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Monarch Dental Complaints & Reviews

Monarch Dental / Dental Services - the form requires pre-authorization for unrelated services and is unfair

GP65 on 2016-01-06
1. I went for my annual dental check up today (1/6/2016, 8:00 pm) and was asked to sign a standard form. This form asks us to agree to a clause which says asks us to authorize the dentist to perform procedures such as root canal if they felt it was necessary. If I was undergoing any...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Euless / unethical behavior

Reviewer60818 on 2015-11-07
If you r thinking about go to this monopoly dentist business, stop, don't waste your time, your money and your gas, this company is just looking for get money from as insurance companies as they can for do nothing. WARNING WARNING! NEVER GO TO MONARC DENTAL!! THE POOOR DENTIST THAT I NEVER HAD!

Monarch Dental / Horrible patient care

trina9113 on 2014-12-19
Monarch Dental was the worst dental experience I've ever had. The pricing (with insurance) was so high I had to take out an in house loan which the dental office FORGOT to advise the financing company to STOP billing me after I already paid for the balence of my treatment. They took...

Monarch Dental / Poor Service, Unfriendly Staff

al.fad on 2014-03-19
I was at Monarch Dental at 1604 and Bandera location in San Antonio. The lady who set the appointment was extremely rude. Even the Doctor and nurse were very unfriendly. It seemed that they were underpaid employees. Dental office was not clean at all. There were blood stains on the chair...

Monarch Dental / Treatment and charges

jimimac50 on 2014-02-26
I went to the Monarch dental in Mckinney last May and because I refused to have a QUADRANT cleaning the assistant refused to give me a regular cleaning. While sitting in the Dental chair for 45 minutes and only one other pateint in the entire building I started staring around the office...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Plano / Service

Lab Lover 3 on 2012-11-14
In September 2012 I went in for a cleaning and mentioned a problem with sensitivity of a capped tooth. X-Rays were taken and I was told 3 of the crowns were bad and needed to be replaced. I had the work done that day and was told the crowns would be in within 3 weeks, since I had to go out...

Monarch Dental / Stay away from these guys

Miloshece on 2012-08-16
2 years ago my son was diagnosed with a cavity which a filling was done on only a few months later I was told it needed to be removed because his root was almost gone. I tried to understand how it got this far out in condition they mentioned a root canal could save it so long as he placed...

Monarch Dental - Texas, N Richalnd Hills / Dental Work

Rhonda Daughtrey on 2012-07-12
My daughter went to get her braces off and they wanted to charge us 800.00 to take her braces off. We were told that the braces would be taken off for free. We are very unhappy with the services and the rude people at this location. Mrs. Washington is a bad name for Monarch Dental. She...

Monarch Dental / Notice of refund but no payment

BigT on 2011-07-01
Monarch Dental sent the first notice of a refund in Feb 2011. The notice said bring the notice to the office and a refund check would be sent within 7-14 days. 4 months later I recieved the same notice and recieved the same answer but was also told the second notice was a mistake. 3 week...

Monarch Dental / Don't go there

Gooyk on 2011-05-03
My husband and I were going to them. I at the time had previously seen another dentist that told me I had two cavities and pretty over all good mouth health. My husband needed more extensive work but was just a few extra regular cleanings. was moving. I looked through my insurance book...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Denton / I should have &listened& to the complaints all over the internet about Monarch before giving them my $$$$$$

Jen on 2011-03-29
They suck you in with a cheap first visit. Mine cost only $25 for the initial exam and x-rays, and for a sorry, broke grad student without any health or dental insurance, that sounds like a deal. The first appointment was fine, although I must say it took FOREVER for them to come up with...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Euless / gimmick

valerieyo on 2011-03-03
After hearing an ad on the radio for Monarch offering a "special" for new patients and given that I don't have dental insurance, I made an appt. Appt was at 10:30am...didn't get called in until 11am. First appt was $39, which included x-rays, the hygenist looking at my teeth, and...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Lake Worth / Bogus Billing

menterprises on 2011-02-18
Modern Dental Prof-DFW/DBA Monarch Complaint: I went there because they had a $50 coupon on their website for new customers that I printed out, so it wouldn’t cost me anything on my first visit. My appointment was on a Friday 5/7/2010, as Fridays are the only day I can get off work...

Monarch Dental / Unethical Billing

Samman46 on 2011-02-13
I have not been to the Monarch Dental office since 2009 and the will not see me because they say that I was turned over for collections. I had nothing but problems with their billing office! I don't think they know what they are doing! They over charged me, could not get their pricing...

Monarch Dental / Horrid Office Manager

Kaniggit on 2011-02-09
Had a root canal done in one office. Great dentist and office staff. Had double insurance and they verified with the secondary insurance that I had already met my deductible. Had the crown done at another office. Great dentist. Office manager overcharged for the crown. I told her I...

Monarch Dental / Incompetent people

jpl on 2011-01-24
Monarch in HUMBLE, Tx.@ 1960 bypass is one sorry location. They can't get their billing codes correct for insurance payment, it comes back on you through collections. They qoute you one thing and end up being charged something the Insurance company want pay because of wrong coding. I...

Monarch Dental - Texas, Grapevine / FRAUD - Overcharged

J&HBlack on 2011-01-07
This office has overcharged us for services ever since we began going there about 9 years ago. The first time I found out was by speaking with my insurance provider on another topic and the representative mentioned I should have paid a specific amount when in fact I paid more. I ended up...

Monarch Dental / Totally unprofessional

Went in for mild toothache. Dr. was unable to see which tooth was bad even with an x-ray. They blew air into the tooth causing the nerves to become painful. Dr. stated the tooth had a small crack in it and wanted to do a crown and all this other stuff. When I asked for a second opinion the...

Monarch Dental / Avoid them

Radick on
Avoid! I left a $100.00 deposit at Monarch Dental towards an exam/cleaning needed. When I scheduled the appointed I was told that, they had transferred that money towards an account which I had in the past & was billed for 2&1/2 years after patient was seen and owed on, but was making...

Monarch Dental / Only interested in charging extra

Rabadap on
Went in for normal 6 month cleaning, NEVER miss.I arrived early but they they kept me waiting for my 8:30 appointment until almost 9:00. Then instead of the normal cleaning/evaluation, x rays the "hygienist" said I had to get up out of the chair (with the ridiculous napkin around my...

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