Woody's Grocery Store - Rocky Gap, VirginiaAbuse by employees

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From the above stated blog:

You know, living in America, we, I guess have preconceived notions about the world. For Americans, for the most part are kind and compassionate. We normally help people, with little regard for price, or payback. And, we don't make the people feel like crap that we're helping.

Having said this, I guess I had preconceived notions about the residents of Rocky Gap, Virginia; mainly, I thought they'd be as Christian as I am about helping people. So, let me regale you of my tale of what happened as I walked through Rocky Gap Virginia.

First, let me tell you of the town of Rocky Gap. There is not much there. A gas station; an old dilapidated bank; a Volunteer Fire Dept; and an Elementary School. It's obvious Freemasons run the town; and their pride and joy is the Masonic Lodge that resides there. And, they have a Church; a United Methodist, presumeably also ran by Freemasons, as it is their custom of taking over good denominations.

If by chance you find yourself walking through that town, be SURE you bring you a carton of cigarettes. It seems to be anathema for you to ask people for a cigarette there.

Whatever you do, do not go to this store there named Woody's. Let me also regale you of what happened to me there.

I stopped in to ask the ladies to fill up my water jug; which is nothing spectacular; just an empty two liter bottle of some soft drink that I had. I was on one of my day hiking trips; but I guess they assumed I was a homeless man, with no money; so they loaded me up with “Free” food. To give the devil his due, the sausage and egg biscuit was excellent; but the gravy, forget it. It sucks to high heaven. Unfortunately for me, on my day hike, I wore the wrong shoes and had injured my right foot; with a stress fracture and plenty of blisters. I had already walked over East River Mountain, down Rt. 52, and made it to Bastian, Virginia, but due to the foot injury, was on my way back home, to recouperate, due to my injury. This was fertile ground for me to prove the local residents concerning their compassion; and I thanked God for the injury, so I could do my work.

Like I say, they, at Woody's loaded me up with food and coffee. For which I was truly thankful. They then proceeded to run me out of their place, after the lady there; presumeably the manager told me I could sit on their picnic table, to drink my coffee and rest my feet.

Ironically, I was setting there thinking it was cool that there were still nice people in the world; and then they proceeded to run me off, accusing me of a crime I didn't commit; soliciting.

Now most of the people that shops at Woody's are “Billy Bobs, ” all driving their pickup trucks; of which from what I gathered, they are really proud of that. The only real industry in Rocky Gap is a granite quarry; so I assume most of them worked there.

Back to Woody's: I was sitting there, thinking it was cool that there were still charitable people in the world; and I'm sitting there, with my boot off, trying to rest my foot from the blisters, when the manager comes out of the store and unloads on me; and runs me off. She accused me, like I said of "Soliciting." From the extent of my conversations with the local Billy Bobs; they asked me, “How are you doing?” And I replied, “How are you today Sir? I've injured my foot and am trying to find a way up top of East River Mountain. You aren't going that way, by chance, are you?” This was a test, on my part, and of course, they failed. And in this Manager's definition, I guess asking for a ride up to the top of an 8 mile mountain is also taboo; especially if you're sporting a foot injury; and considered “Soliciting.”

Soliciting in my definition is asking people for money or goods. I never considered a ride to the top of a mountain as being “Soliciting.”

Needless to say, I left that store, and prayed on my way out of town, fervently. Also, I've determined to send this store a financial renumeration for the food they “gave” me; because I don't want to be beholding to anyone who treats people so shamefully. Because, though the Christian Day Hiker looks poor, that's not to say he is poor.

The moral of the story: If you're leaving out of Wytheville, going north on I-77, I would stop in Bastian Virginia for a fill up. The girls at the BP there are really great and nice. (I want to laud them in my next blog post.) The reason I say this is so you can bypass Rocky Gap Virginia. For, the good that they do, turns into evil. I was really fearful the woman would call the State Police on me for asking for a ride. Also, if you're hiking through, bypass this Woody's Store, and make sure you wear very good hiking boots. Also, take you a good supply of water with you; because the local water there is filled with Iron and Sulphur; (fitting for a town sold out to satan.). Also, a carton of cigarettes for your day hike. For they will give you food; and then run you off after doing so, and that very maliciously.

I could tell you more. How a man at Affordable Dentures tried to put the evil eye on me, as I walked by. Or, how you could be hobbling along on a hurt foot, and the Billy Bobs run by you in their trucks, at 100 miles per hour. Or how the entire town stinks of sewer, presumeably from the creek running through it. Or, how at every wide shoulder spot, on those back roads are nothing but beer cans and used condoms, showing that the Billy Bobs are <CENSORED>, but I will not.

Let it suffice to say, that if a person from Virginia tells you they are going to do a "random act of kindness" for you,


The Christian Day Hiker


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    Proud of Bland Mar 19, 2015

    I am perplexed by any individual shouting out that he is a Christian all the while judging not only a store, but an entire town. Seriously? For the record, it is the nature of the people in Bland, Va (including Rocky Gap) to share what they have. The store workers shared food with you out of kindness. They shared what they had with a stranger. HOW IS THAT NOT CHRISTIAN???? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the manager had to "run you off" because she was getting complaints from customers--paying customers??? They are still a business with employees to pay. Employees with families who rely upon the store being able to pay them their salaries.

    Further, you obviously judged a town based upon TWO roads that you saw. Did you know that there are TWO Churches of Christ also located in Rocky Gap? Did you know that there are at least 13 other churches in Bland, VA besides the one you happened to see? Those churches include Church of God, Church of Christ, Baptist, Holiness, and non-denominational. Did you know that there is Ministry Center in Bland that has nothing to do with the Mason's? Perhaps our Bible's read differently than yours, because ours clearly tells us "Judge not lest ye be judged." That's from Mathew 7:1, in case it's missing from your Bible.

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  • Th
    TherealRockygapVA Feb 24, 2015

    There is a muti-million dollar business less then a mile from the store (Woodys). Been to that store many times and I must honestly say they have always been nice and caring. Sounds like you got some issues with the folks that own it. If you have not noticed Rocky gap VA gets feet of snow, so yeah 4x4 trucks are pretty common. So before you judge people think about where you are at. Who are you to judge what people drive. At least they are driving to the store to buy their water.

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  • Fr
    Front Dec 07, 2010

    I travel to Rocky Gap each month as I deliver my free publication and this area has some of the best people in the world. The complainant has obviously left out much of the story. He received food and water. He was granted with a place to rest his weary feet. What we do not know about the story is what happened in between. At some point he said or did something that alerted the good people of Rocky Gap that he was potential trouble. Small town folk do not take kindly to users and false Christians. Do not expect more than you give. Certainly a true Christian would never have posted such a discourse as this man did.

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  • Ro
    Rocky Gap is Beautiful Nov 24, 2010

    This post is a completely absurd rant of a delusional man projecting his hatred of one individual towards an entire town. How can you call yourself a Christian? Didn't Jesus teach you to forgive? I cannot believe that I came across this garbage while searching for the address in Rocky Gap. You spent a few hours in the town and feel like you have enough experience to claim false stereotypes about the town and its' people. I grew up in Rocky Gap, but now live in Los Angeles. I am so lucky that I grew up in a safe town full of love and without crime. The people that live in Rocky Gap are some of the kindest and most compassionate people in America. Could you really expect to be given a hot meal for free anywhere else in America? Why don't you try going to New York or LA and try to see how far you get with that? You were given a free meal, but that wasn't even enough for you. You really expect to be given ride by a stranger without reservations? The people there may be nice but they're not hillbilly idiots as you claim. As safe as the town is, any outsider such as yourself is capable of speakable crimes. Why should they risk their lives to help you just because they're from a small town and are expected to be more humane than the rest of America?

    You make assumptions that the entire town is full of Billy Bobs and free Mason. I'm not even sure where you come up with this stuff. I'm a physician at UCLA and I'm proud to say that I graduated from Rocky Gap High School. Billy Bobs don't go to medical school. My entire family still lives in the town. No one has a job at the rock quarry, but why would it even matter if they did? None of my family members are free masons. I have no idea why you chose those issues to harp on.

    In your final passive agressive stab at the town, you claim that the entire town smells like sewer, some stranger gave you the "evil eye" and you found trash on the roadside which obviously must belong to the townspeople. I don't even know where to begin to start. You clearly must have a psychiatric problem to be that delusional. I invite you to step into the real world for a moment. Come to LA. Take in the "fresh air" and have a look around. Rocky Gap is a beautiful, pristine area with clean air. The only trash in that town is idiots like you that pass through for a brief moment and feel entitled to put it down.

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  • Ro
    ROCKY GAP Sep 24, 2009



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  • Mi
    Miniature89 Sep 15, 2009

    After reading both of the above posts and living in Virginia myself, and having lived in Northern Virginia, Southern Virginia, and several towns both small and large inbetween, I tend to side with Christian Day Walker. I have seen towns just like Rocky Gap, full of Billy Bob pick up trucks with one stop light and one church, and one main store in town.

    And guess what? They ARE full of Masons, and Ruritans, and the ladies of the United Methodist church. Which brings me to the discussion of what many so called Christian church goers are like.

    The typical Methodist church appears friendly on the surface. However, if you are the new pastor you quickly learn that there is a "ruling clique" in this church. Usually composed of the wealthiest people in the church, the Masons, the wealthy farmers, the people who have lived their for generations upon generations.

    And here is how the "ruling clique" operates. The pastor "does what he is told, he preaches or does not preach on only the subjects they want to hear, nothing else." He takes the blame for everything that happens in the church that does not go well, and if he DARES to stand up for himself and actually LISTEN TO GOD and what GOD tells him this particular church needs, he is run out of the church.

    Which usually starts with this group spreading malicious gossip about him, then petitions asking for him to leave are secretly passed around, then the District Superintendent is called, then his family is attacked, his children, UNTIL the day comes when he voluntarily resigns or is reappointed by the DS to another Methodist Church.

    So you see, small towns are full of "people who call themselves Christians" who are anything but. They are really nice to your face, and talking about you behind your back the minute you are out the front door. In this case, Christian Day Walker had not so much left Woody store, to sit on the picnic table and eat his food when the gossip began.

    I bet telephone calls were even made to perhaps the local police. Help they said, we have a serial killer sitting on our picnic table. This is EXACTLY what Jesus would do right? Jesus would pass out the loaves and the fishes and then tell the crowd to get out of there right?

    WRONG! Jesus would have given Christian Day Walker his food, ( it is called being the Good Samaritan for you United Methodist in Rocky Gap ) he would have sat down and talked to Christian Day Walker, and THEN, drum roll please, he would have actually OFFERED to take Christian Day Walker, who could hardly walk with his injured foot, to either a docter there in Rocky Gap or driven him UP the 8 mile mountain and down the other side!

    But then, Rocky Gap is full of Pharassees and Sadducees who have a very narrow, tunnel vision of what being a Christian is all about. They are the kind that if they were on the Titanic would have jumped in the life boat ahead of you and the women and the children.

    So, my vote goes for "Christian Day Walker" who was SENT BY GOD into the town of Rocky Gap as a test, and they royally failed it.

    By the way, I am a pastor, and a Christian Counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling. I have seen many many "Christians" really better described as
    "wolves in sheep's clothing" and can tell them a mile away.

    If Rocky Gap actually acknowledges God as the above poster states, then she would KNOW that Christian Day Walker was actually Jesus in disguise. You know, the scripture that says to "help strangers unawares for you may be entertaining an angel" and not know it? You know, THAT ONE.

    Or how about the scripture where Jesus is saying that when you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and in prison, help the poor it is as if you are doing it unto Him?

    Think about it Rocky Gap. You need to become "born again" I would say. I will wish for a miracle for you as it sounds like you need it.

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  • Ro
    Rocky Gap Resident Aug 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I am a proud Christian (Baptist) non-Masonic resident of Rocky Gap who disagrees with everything in this post except for the acknowledgement that the girls at the BP in Bastian are nice. They are that. Rocky Gap does not stink. There are NOT condoms and beer cans at every wide spot in the shoulders of the roads and the water does not smell. Were I you I'd have my sense of smell tested, Christian Day Hiker. The people at Woody's are some of the nicest in SW Virginia. Nice but not naive. Perhaps you failed to pick up a copy of the Bland Messenger while you were partaking of your "free" meal from those "sold out to Satan". Had you bothered to pay attention you would have found that Rocky Gap is one of the few communities left that actually acknowledges God (in print even!) and prayer and miracles. I wish a miracle for you. It sounds like you need it.

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