18-24 months. During the course of treatment, my daughter's personal dentist was calling the ortho to coordinate the next plan of treatment as we know that she will need transplant after...

Oak Harbor Dental / I did my teeth in their clinic and couldn't use them now

Reviewer13347 on Mar 3, 2016
I recently went to Oak Harbor Dental. The dentist was very unpleasant person and he didn’t pull all the teeth, so I had three appointments. Each time, he gave me the numbing medicine, because I was in awful pain. After he pulled out all teeth, he said that he would place new one. I was so...

My Urgent Dentistry Kakaris Dental / The receptionist didn't tell precise fees of the services

Reviewer46081 on Mar 3, 2016
Don’t visit My Urgent Dentistry Kakaris Dental. I broke the tooth and the dentist agreed to check my tooth and when I asked the receptionist about the prices and wondered if the insurance company would cover it, the receptionist said that of course. They relieved the pain and the dentist fixed...

Dakota Kids Dentistry / Child Dental care

Reviewer65132 on Mar 1, 2016
Mar, 1 2016 I'm the Grandfather of a two year old little girl who is in pain from a cavity. Their is only two dental offices in 300 mi, of us that take care of kids this young, So I called Dakota kids to make an appointment for my granddaughter and they refused to see her saying that her...
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