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Neibauer Dental / Services and rudeness

The Powells on Apr 2, 2014
My husband and I have decided to find another dentist for several reasons. 1 the staff if the culpeper office have been rude - once because of a billing mistake they made and again just this morning when we asked for our records to go to a new dentist. 2 We hate the switching of doctors. Not...

Western Dental / Fraudulent billing

Zhanna asatryan on Mar 23, 2014
I went to Western dental for implants consultation, they checked my insurance and presented me with contract . I agreed, signed the contract and work begun. When I got my statements my total was never the amount, that was on contract, and when I asked lady in the office she said that it will...

Monarch Dental / Poor Service, Unfriendly Staff

al.fad on Mar 19, 2014
I was at Monarch Dental at 1604 and Bandera location in San Antonio. The lady who set the appointment was extremely rude. Even the Doctor and nurse were very unfriendly. It seemed that they were underpaid employees. Dental office was not clean at all. There were blood stains on the chair...

Western Dental-yuba City / Unprofessional and Sloppy

playoi530 on Mar 18, 2014
Went in to get porcelin fillings due to cavities, well the doctor did the fillings and everything was fine that day just some mild pain from the drilling. The next day i was experiencing major pain and i returned to the office and informed the dentist what was going on. He then prescribed me...

Vista Village Dental Group / Received money without delivering service promesed

lucinda666 on Mar 13, 2014
Vista Village Dental GroupI won a Small Claims Judgement against Vista Village Dental Group on Oct. 31, 2012. There attorney sent me a letter stating I had to sign the form included, called "Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment" meaning that I'd have to say that this dental group had paid the judgement in...

Livy Stoyka / Do You research

skkkk on Mar 13, 2014
I was new to the area and didn't do my research. 1) I went to Dr. Stoyka 2) I was there for over two (2) hrs, before she saw me. 3) I had my whole family scheduled to go the following week. 4) I left the office, feeling as if I needed a shower. 5) I cancelled any and all future...

Dr. Alireza Panahpour / refusal to recement cap he put in and make a timely appt for the work

Shimmers101 on Mar 5, 2014
I contacted Dr. Panahpour on Feb 8th as a zirconian cap he put in just 8 years ago pop off of my back molar. I had spent thousands of dollars getting a few of those put in as he told me they last forever (i remember him telling me i had a lifetime warranty which he says he did not tell me...

Advanced Dental Care / Double charged

dgower on Mar 5, 2014
Had periodontal service done in may of last year by dr gluhareff, and never received aftercare. On top of this i just found out today by another dentist that he charge me for the procedure and the insurance company.

Great Expressions / Implants & Dentures

John Newberry on Mar 4, 2014
On Jan.5, 2013 I had 4 implants put in by Dr. George Woodrick. He did this with Novocain only. About a month later 1 of the implants came out. He put in 2 new implants and one of those came out. Also the dentures that he had made for me did not fit right. They stuck up in the front, stuck...

Dentiq Dentistry / Didn't do what they said & Wont fix it!

Scot831 on Mar 1, 2014
Dentiq DentistryI needed 4 replacement crowns in my upper smile line - they installed new crowns that were at least 6 shades lighter than my natural front teeth! Their solution? "Let us ALSO crown your front teeth too and we'll match them perfectly with the crowns we just installed" ?! Why would I...

Ideal Smile Dentistry / Bad services, horrible attitude

RobertoSZ on Feb 27, 2014
I went to Ideal Smile Dentistry. I hoped to get good treatment, but everything turned into nightmare. The doctor was polite at the beginning, but when I told him that I have no money, he started to behave strange. He told me to wait about an hour and after that he did nothing with my...

Monarch Dental / Treatment and charges

jimimac50 on Feb 26, 2014
I went to the Monarch dental in Mckinney last May and because I refused to have a QUADRANT cleaning the assistant refused to give me a regular cleaning. While sitting in the Dental chair for 45 minutes and only one other pateint in the entire building I started staring around the office...

Exact Dentistry / all about the benjamins

fil the man on Feb 26, 2014
In terrible pain I went to "Dr" Ali at exact dentistry in St. petersburg Florida to have the offending tooth removed. After receiving x-rays, Dr. Ali informed me that I needed extensive work done including root canal and bone replacement surgery due to an infection that has eroded the...

DentalPlans.com / Cancelation

waney5 on Feb 26, 2014
Went on line to cancel my dental plan and was told I would have to call. Proceeded to call and waited on hold for 25 minutes only to be told that I was unable to cancel. When I asked the lady why their live chat personnel told me to call to cancel if it was not possible she said that i...

Nagpal Dental Associates / Horrible experience

Postren on Feb 24, 2014
I had horrible experience with Nagpal Dental Associates. I went to them, when I had horrible pain. So they gave me the form and one question was about medical problems. I filled this form truly and after that the doctor refused to make the examination. I hadn’t had any seriou...

Neibauer Dental / Dental Work

Needmymoneyback on Feb 19, 2014
DO NOT USE THIS DENTIST. They need to be put out of business. Just about every filling I had done by them has fallen out...they were like paper when they fell out. Also had a bridge done by them that lasted less than 2 years. When I went to get reimbursed for faulty dental work they said...

Dietinst Austin Texas / Money scam

Lodn3 on Feb 15, 2014
I want to warn everyone that the company Dietinst Austin Texas is scam and they take money from people without warning them. I found out that they charged me for $20, and I never used this company. They took money without my authorization, and I wonder how they did that. I wonder if there...

Aspen Dental / Portland Maine

Lisa Oinportland on Feb 14, 2014
I had troubles with my bills and service for aspen Dental, charged me for free X ray and first exam, , , office manager is a slick woman, instead of charging my insurance she cleaned out the total of my prepaid care credit card, (before I had all my work done) after my 6 teeth removal and...

MetLife Dental / Coverage denied

netojoy on Feb 12, 2014
Ridiculous, incompetent, 3rd rate insurance. Paid for option 2 (Metlife put me in option 1) . Dentist submitted pre - approval for a crown 3 times. 2 times it was denied stating that my coverage did not cover crowns. Finally, metlife rep called dental office and said, "yes, the crown wa...

Children's Dental World / Bad Service

Rhona Asuncion on Feb 11, 2014
I would never come again if I have a choice my son got braces done to this place Children Dental World. We paid the total Fee of $6, 500 that's including the monthly check up and adjustment, for so many times we told them to schedule my son after school so he don't miss the...
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