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My father Stanley Pine the manager of Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club in Westhampton, NY made a move against me I believe warrants a report. I was doing some work on the web for the top person at the club and my father interfered in a way that I want to make public. I'm not an attorney although I would consider it unethical interference.

I have been involved in many deals with the main person who controls the club. Mainly in real estate plus the members brought into Hampton Hills via web marketing.

I was providing web marketing services for the club that Stanley had nothing to do with and he interfered in a way that didn't put the club's interests first as would be his fiduciary duty. In my opinion he tanked my relationship with the main person who controls the club for his own personal agenda that had nothing to do with the benefit of the club. He just wanted to protect his friend that had nothing to do with the club.

Every deal I have done with the number one controller of the club related to the club plus other real estate deals we did went off without a hitch.

I'm going to explain briefly what I did for Hampton Hills on the web, mobile and social media. From here going forward lets just say my father Stanley I'll call by name and the other person we'll call number one because I don't want to include him in this mess.

I was advised there was a percentage of memberships available at Hampton Hills. After a couple lawsuits the club got into during the last 5 or 10 years that is public information and a lot of money spent on them, it was explained it would be beneficial to help sell a few memberships via the web. I laid out a strategy on how we could easily reach thousands of targeted people within close proximity to the club for a small investment using Google AdWords.

From my research there are tens of thousands of people within driving distance to the club that we could reach. I helped improve their overall digital foundation and then I created web and mobile advertising campaigns. I'm not going to go too deep into it but you can probably ask a good amount of the people who live within a ten or fifteen mile radius of the club if they saw the Hampton Hills ads. We did Westhampton Beach, Quogue, Southampton, Watermill and others.

My issue isn’t with the club, it’s with my father. The club is awesome. People love it and they have a great group of staff and members. I don’t want to take anything away from the club or it’s members because if you live in the area, it’s an amazing place to join in my opinion. The vibe, staff and people are awesome. If I lived in Westhampton and Stanley didn’t work there or he wasn’t my father I would join Hampton Hills.

OK, on to the negative parts. While I'm delivering the goods on the web like normal when I have an awesome business like this with sub par web marketing and potential, there was something negative going on in my life connected with my father. Very closely connected.

One of his close friends who I'm not going to mention here out of respect because we were once close started to make some questionable moves against me which I have public credible third party evidence to back it up.

I was extremely disappointed with my father's friend and I didn't understand why this person is in my opinion targeting me for this type of treatment out of the blue when all the past experiences I had with him were positive.

I don't take these reports lightly and I know there is a liability for me writing this no matter how accurate it is. No matter what happens in my life, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and one day I will be safe and secure. I’m not now, but one day I will be.

I’m not giving up, I want to live. I also don’t want to put myself in a civil liability situation but here I feel like I have no choice. If anyone wants to know more details I will tell you privately.

I told my father because it's his close friend that if his friend doesn't stop what he's doing I'm going to report the situation on the web as a way of protecting myself like I am right now with him. I felt my evidence was rock solid. I still do.

He made it clear if that happens I'm finished at the club. I said with the business I'm helping facilitate I believe that would be against his fiduciary duties at the club to fire an independent contractor over a personal dispute that has nothing to do with the club.

Also, why is his close friend picking on me? Why didn’t Stanley intervene?

This is where I believe he stepped over the line. I want to remind whoever may be reading this that I'm talking about my father. Stanley Pine is my dad. It took me to my current age of almost 40 to let go of any hope of having a relationship with him. A son wants to tell his mom and dad about his life, make his parents proud and I'm no different. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Stanley just doesn't like me no matter what I accomplish in life or for his businesses. I would say it's beyond doesn’t like me.

I think this is a breach of his fiduciary duties for the club to put his own personal issues that have nothing to do with the club over the operations of the club which can be verified by Google Analytics and other means.

If anyone looks at the number of local people we reached for a minimal investment I think most people would agree it was a good deal on marketing and online advertising.

Also, the way they run it at the club some people join instantly and others join the next year so we'll see how many new people join this year and next year from the web marketing I brought to the table.

OK, so here is what Stanley did that to me constitues a rip off. Besides various warnings I received via telephone not to retaliate legally online to what was going on with his friend, I received a disturbing email.

The email had attachments with embarrassing events I told to my father about from the past 5 years give or take. You can see attached, he created screenshots of every time I reached out for him to help when I was describing instances of being attacked and harassed from a group I’m not going to mention by name.

He copied and pasted them to desktop and sent them to me in an email.

I'm hoping someone sees this report who works for the government, an attorney or someone who can help me defend myself because there is a lot I'm leaving out here.

A lot of it that's from other people besides Stanley. If anyone can help let me know. My info is all over the web in Google. I’m not hiding. I’m not saying my only issue is with Stanley because there is another group involved which I’m going to get into.

It’s the group I was telling him about which he sent me the screen shots back. Implying there was something wrong with me for being a victim. Like there are no victims in this world? I'm one of them.

Of course Stanley and his supporters will say I got out of line with him and the number one at the club and that’s why I was fired. I say it’s because I was complaining about his friend.

I'm sure there are people who don't care, others who side with him and some who side with me. I'm looking for the ones who can help me because I need it.

Also, I'm focusing solely on Stanley and a group I’m not mentioning in this report.

I’m also going to attach a fake Twitter profile on me that I don’t know who created just to show people a little of what I’m dealing with. I already contacted Twitter about it and sent them a copy of my license.

I have more evidence than the majority of people leaving negative reviews and complaints on the web in my opinion.

I warned Stanley and others numerous times if this issue with his friend wasn’t resolved it was going to hit the web. When he sent me the email and tied my work with the club into the issue with his friend I feel like that was a rip off and over the line. Plus ultimately getting fired and losing a promised bonus for succeeding.

Deep down I was disappointed with my father for the issue with his friend because of the way he reacted. When he sent me the email and tied the club into it I shifted my focus to him. I feel like neither his friend nor the other group whose names I’m not mentioning, even though I have evidence on them and I know exactly who they are, would be able to do anything if they thought I had any semblance of a relationship with my father.

Here is where the story really gets unlucky for me. It's like the perfect storm. A good while ago I introduced two people and something bad happened between them almost a year later that I had nothing to do with. I’ve introduced dozens of people in my life and nothing like this ever happened before or after. Not even close.

Fast forward a few years later and the person blamed me when deep down they know what they did was avoidable and wrong. On top of that he made a connection with another civilian who I know who has all the connections he needed to come after me to make me pay for introducing him with the person who he liked so much until he didn’t. Blaming me for something he did that I had zero to do with.

When it was going well I didn’t hear a word or a thank you. When it went off the tracks it was my fault.

This coupled with the fact they believe that my father Stanley Pine hates me because everyone in this group who’s names I’m leaving out knows him personally. I know them well and they know Stanley and me.

They assumed he wouldn't interfere if they come after me or they wouldn’t have done it. I've spoken with them about my lack of relationship with Stanley years ago. It turned out to be true because I told Stanley what was happening and not only didn’t he help, when I was fighting with his friend he used the emails when I was telling him as a bargaining chip to cover up my issue with his friend.

What he didn’t realize is, I’m not ashamed for being a victim. I was injected in the face in my sleep by people who broke into my apartment and a lot of other things happened to me and I want people to know. I hope the whole world finds out so the people who did it are brought to justice.

Picture of my face where it was injected attached. It has been confirmed by multiple doctors.

Let me repeat.

I was injected in the face under my mouth or lips with a filler to disfigure my face. I told my father and mother and sent them pictures. My father made a jpg or picture out of the email I sent him and saved it to make me look stupid later when one of his friends was tormenting me. Picture attached of the email he sent me.

That's my dad. Have to love him. When he lost a lot of money when I was a teenager he took out credit cards in my name. I didn’t find out about it until years later. That's another story. Even though it was a long time ago there should be evidence somewhere because my first credit cards had bigger limits than normal.

When Google came out with Google Business View or Google Virtual Tours, I went around NYC with postcards and not only sold tours but picked up clients. I got the postcards from independent contractors or certified photographers. I have zero affiliation with Google. I just got the cards and walked around the city for months selling the interior virtual tours. Going into offices with no appointment talking to people at the front desk. Spending hundreds or thousands of hours walking around the entire city.

The money is a one time fee to the Google Certified Photographers and I just did it to meet people. Google doesn’t take any money, the photographer gets a one time fee. The interior Google virtual tours are amazing.

You can read about the program here:

This group who I didn't mention their names, not my father, had me followed around sent people in behind me to the new clients I gained and sabotaged most of the relationships. Not all, most. I'm not saying every single person. Some may have gotten rid of me on their own accord. They also sabotaged my relationships with the photographers. These guys are thorough, I’ll give them that.

In total I’d say I have had close to 100 clients and potential clients sabotaged. That may sound like a lot but I’m an outgoing person because I have no choice and I’ve been doing the web for a while.

If you don't believe me then call me when you're in front of your computer and I'll show you what I'm working with on the web and you can tell me if I don’t enhance the way you look at the web a little, in one hour like any good consultant would. Plus I have had someone admit that it happened. Plus others it was obvious.

So I have my father sending me emails with screen shots of the most embarrassing emails I sent to him when I was violated on an Apple computer that I recommended he buy. I’m sure glad I recommended he buy a MacBook now.

His good friend is messing with me still and all of them recording my calls and trying to make me look bad.

It's like I'm a dog and they hit my cage with a stick and then record me barking. They don't record when they hit my cage. Couldn't describe it better than that. The old dog in the cage trick. These guys aren’t stupid. They know how to cover their tracks. I still have plenty of evidence although no millions to hire a lawyer yet. That’s why I had enough and I’m talking it to the web. I’m also working 7 days a week to get a break.

I contacted 100 lawyers or so to sue and keep this professional, but no attorney would take it because I asked for representation on contingency.

This is one of the emails I got from Stanley after I was injected in the face and his friend was messing with me. Like I haven’t been through enough. Now my father shows me he had files on me. I'm leaving the evidence about his friend out of this.

Stanley’s email to me, and I quote:

Thinking & saying things that we might wish we didn't:

You will either move away from negative influences or be taken down by them.

You're not doing yourself any benefit by lingering in the past. I think it's destructive and not helpful, going forward.

Move away from unhealthy circumstances.

These things sound like what you'd read in a horoscope magazine - and make a lot of sense.

Attached was the email where I said I was injected in the face and being harassed 247 by the second group I mentioned. This report can turn into a book.

He saw my face and knows I told him I was injected with needles in my sleep when people broke into my apartment. He’s just messing with me because I believe he is ruthless. He also personally knows the people who I told him were behind it or commissioned the hit or whatever you call it. Not saying he was involved at all with the needle in my face, but he knows the people who I’m claiming are responsible.

He also saw the evidence I have on his friend. He knows most of what's going on at least from me telling him and the part he is involved with at the golf club.

In short I'm being harassed in multiple ways right now to this day by the group I’m not naming. Lawyers charge more money than I have to hire them. I have called anyone who's number I can get for help and visited anyone I could. The majority of my clients have been sabotaged and I'm working 7 days a week to keep my head above water.

I was injected in the face and I picked myself back up and kept going like nothing happened because I had no choice. What would you do?

The group I’m not mentioning keeps coming at me, I tell people and haven’t found any help yet. I'm writing this report because I want help. If anyone is reading this and has any ideas please let me know. Google me and you will get my number.

I believe that someone is going to read this and help me. I really do. I want my life back. Every single apartment I have lived in for the last 4 years has been broken into. Not to steal anything, just to harass me.

I'm not reporting anyone else besides Stanley.

If any attorneys for Stanley wants me to provide the evidence and more that I'm not mentioning here give me a call or send an email and I will gladly provide it. That goes for any of the websites I'm reporting him on as well.

Stanley isn't stupid but I'm saying right now if he wants to pretend the core of this report isn't true he's lying. He can try to destroy my name just like everything else that has been taken from me but know I have plenty of evidence on my side as well. I do not have a misdemeanor or felony on my record. I will provide my social security number to anyone who wants to verify it.

The group I’m not naming publicly here has me followed around constantly. If I did anything wrong they would call the police in 1 second flat and have me arrested if they could.

Whatever anyone thinks they have to set me up is a joke because there is nothing. Just the slam my cage with a stick and I bark evidence.

I have a lot evidence and anyone can examine my face.

After everything I have endured if you take a stick and slam my cage I'm going to bark but that's all you have is me barking. The barking isn't even that loud. It's the bark of desperation and disbelief that Stanley and this other group would betray me like this. To be honest I want to know where my mom is with all this.

I mostly focus on is being productive and I warned Stanley 100 times to get his friend to stop or I was going to write this. Then he sent the email so I’m writing it about him.

I almost forgot. The good Dr. Laakso.

When I was working at one of the top real estate companies in New York City years ago, working 7 days a week my father suggested I see a doctor out of the blue. This is before all these web reviews became public like they are now. I also had no clue what kind of doctor it was.

I have no idea how Stanley came up with this doctor. She has a one star rating on Yelp.

I used to be good looking, I was doing well at the real estate company and I didn’t ask for help. Why was Stanley who isn’t a doctor not only recommending I see a doctor but of all the doctors in NYC this one?

The only reason I went along with it was to make my father happy. I thought I was seeing a regular therapist and it was no big deal. I didn’t know I was going for serious meds.

So if people want to try and discredit me and say there is something wrong with me you can see the doctor they are using to back up that claim.

I have not been to any doctor since except the 10 I have worked for in a digital marketing capacity in NYC in the last two years and I have been through hell and back. I feel great under the circumstances. I look horrible but I feel good.

Another thing Stanley did was have me sign over two checks from the real estate company and he took my money from another situation saying he would manage it for me. He gives me $560 a month, instead of letting me have the money I need to protect myself from predators.

I have people trying to set me up and he’s holding my money and sending $560 month. This way he can tell people, look I’m still helping him and control me. That is until now because I have had enough.

I'm still working 7 days a week. I do still get the occasional client even with most of them being intercepted and I'm performing at a high level.

OK enough negativing for one day. Thank you for reading. Please help!

PS. I’m amazing at the web. There are a lot of people who are. I’m one of them. Bye.

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Update by 51mark
Jan 04, 2016 1:08 pm EST

Since the filing of this report, I was injected in the hand. Someone got into my apartment when I was sleeping and did it. Attached is a picture from when I was in the hospital after the fact. I tried to report it to the police and they wouldn't take a report.

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Update by 51mark
Jan 04, 2016 4:27 pm EST

I wanted to add one more quick post for the night. I've been comparing what I'm going through to the Holocaust and some people don't like it. I've been injected in the face and hand. Harassed constantly by the NYPD, private detectives and professional killers. They sabotaged my entire business and chased everyone away from working with me. I've also been knocked out with gas on several occasions. I read online it cases brain damage. Just to show you the extent of what I'm dealing with, on a daily basis, my neighbor has strapped metal on top of his or her air conditioner and it rings throughout my apartment 24-7. The police said to call the building department. The one time the building department showed up the neighbor turned it down while they were here and immediately turned it back up the second they were gone. The man from the building department insulted me the entire time he was in my apartment. I should have recorded it, I thought he was showing up to help me. Right now it's 20 degrees outside and the neighbor has the air conditioning running and blaring throughout my apartment like usual. It's January 4th, 2016 at 5:30PM Eastern time in New York City. They won't stop until I'm dead, my father and his friends are involved and they are ruthless. They are very careful to cover their tracks although of course I have evidence anyway because everything I'm saying is true.

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Update by 51mark
Jan 07, 2016 10:18 am EST

The latest is my father is trying to throw some new smoke screens at me. He knows everything I'm saying is true so after people paying the NYPD and others to sabotage and ruin my business and life, they are trying to throw some scraps at me so I don't create further reports exposing whats going on. He is also trying to distract me like always from being productive. It's not hard for people with a few connections and dollars who are in their 60's and 70's to get these types of contacts. They have been in New York forever and they worked there way up to food chain to ruin lives and get away with it. My father will not stop trying to set me up and make me look bad ever. I'm 39 and have no criminal record. What I have done to deserve someone like this in my life I have no idea. I hope these reports stay up forever so people know who this guy is.

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