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fred e zietz / frewd put me on the basement shock table

udughulakam on 2013-11-05
fred e  zietzSlop Shop Fred Rakes In The Sheckels.by his questionable methods I once heard lady said to Fred E Zietz DDS “ Doctor, what system do you practice ?" “ Oh, ” said he, “I do not practice, I preach.” all of us dentists do not practice, we preach. Never can he...

Fred E Zietz DDS / slop shop fred rakes in the sheckels

udughulakam on 2013-11-05
Fred E Zietz DDSSlop Shop Fred Rakes In The Sheckels.by his questionable methods I once heard lady said to Fred E Zietz DDS “ Doctor, what system do you practice ?" “ Oh, ” said he, “I do not practice, I preach.” all of us dentists do not practice, we preach. Never can he...

Monarch Dental McKinney Texas / MEAN DENTIST

Monarch Dental and Dentist Dr. Farahmand Toosi - General Dentristy. This dentist is the absolute WORST dentist I have met in my life. First he suggest services that are not necessary. He extracted 2 of my daughters teeth by ripping them out of her face! He did not make sure she was numb!

Aspen Dental / charges

Carolyn Drake on 2013-11-01
I was charged $755.for 2 fillings and cleanings, then had a lot of pain, which I didn't have before I went to dentist, was told I needed a root canal in a tooth they had filled, was charged $796 for this and then they broke off a file in the tooth, and sent me to someone else who...

Fred E Zietz DDS / the patient received an electric shock

Alfred Zietz on 2013-10-31
Fred E Zietz DDSI received a severe electric shock while he was inserting metal fillings. I noticed that when his foot touched the rheostat or controller of his electric dental engine, with my feet resting on the metal footpiece of the chair, the fountain cuspidor running, I got an electric shock.

Coast Dental / Dentist not on site and Prescribing treatment

bojola on 2013-10-30
Went into Coast Dental office in Vero Beach, Florida for scheduled routine cleaning when the new hygienist told me she would have to call the dentist, who was out of the office due to illness, and check to see if she could clean my teeth claiming my measurements were different than they...

Humana Delta Dental PPO / Poor Service, Poor Coverage

/katt on 2013-10-20
I have had a lot of different health and dental plans over the years due to frequent relocation, but I have never, ever seen such a lack of professionalism, poor service, incompetence on the phone, tardiness, and outright lying to the customer and the dentist on the phone as in the case of...

David Weinstock DMD / Fee Gouging

endopsych on 2013-10-18
My Periodontist referred me to an Endodontist for an infected tooth(#6) that needed a root canal. The Endodontist sent me to a Prosthodontist who was asked to clip the three tooth bridge that was attached to tooth #2 and #6 so that I could then have endodontic treatment of tooth #6 and...

Jose Bushdid / Unauthorized Charges

Honest Reviews on 2013-10-14
Disclaimer; Using my "Freedom of Speech Rights". My experience- I was charged thousands of dollars for services I never wanted performed. Dr. Jose is (in my opinion) very shady and misleading. He pretends to care about ones well-being only to maximize insurance billing and out of pocket charges. This man does not abide by the code of ethics.

Dever Dental / Overcharge/insurance fraud

clarkco88 on 2013-10-04
This Dentist did a mold for a partial plate that I was considering having after the extraction of 3 teeth. She advised that she would not send the mold to the lab until I paid $300. I was out of work and on unemployment and never was able to have the teeth extracted or order the lab work...

Anderson Hill Dental Center / Being released as a patient due to misinformation

Kewapa on 2013-10-01
I am writing this complaint against Dr.Srephen J. Adamson D.D.S. at Anderson Hill Dental Center. I received a letter today stating that he is no longer my dentist due to the number of missed appointments this month. Mind you I have only missed 1 and called them to inform. They called me to...

Neibauer Dental / Incorrect Diagnosis

kchadwell on 2013-09-27
This dental office told my son that he needed to have 5 cavities filled but when he got a second opinion the new dental office said he had one small cavity. They told me that 4 of my teeth were beyond repair and needed to be pulled and dentures made. They also told me one tooth needed to...

crestwhitestrips.co.uk / I have bill and I can’t pay it.

cirix on 2013-09-27
One year ago a dentist from crestwhitestrips.co.uk did my canal and left something in my tooth. I was having infections and then went to other dentist and he told me that I have to take that out and send me to the entodontist and he take that out my bills for that tooth are very big. I...

ynewsmile.com / High bills!

goncep on 2013-09-27
I went to mynewsmile.com office for appointment and while being there they spoke with me about my dentist work and explain to me what it would cost me and explain that I could open up this account with and they would finance up to $13, 377.16 to have my dentist work done. Then once I was approved she ran up the bills to $15, 000.00 plus taxes.

choicedentalproducts.com / Fake coupon

KaMeLoZ on 2013-09-27
My family and I attended choicedentalproducts.com. We were approached by a lady, asking if my grandchildren were visiting a dentist. I informed her I work for a pediatric dentist; she proceeded to try and persuade me to switch dental providers to her office. Furthermore, she offered...

allwhitesmiles.co.uk / I have no idea how to fight against these scammers.

whapango on 2013-09-27
I was checking my bank account and this charge appeared on my card as well as another charge for dentist office completely across the country from me. This credit card fraud is getting out of the hand. I don’t know how allwhitesmiles.co.uk even got my number. I would like to get help...

drymouthsalese.com / I can’t believe it is really happening.

heiid on 2013-09-27
I received phone call offering me dental and donut hole coverage for $300.00 a year. Dental plan paid 65% of fees. When I went to the dentist I was told the plan did not cover 65%, only minimal payment. I called them and was told that they would call my dentist and explain the benefit...

sanjose-dentists.com / They don’t even pick up the phone.

dorje on 2013-09-27
My husband and I paid sanjose-dentists.com through a finance company upfront for dental work to be done. The doctor would not start until he signed us up so the finance company would pay him up front. The finance company, paid him $4765.00 and we had all the work done but before my...

Services (bridge) / Overbill/overcharge

Dental overcharge on 2013-09-26
Office manager relunctant to provide a procedural codes when I asked. I called my insurance company and they said the services are covered under my plan but the dental office charge me almost worth of $3, 000 for out of pocket expense. When I inquire about the charges, Laura did not return...

Stetic Implant & Dental Centers / horrible company

hollystrehlow on 2013-09-18
Stetic Implant & Dental CentersI went to this company because of what is said on the webpage about DR Samual Thacher.He placed 9 implants, and he did it fast.One in the roof of my mouth that had to be cut out later, and one through my sinus, also one out of position unusable, and one in the front removed .they left me...
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