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D Oct 27, 2018
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Summer of 2017. We thought we found a reputable breeder and decided to pay the required deposit for a pup. We had asked if we could pick our pup and were led to believe we could. We also wanted specific qualities in this shepherd as our last one was dog aggressive. Then we were led to believe we would be getting a female pup from a certain litter and were excited. Nope all spoken for, then next litter, next litter. We felt as though we were getting lied to as every time we contacted the breeder she was vague, and not help full at all. We ended up contacting another breeder we know to ask protocol. She told us she new the breeder, and how she new her, , I won't go into detail and to mention her name . We did as she said and we had a pup within a couple of days. The pup was so sick, got our older dog sick and we had a huge vet bill. She seemed to be ok after a couple of months until we noticed blood in her urine. Took her to the vet, had tests done which are all costly. She had a urinary track infection. This has been going on for over a year, had more tests done because not all antibiotics will work for her. She has a deformed vulva, and will have chronic urinary infections her entire life unless she gross out of it, but like the vet said she has a deformed vulva. We have to clean her every time she goes out to pee. We did contact the breeder when we first got our pup. We told her she was really sick, and had gotten our other dog sick. The breeder said it was probably because we go camping she must have drank bad water. W e had such a bad experience with her we just stopped talking with her she was absolutely no help. After reading other reviews, I have found that their have been other people who have gotten pups with giardia " beaver fever" and have had problems. We are dog people and have had other shepherds and know the breed well. Besides being sick, our dog is aggressive. No other animal can come around us with out getting attacked, even our old dog. they have to be kept separate. I get there are no guarantees, and we would never give our dog back because we love her and will do what ever it takes.
We want other people to know when dealing with this particular breeder. If she is vague, walk away, write down and ask everything you have concerns about and be sure to get the answers you want. Be prepared to pay taxes on your pup. We were told the day we picked our puppy up we had to pay the tax on our purchase. That was on $1800.00, good thing we had the money. When you ask for qualities, , like you want a quiet not prey driven dog, be aware you get what ever she has, She said to us " would'nt you be happy with what ever puppy you get." a good breeder will know what qualities to look for. Years of breeding dogs does not mean you are a good breeder .

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