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Wendy's Complaints & Reviews

Wendy's / Drive thru

Mad Dog Davis on 2016-05-16
I am a regular at the Wendi's drive thru, since their beginning... However, when did Wendy's OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS started serving CHEESEBURGERS regardless of what a customer ordered! HELLO...it's says on your signs..."WENDI'S OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS"!!! I can't tell you how many time...

Wendy's - Mississippi, Tupelo / Payment not received

mike551 on 2016-04-07
I, Tiereny Duff, would like to make a complaint about my employer, Wendys of Tupelo, Ms South Gloster St., not paying on time. I been working at wendys going on a month now. I was supposed to have already received my first paycheck by now. I started there around March 19th or the 20th...

Wendys - South Carolina, North Charleston / Sexism Employment

Reviewer40142 on 2016-03-04
I believe that the GM has taught the management staff to treat the men differently because I have herd references towards this idea without them saying it directly. They believe the men have do all of the labor and saying it is on the grill person. When girls get on the grill they can even...

Wendy's - Arkansas, Texarkana / My General Manager/Favortisim

Reviewer19892 on 2015-12-27
12/24/2015 - My Job has been a total pain in my butt since a certain someone returned back to Wendy's from being fired for stealing. Every since then some people have been getting treated a little unfairly due to the two people she treats like gold.! Its unexceptionable in a work...

Wendys - Ontario, Toronto / Racially profiling before hiring

Reviewer41331 on 2015-11-26
I came to wendys for my interview today on time and their was a girl who came ten minutes late, however she got her interview done before me by a manger who kept looking at me in a bad way. That manger took a lot of notes and told the girl to start as soon as possible. Then a different...

Wendy's - Ohio, Norwalk / Poor Customer Service!

Chonah47 on 2015-10-09
I recently went to a Wendy's near my home and was very unimpressed with the service from the drive thru order taker/ cashmere... First we pulled up to the speaker and received a very impolite monotone "Can I take your order"... No " Welcome to Wendy's may I take your order?" With a cheery...

Wendy's - New Jersey, Cliffwood / Manager is very unprofessional

Sandralynn Karen Stetz on 2015-08-27
I work at Wendy's & my manager Joe is very rude & un fair to me.. He has embarrassed in front of my crew & customer's more then once. He is also rude to customera ... A lot of crew complain about him but I guess maybe their scared to lose their job. He throws dirty mop water on...

Wendy's - Pennsylvania, Allentown / Wendy's Inspector

Joan McGinley Hein on 2015-08-13
A Wendy's inspector came last week for our inspection. He sat in the parking lot for maybe 10 minutes before he came through the drive thru. We all knew it was him when he ordered. I was at the first window to collect the payment. He handed me his card, never once looking at me. When...

Wendys - Georgia, Peachtree City / Bugs, acrylic nails, metal pieces

Jebaca on 2015-07-24
Owner: rob o. Needs to be investigated. This guy owns several Wendy's in this area and is a very unempathetic person. Doesn't offer apologies or takes ownership for the issue at his establishments...last year we found a piece of metal in our meat this year after deciding to give...

Wendy's - New York, New York / Service

TiffanyJenkins on 2015-05-04
They managers are rude and disrespectful. They messed up my order twice and when I tried to tell them the one of the workers gave me attitude and told me to speak to the manager. When I tried to explain, the manager gave me a nasty look and told me if I don't like the food go next...

Wendys / raw hamburger

kemerson on 2015-04-25
Have gone through the drive thru on many occasions and staff never friendly. This time ordered a Double cheese burger and when I got home the meat was RAW in several places throughout the hamburger. Called back to the restaurant requesting to speak with a manager. Was told the person...

Wendy's - Hawaii, Kapolei / Not FAST food

kairayk on 2015-02-13
I ordered my food at around 8:15 PM after waiting in line for about 15 minutes, left at 8:59 PM with NO food. They had me waiting for so long. After 2 customers who ordered after me recieved their food, I went up to the counter to ask if they forgot about my order. They did, then after...

Wendy's / Pay=Manager's attraction

Chigi on 2015-01-29
I've been working at Wendy's for years! Almost for 5-7 years and my pay is still $7.40. But this new guy comes in a month ago and his pay is automatically set at $7.75 an hour! $7.75! It's clear that our Manager is gay and he sometimes flirts with all the pretty boys that...

Wendys - Florida, Tampa / harassment by manager

UrselaHearn on 2014-12-13
My RM texted me one day on my day off cursing at me and calling me a liar. I told him not to contact me if it wasnt about work. The next day i went and told my GM and showed her the text messages and i told her that i didnt feel comfortable working with him because he does my schedule and...

Wendys - Michigan, Adrian / being treated unfairly

april shay on 2014-12-07
I love working at wendys and I get along with everyone and ian a very hard worker but just a couple months ago we got a new manger and she really disrespect everyone and she talks to them like there stupid and she brings lots of stress to the work place . I love working at wendys I...

Wendy's / Bathroom sink out of order and rude manager

BSugar on 2014-08-16
Arrived at establishment and it smelled. Then proceeded to use the bathroom. There was hand soap but the sink was not working.I notified the employee who stated I should use the men's bathroom. Why? The manager was on site and he agreed with the employee. I questioned what happen...

Wendy's - New Brunswick, Saint John / I was struck by my boss.

Sadorae on 2014-06-26
I was at work today, chewing gum which I admit; I was not supposed to be doing. While I was on front cash, my boss walked up beside me and hit me with the backside of her hand on the shoulder, hard, and told me to either spit the gum out or stop chewing it. I know I shouldn't have had gum, but...

Wendy's / homestyle chicken / Bone

JFurlan on 2014-05-21
I ordered a homestyle chicken sandwich as I were eating I bit into something hard, I stopped and pulled out a piece of chicken bone about a 1/4 inch long. I proceeded to tell the manager about the situation and all that she said was, SIR OUR CHICKEN IS BONELESS, after that I tried...

Wendy's / Burger Included Dangerous Ingredient

kgo on 2014-04-17
Until now, Wendy's was the only fast food restaurant I frequented. I was enjoying my burger when suddenly I bit down on something very hard. It was actually quite painful to unknowingly bite on something so hard. Imagine my surprise to find that it was a metal screw!! Had I swallowed...

Wendy's / Completely filthy and unsanitary.

Carolyn Greco on 2014-03-28
Restroom had several bodily fluids dripping on walls, which obviously were never cleaned and have been left to dry to the disturbing point that they become embedded in floor tiles. There was a foul odor in the restroom and dinning area as well. A major concern was the Blood on floor and...

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