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Dental work / collection practices

midnitemajic4u on Aug 18, 2014
My dog died on 070214. I received dental work mid June. I received a bill 2 weeks after my dental work. The collector called and stated that I had a bill. I was shocked because I thought the billing would start 30 days after my dental work was completed as it was not really completed. Then...

SCC Inc / Security Guards

Alfreda Smith_Burrus on Aug 15, 2014
Department of Social Services 85 Court St White Plains Ny 10601 vs Department of Social Services Yonkers having them on our property lexingtonlawfirm.com case # 762061 inviting us out without business letters acting Like St Vincents 275 North Ave Harrison Ny and coming on property We had...

Deptford Family Dental / Unprofessionalism

wmrowczynski on Aug 12, 2014
They cancelled on me twice... First time was a month ago because the doctor had surgery of his own, which is completely understandable. I go in there today and they tell me they can only do 1 of my wisdom teeth because they didn't allot enough time for the second one which is the one...

Aspen Dental In Muncy Pa / dentures

Margaret bissinger on Aug 11, 2014
I complained about my dentures not fitting.I can't even eat an ice cream cone soft ice cream without having to use fixadent at least 8 times a day.they have tried to adjust them about 6 times and then I am told they can not do anything else. If I knew this was going to be this way I...

Neibauer Dental / Scam

Connie Prasse on Aug 11, 2014
I have been going here for some years now. I have had good dental care, I think. Although I have had several teeth pulled that they said could not be saved.??? Wondering now if I should have had a second opinion. My last visit they took x-rays of my entire mouth, because it had been over 5...

DentaQuest / Orthodontics

Annonymousmommy on Aug 1, 2014
My son had insurance through one provider and had braces put on, mid way through treatment his dental insurance changed and I was required to find another orthodontist. It has been an absolute nightmare from the beginning! Chose DentaQuest and have been given the run around for almost a...

Western Dental / Liars, negligent, rude, unprofessional

This company called western dental is terrible. . . Unprofessional, rude, negligent, liars, discriminating. I went in to my local western dental for treatment had some extractions done etc. . . On medi cal need a root canal had to dang near beg for that, because they don't want to do...

Advanced Family Dental / Dental malpractice

tonester on Jul 27, 2014
i had a bridge put in my mouth and my dentist retired.so i was having problems with my mouth and found a new dentist at advanced family dental.it felt like something was under the roof of my mouthr .i went back and forth 4 or 5 times and they had sent me to thier in house peridontist.he...

Western Dental / Billing and service

dr tre on Jul 26, 2014
Senior citizens beware! Western Dental advertises with deceptive business practices. They recently messed up my mother's root canal and refused to pay for a retreatment. Root canals can cost anywhere between 1100-2000 and they were only willing to refund 395 on the cost of...

Smiles Dental Group / miscommunication

soannoyed23 on Jul 18, 2014
i called to make an appointment for my 6 year old son because he got a crown that was sore from a different dentist so i wanted to find a new one as i didnt trust them to make more mistakes. the receptionist asked if i wanted cleaning done and i said specifically no cleaning because he...

Aspen Dental / Very poor work

Speer on Jul 15, 2014
I was given a great sales pitch by the office manager. I was told they would make me a whole set of teeth the best for 3000.00. And x rays were free. I used my care credit card. Big mistake. When I got my teeth they looked like they belonged to a child. I have been back for adjustments so...

Comfort Dental / Malpractice

Steinbauer on Jul 12, 2014
In 2007 we selected this Comfort Dental as our family dentist. In 2010 I became suspicious of their billing practices when they charged me $86 cost share for a procedure that cost $80. The office did not correct this issue and ignored any communication I attempted to make so I went to...

Dental Associates of Torrance (DAT) / Fraudulant billing

whiskyagogo on Jul 11, 2014
Dental Associates of Torrance (DAT) is a predatory, scam operation. BEWARE. AVOID. DO NOT GO THERE. Unethical, unprofessional and untrustworthy. Find an honest dentist and save yourself thousands of $ in overcharges and unnecessary procedures. Every time I went there they would pull some...

Dr. Livy Stoyka / Dental visit

Lisa G Varano on Jul 10, 2014
I would describe my experience as a -10, as in negative 10. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stoyka for this morning, July 10, 2014. Before I even went in for my scheduled appointment I was told since I hadn't been to the dentist in 10 years that they would need to do a debridement...

Blizzard White / Teeth whitening scam

Darryl Craig on Jul 7, 2014
I placed orders online for a free trial order of a Blizzard White teeth whitening product and Action Pro White teeth whitening product. The price for each was $1.03 for the shipping. I suspected some inaccuracies with my debit card and when I checked it, I discovered that I had been...

Dental / Services

Wayne A on Jul 7, 2014
PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE!! Jimenez is vert money HUNGRY. I went in to get a crown placed back in my mouth but instead he tells me I need a root canal on other side of my, okay he did the root canal but while he was doing that he shaved down my front tooth that was chipped but was filled in...

thewhiteningclinic.ie / My teeth were yellow after their procedure

youl on Jul 6, 2014
I recently visited the clinic of the company www.thewhiteningclinic.ie. I whitened my teeth and it was the worst experience. I wasted money only. I didn’t have any problems with teeth before, so I was really nervous, when my teeth were yellow after their procedure. I tried to arrange...

Brighter dental / Don't stand by there work

Ripped of customer on Jul 2, 2014
This place goes through so many dentists every time you go there's A new dentist or assistant they do work on you mouth And if something goes wrong they say there no guarantee I paid for a implant and it came lose 2500 bucks So they drilled a hole in it and tighten it know I have a...

Ceridian Cobra services / Failure to provide payment & eligibility

Frustrated in Houston on Jul 2, 2014
I elected COBRA dental insurance and started making payments to Ceridian COBRA in April 2014. I saw the dentist in June 2014 and later received an EOB stating I didn't have insurance coverage. I confirmed the information with my dental insurance provider. I called Ceridian and the...

Monarch Dental / Cedar Hill / Refusal of service

FANNIE JONES on Jul 2, 2014
Good morning, My name is fannie jones, i have been a patient of monarch dental in cedar Hill for many many years. Today i went to monarch to have my crown put back in, and i was refused Service. I have been very patient with them and all of their bad service. I have Been to the dentist...
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Scam Artists Preying On Trusting Elderly
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